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Izzy entered the dorm, practically doubled over with laughter from hexing Erid. She saw the open window, and her mirth vanished. "Who would leave the window open?"

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Izzy had not, in fact, noticed her dorm mate's presence. "Well, that's fortunate for you, since I was considering hexing whomever did."

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"It's cold!" Izzy snapped. "That's bad, in case you didn't realize."

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Izzy sniffed. "That can be done with a spell."

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Izzy gestured to the window, showing Dom that it was already closed.

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Izzy glared at her, her eyebrows lowered.

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Izzy blinked before smiling and shaking her hand. "Izzy."

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"Nor I you," Izzy replied, doing a lovely job of stating obvious fact.

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"Sure," Izzy replied.

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"I'm on the Quidditch team," Izzy said.

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Izzy followed her. "My broom is down in the Quidditch Locker Room."

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Izzy mentally facepalmed before doing the same.

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Izzy followed, not even clinging onto her broom for dear life.

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Izzy quickly performed a quick trick on the broom.

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Izzy flew to the wall and started running up it and flipped off it.

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Izzy shouted, "Lumos Maxima!"

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Izzy spun and grabbed Dom's head, her Keeper's reflexes kicking in. When she realized it was Dom, she released her. "Really?!"

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"I guess," Izzy replied, jumping from one broom to the other. She made sure not to drop her own broom.

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"Okay!" Izzy said. She held onto her own broom with both hands.

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Izzy's broom had gone flying, and Izzy had been unwilling to let it go, so she was hanging onto a wild broom by her hands only.

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Izzy did not hear Dom, her broom having dragged her away from Dom.

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The collision caused Izzy to lose her grip on the broom and fell.

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Izzy's descent started to move towards Dom, but her flight pattern didn't change further than that.

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Izzy's breath came quickly. "Thanks!"

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Izzy nodded. "Yeah, good idea."

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Izzy climbed in through the window and used a spell to dry her clothes off. She collapsed on her bed.

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Izzy watched as Dom sagged against the wall.

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"Yeah, it's fine," Izzy replied. "Quidditch matches happen in this sort of weather, so it's nothing new."

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"Keeper," Izzy answered.

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((Ahh. . . .we have not assigned team captains. Well, this is the very definition of problematic, I think. I think I'll go with something fairly neutral.))

Izzy shrugged. "I'm the oldest on the team."

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((It's somewhere on the to-do list))

Izzy nodded. "Do you play Quidditch at all? Not for Gryffindor, but in general?"

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"I should have known, with your being a Weasley and all. How come you aren't on the team?" Izzy asked.

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"Oh. Would you have played had they not been?" Izzy asked. "I started in my third year."

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"No clue. I was the Keeper then too," Izzy replied.

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"And I suppose I wasn't very noteworthy, apparently," Izzy joked. "Mind you, that last game against Slytherin was brilliant."

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"Oh, yeah. Definitely a classic. Their seeker's face had to be the most hysterical, I wager," Izzy agreed.

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"That was all you," Izzy complimented. "I just caused the looks on the Chasers' faces."

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((Are you still there?))

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"Boring and long. Yours?" Izzy asked.

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Izzy laughed. "What classes did you have?"

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"I had Charms, Potions, Herbology, Transfiguration, and DADA as well," Izzy said.

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"And I was probably focused on other things too," Izzy replied. "Maybe it's fate we meet now instead of then?"

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Izzy rolled her eyes. "Yeah, guess so. Talk in the morning?" With that, Izzy got in bed and promptly fell asleep. She woke up early in the morning to get some Quidditch training in before breakfast.

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*Heather Blackbriar enters the room, Fiddling with her wand in her black painted nailed hands. Her hair is a dark bob that keeps changing in consistency and color, alternating from gryffindor colors to a bright yellow, to a deep black* Good afternoon everyone

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