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message 1: by Candace (new)

Candace Wondrak | 32 comments For the release of the sixth Nightwalkers book, I revamped the covers to the first five. They're changed on Amazon's website...I'm just wondering how to change them on here? I tried adding a new edition (or something?) but I'm not so good with technology and stuff, so if someone could help me, I'd really appreciate it!

message 2: by Miriam (new)

Miriam | 1608 comments If you give us links to the books here on Goodreads and links to the Amazon page (with the updated cover) a librarian can add the new editions for you.

The old editions will still be on Goodreads, but you'll be able to set the new editions as the default once they are setup (so they showup first in a search).

message 4: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Done:

Looks like Originals is already linked to the series, so I'm not sure what else you want done with it...?

To set the new cover editions as default, follow these instructions:

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