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A must-read book for who cares about education

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message 1: by Van (new)

Van Ngo | 1 comments If you are asking how is a teacher work-life, the answer can be found in the book below.

From Narratives of Teaching: Conversations Toward Agency and Authenticity in Education written by Sean Wiebe & Craig MacDonald invites readers into an intimate conversation about the work-life circumstances of teachers. The book is a must-read for teachers, teacher educators, policy-makers, parents, and everyone who cares about education.

Drawing on the research about teacher work-life on Prince Edward Island, Wiebe and MacDonald contribute a distinct collaborative perspective to discussions about what it means to be a teacher at this time. Through a series of critical questions, they reveal the intricate ways the autonomy, authority, and accountability intertwine and manifest in the daily lives of teachers.

message 2: by Johan (new)

Johan Daniels | 1 comments Who Cares About Education? As for me, it is also a must-have book for teachers.We all have opinions on education, but how far do we understand the powerful forces that shape the learning experiences of our children and young people? Eric Macfarlane takes a critical look at the traditions, government policies and individual ideologies that currently determine priorities in our schools, colleges and universities. His disturbing conclusion is that we are fast losing sight of the basic principles that underpin effective learning and teaching. Who Cares About Education? is a call for concerted action from all who share an interest in young people and the way in which we prepare them for adulthood. Read the profile and find out more interesting information about the books.

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Thomaskohner (kohner85) | 1 comments I really care about education and buy the way I think it should be complete free. Government should spend money on study (and medicine) at first. I also found some interesting stuff at EssayExplorer that could complete your view on this problem. Free education = free people.

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