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message 1: by Kristine, Mrs. Faust (new)

Kristine Faust | 9 comments Now that you are finished (or nearly finished) offer a brief review of your book.

message 2: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Nieuwenhuis | 2 comments I would definitely recommend this book to others. I would suggest they at least be a teenager because there are detailed descriptions of what happened in Auschwitz. Since it was so detailed at times, I felt that it was really easy to empathize with the author. I would also suggest that if you are going to read this book, to be aware that it does say things that are inhumane and gross. I would not recommend this to someone who doesn't like the idea of death. Overall, this book was really good and I learned a lot that I did not know. I especially liked that it was an autobiography and that it was in first person. It made me realize that this happened to real people who are still in our world today.

message 3: by Delanie (new)

Delanie Coady | 2 comments I read the book "Night" by Elie Wiesel. This book is packed with emotion and devastation, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn of a first hand account of the Holocaust. It is a short read, but will definitely leave a lasting impact on me and anyone else who chooses to read it. Although it is a short read, I still think that it should be for only middle schoolers and above due to graphic accounts of the author's stay in concentration camps. It would also help to have background knowledge of the Holocaust due to a lot of references to geography and certain terminology. In conclusion, if you want a great read that will pull at your heart strings and make you thankful for your life and the people in it, read "Night".

message 4: by Bailey (new)

Bailey Tjossem | 2 comments My book, Surviving the Angel of Death, was very good. It is definitely a heart-wrenching book and really made me thankful for what I have in life. I would recommend this book to high school students and possibly junior high students as well. The authors do a great job of including some of the Nazi terminology and explaining it in more understandable terms for high school students. At times throughout the book, the authors explained things in extremely childish ways but it made the book much easier to follow along to. I wish the authors would have focused more on the twins in Auschwitz just because it seems very rushed. I felt as if there could have been more details added which might have made the story even better. Overall, this was a great book and truly shows what young children's lives were like during the Holocaust.

message 5: by Wylee (new)

Wylee Sickelka | 2 comments I would highly recommend this book to other readers, especially those in high school and older. Throughout the book Monica Hesse describes what the main character, Hanneke, goes through during the war. There are many situations that have a deeper meaning and need to be thought more about. The story line is about a girl searching for different things in the midst of the war, one of them being herself. Hesse incorporates some of the main areas and events that took place during WWII. One being a deportation center that used to be a beautiful theater before the Nazis turned it into a place of death and sorrow. This book gives a good explanation of what life was like for many different people, and overall is very well-written.

message 6: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Feltman | 2 comments "The Choice," a memoir written by Dr. Edith Eva Eger is one of the best books I've had the chance to read in my lifetime. I would recommend this book to anyone who has experienced life and its struggles. I would definitely say that it's for a more educated audience and might go as far to say college level and up. It's not an easy read, but it's written clearly enough to read easily.

The cover quotes a review from Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, saying "The Choice is a gift to humanity. One of those rare and eternal stories that you don't want to end and that leave you forever changed." I couldn't agree with this statement more. With every turn of a page, I feel my life being changed with the words. In every one of Dr. Eger's stories, I see myself and my life. I feel like she's talking directly to me. "The Choice" is a book for anyone that wants to learn how to "embrace the possible."

message 7: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Steffens | 2 comments I would recommend this book, Surviving the Angel of Death, to anybody who is interested in a real life encounter in during the Holocaust. I like the book because, it was pretty easy to read and follow along. It shows the real life struggle of a pair of twin sisters who had to face the struggle of not only the Holocaust and a Concentration Camps, but experiments done by a Nazi Doctor. Anybody from Junior High should on up should be able to read it because it explains things at such simple terminology and it wasn't very graphic. There were a few occasions were it went into greater detail about the harsh conditions that the people there were enduring, but nothing to major.

message 8: by Rylee (new)

Rylee Dickson | 2 comments I would recommend the book, Surviving the Angel of Death, to junior high students and up. The book can be very heart-aching and brutal with the events that the twins had went through. The events make you want to connect with the author, and also drawls you in even more. This book had taught me more about Dr. Mengele and his experiments.

message 9: by Colton (new)

Colton | 2 comments I would recomend this book to any one who likes a little suspense in there book and that its not fiction and based on a true story.

message 10: by Adam (new)

Adam Richter | 2 comments I enjoyed my book the Doll with the Yellow Star. I would recommend it to someone like me who isn't big into reading because it was a good book to go through and understand what is going on. It would also be a good book for some younger generations to be read to by their parents so they can understand more about the Holocaust.

message 11: by Alexis (new)

Alexis | 2 comments I really enjoyed my book The War That Saved My Life. The author, Kimberly Brubaker Bradley really makes you feel for Ada, the main character. Throughout the whole book she goes through life changing events and learns so much about herself. I would recommend this book to high school and junior high, since it is easy to read and also comes with a great message.

message 12: by Layn (new)

Layn Case | 2 comments I liked The Boy in the Striped pajamas and I would recommend it to others. It gives you a different perspective than most holocaust books do and I enjoyed it. John Boyne made It pretty easy to read which made it easy to understand what was going on but It also made it hard to describe situations in more detail. I would recommend this book to a younger audience because of how simple it was to read but It could still be enjoyable for a more mature audience.

