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message 1: by Tobias (last edited Mar 26, 2018 02:02PM) (new)

Tobias Wade (sirtobiaswade) | 10 comments Mod
No need to be embarrassed. We're all freaky here.

Hey guys my name is Tobias Wade. When I'm not writing horror, I'm usually wandering aimlessly with my husky dogs. I'm a big Doctor Who fan, which probably influences a lot of my writing.

My biggest fear is that my conscious experience is an illusion and I'm really trapped in a coma or the matrix or some other nonsense like that. How about you?

message 2: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (porsche91120) | 1 comments Read a hell of a lot of tobias wades books n horror is my thing as well as thriller n supernatural. ...love more the true to life stuff .....his short storys are weird n wonderful ....had few freebies to wet my whiskers n there different n well worth reading even if your not really into this sort of thing ..it coversion loads of topics try them .....the short storus are even on audio do I can still get my fix n do my chores too.keep up the good work matey.

message 3: by Henry (new)

Henry (wormie1312) Howdy, I'm Kyndal. I love horror and generally anything spooky and I could rant about Mary Shelley for days. My biggest fear is probably that nothing is real and that I'm some sort of internal unreliable narrator to myself.

message 4: by Claudette (new)

Claudette Melanson (cmelanson) | 1 comments Hey there! I'm an author and reader of horror. Always loved vampires and Stephen King. My biggest fear is one of my bunnies passing away...but monster-ish wise, it's clowns!

message 5: by Tara (new)

Tara Devlin (taraadevlin) Hey, my name’s Tara, I write and translate horror, and my own biggest fear is (like many here) that my reality is not what it seems, and also my health failing one day and leaving me a vegetable.

message 6: by Robin (last edited Mar 27, 2018 05:15AM) (new)

Robin Harris | 1 comments Hi, my name is Robin and my biggest fear has always been Clowns! Their painted, smiling faces can mask how they really feel! I also have a fear of Santas at malls because of their beards for the same reason. I have always loved anything horror! It started with Stephen King (the master of horror!) and has grown by many others including Clive Barker etc and many more!

message 7: by Adhamh (new)

Adhamh Ó Caoimh (adhamhocaoimh) | 1 comments I am Adhamh. Hello everybody.

My biggest fear is probably the ocean. Underlined by a thousand lesser ones that weave and thread together through my everyday life.

And I hate broken bones.

message 8: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (professionalsuccubus) | 2 comments Hola, I'm Kelly. I read everything and write horror.

And most of you hit on my fears already, but for the record, I'm scared of: diseases and the ocean.

message 9: by Rafael (new)

Rafael Marmol (humangravy) | 2 comments Hi everyone, I'm Raff, and I'm an alcoholic. Whoops, this isn't what this group is about!

Hi everyone, I'm Raff and I'm an author, a voracious reader, and my biggest fears are: Nuclear annihilation and the creatures which live in the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean. Scratch that. I fear the ocean in general.

message 10: by Tracie (new)

Tracie Marr | 1 comments Hello everyone! My name is Tracie and I absolutely love to read a wide array of genres. My favorite genre is probably mystery. My biggest fear I suppose is being a failure. Being a failure at life, as a parent, as a wife etc. Being a failure and getting cancer, two biggest fears.

message 11: by R.S. (new)

R.S. Merritt | 1 comments I joined because when I was younger I lived in a lighthouse. (Block Island Lighthouse, the one on the SE side of the island.) It was haunted and I saw a ghost. So there's that :-) I'm mostly scared of spiders though. Interestingly enough one of the other families that lived in the lighthouse had a pet tarantula.... Anyhoo. I like writing and reading. Have a few books on Amazon. A Zounral series that'a tongue in cheek end of the world series and then another one I'm starting around a kid who starts life in a lighthouse...


message 12: by Tobias (new)

Tobias Wade (sirtobiaswade) | 10 comments Mod
R.S. wrote: "I joined because when I was younger I lived in a lighthouse. (Block Island Lighthouse, the one on the SE side of the island.) It was haunted and I saw a ghost. So there's that :-) I'm mostly scared..."

Just for the record, If I was a ghost and could go anywhere, I think I'd haunt a lighthouse too. Be sure to add your amazon books to the group bookshelf.

sharon featherston (shabba75) | 1 comments Hello l am a massive horror reader, all began with James Herbert reading The Rats at 11years old. My worse nightmare is being at the beach with my 11 year old daughter and her going into the ocean because l have a massive fear water and can't swim

message 14: by Gaby (new)

Gaby Triana | 1 comments Hey, all! My name is Gaby Triana. I’m an author of horror and YA novels. My biggest real world fear is losing my children and my biggest horror fan fear is ghosts. As a hi/hello/nice to meet you, I’d like to give you all a link to download my newest book:


If, however, you have Kindle Unlimited, please download it there: https://tinyurl.com/yb47ey4q

Nice to meet everyone!

message 15: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Gaby wrote: "Hey, all! My name is Gaby Triana. I’m an author of horror and YA novels. My biggest real world fear is losing my children and my biggest horror fan fear is ghosts. As a hi/hello/nice to meet you, I..."

Hi Gaby! Thank you so much for the book, I've just downloaded it now. I review all the books I read on GR and Kindle Australia (Amazon). Send me a message if you'd like me to review this as a matter of urgency - I have over 700 books backed up so far!! I'll add it to my "next to read" queue if you do - I've only got a couple of books on there now.

message 16: by Mia (new)

Mia (mia__reads) | 1 comments All all, it's fun to read the answers. I feel like a freak when it comes to the scary in the real world, but quite a normie here! To think there are people out there who don't think every day is Halloween. :D Waves hi.
My favorite genre is mystery. I love a good mystery series, and really get into horror.
current horror series I recommend is Adift by K.R. Griffiths. Monsters and ghosts are the most fun for me.
I'm with Carly, losing my children would be my greatest loss. As far as internalizing other fears, definitely water. I do not like water.

message 17: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Hi Cheryl here!

*Waves at Melissa*

I'm fairly newish here on Goodreads, but being housebound with Bipolar has led me to rediscover my love of reading via ebooks. I've read over 700 books over the last 2 years and I discovered such a love for Indie authors. 😍
My staples are murder mystery in all it's subgenres, horror pretty much of every description and urban fantasy. I love a good cosy mystery to give the brain a break but I REALLY love short stories - they suit my bipolar brain.

I have lots of fears - having anxiety disorders does that to ya! Ones based in reality include a fear of heights, snakes and people ...... yes! It's just too peopley for me sometimes - I have social anxiety disorder.
Fears with no reality whatsoever include ghosts/hauntings, giant anaconda snakes (read can barely fit through a doorway! Don't ask .... it involves a very bad decision in my youth ..... and hallucinogens 😕) and of course CLOWNS!!! 😱 Thank you Stephen King .... and Supernatural.

message 18: by Mary Helen (new)

Mary Helen (mhscaccia) | 1 comments Hi everyone, I’m Mary Helen :)

I’m a horror fan first & foremost, then pretty much every genre after that. Except maybe romance. Yeah, romance is definitely not on my short list...or even my long list, for that matter. I, too, am a Goodreads novice. Still trying to get all my shelves in order, which will likely be a lifelong process as I’m blessed with both ADHD & OCD 🤗.

My biggest fear is that I’ll die before being able to live near my kids & grand daughters. I only see them a couple times a year (but am oh so grateful for any moment I’m able to be with them...it could be so much worse) & my hubs doesn’t retire for another 9’ish years. Any one of them being near the edge of any sort of tall drop off ranks second but is first in intensity when it happens. Ever since my oldest was a toddler, I’ve had this recurring theme-dream...never the exact same dream, but always of one of them falling. I can walk right up and peek over the edge of pretty much anything when they’re not with me, but if they’re anywhere in the general vicinity I damn near have a panic attack.

Thanks for having me 😘 and nice to meet y’all 🤗.

message 19: by Eric (new)

Eric | 1 comments Hi my name is Eric and I am a huge lover of Horror and dark Fantasy some of my favorite sub genres of horror are Southern Gothic and southern horror (sometimes called backwoods horror) Weird Westerns and any thing to do with creepy carnivals, circus and amusement parks as well as some really good British horror. Some of my favorite authors are Joe R Lansdale, Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Robert Laymon, Joe Hill. I look forward to chatting with you all. Biggest fears are Parasites burrowing into humans, snakes, possesion

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