message 13: by Crystal11 (new)

Crystal11 | 2 comments I recommend Schindler's List to advanced readers. Such as high school students and adults. Schindler's List has a lot of difficult words and the descriptions are very intense. I absolutely loved the book and recommend it to anyone that wants to read about some good that happened during the holocaust. It tells emotional true stories about what some Jews went through and of course it tells the Story of Oskar Schindler and how he saved thousand of Jews from the gas chambers.

message 14: by Richard (new)

Richard Nyunt | 2 comments I would recommend my book, but to a certain extent. I would recommend it only to those who are interested in a longer and more difficult read. This is a very excellent book and a very excellent story, but the attention that it requires when one is reading it is very high. I would recommend it to younger, perhaps around the age of 20+, adults to older.

message 15: by Shala (new)

Shala Boardman | 2 comments I would recommend The Nightingale to anyone who enjoys reading. It's a longer book, but I think it's worth it. While the book is set in WWII, it's not just for those who like learning about it. It has such an inspiring story and at the same time makes you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. As a reader, I can honestly say this is one of my favorite books.

message 16: by Molly (new)

Molly Lenz | 2 comments I probably wouldn't recommend this The Boy on the Wooden Box. It's really hard to get into it. It doesn't draw me in, even though it has a super low reading level. It's informative but quite vanilla. I realize that a memoir isn't going to be as colorful as a fabricated version (like a piece of fiction would be), but it definitely took some work to get interested in this book. That being said, anyone who enjoys never-ending details and non-fiction could definitely benefit from reading this book.

message 17: by Kristine, Mrs. Faust (new)

Kristine Faust | 9 comments The posts here are awesome! You bring your true voice to your thoughts about your books!

message 18: by Levi (new)

Levi | 2 comments I would recommend the book Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli to people who want to see a different view on the holocaust from other stories and books. The reading level is pretty low, and it has a super slow start, but once you get going about 3/4ths through the book you develop feelings with the main character. So maybe highschool/Middle school level.

message 19: by Gabby (new)

Gabby Heeren | 2 comments I read the book Behind the Bedroom Wall by Laura E. Williams. I would recommend this book to junior high and up. I think this book has a really good message in it that everyone should learn. The main character, Korinna Rehme, is taught to hate all Jews, but she finds out that her parents are hiding a family in her room. She has a hard time getting to know the family, but once she does she really cares for them. This book is really easy to follow and I enjoyed reading it.

message 20: by Jackson (new)

Jackson | 2 comments I would recommend the book The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartoletti to anyone who would like to know what life inside Germany during the Nazis rise to power and World War II was like. This book is written for a younger age than 11th graders making it easy to follow. It is a well written book none-the-less. I enjoyed reading it and would encourage others to read it.

message 21: by Alissa (new)

Alissa | 2 comments I would recommend the book Memories of Anne Frank to anyone who is interested in a different perspective on her life. This book continues Anne's story after she got taken out of hiding and sent to camps. This is a very short and easy read so I would recommend this book for junior high students.

message 22: by Christian (new)

Christian | 2 comments I wouldn't recommend my book to others. The story what the book is based on is great, but the writing isn't up to par with what it should be. Ackerman sets the scene up very well, but spends far too much time on it and that drags the story on. The writing jumps around a significant amount the reader almost never gets to enjoy one scene for all it is worth.

message 23: by Caden (last edited Mar 19, 2019 10:45AM) (new)

Caden Hale | 1 comments "The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz," was a good book. I personally was intrigued by the title but the title is a little bit misleading. The whole time Denis Avey talk about his time in war as a British Soldier. He snuck into Auschwitz for only two nights. I mostly learned about British soldiers rather than how Auschwitz was actually like. 3.9 out of 5 stars. I would recommend to anyone who wants to read a slow but unique book.

message 24: by Matt (last edited Mar 19, 2019 10:44AM) (new)

Matt | 1 comments I finished reading Escape From Warsaw by Ian Serraillier. I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes a good family adventure story during World War 2. It is about a family that becomes separated after Germany took over Poland. They have to cross Poland and Germany to reunite in Switzerland.

message 25: by Anthony (new)

Anthony | 1 comments I would recommend Inside Hitler's Bunker to anyone who is interested in the final weeks of WWII. My book explains the deteriorating mental health of Adolf Hitler. My book shows very vividly what life was like around Hitler. Although the book was very good, there are a few spots where the author seemed off topic and it dragged the story down.

message 26: by Kaidee (new)

Kaidee Weber | 1 comments I read the book "The Story of Blima." I would recommend this book to others. This book is a true story about a Holocaust survivor and her family. This book is set up well in a way were it tells us about before, during, and after the war which gives great details. I would rate this a 4/5 stars.

message 27: by Arianna (new)

Arianna Frerk | 1 comments I recently finished Number The Stars, by Lois Lowry. I would recommend this book to younger readers who are curious about the Holocaust, because it gives a unique perspective from a child living during this time. One thing I will note is that the book doesn't dwell on many of the more in depth Holocaust details, but rather two families and their thoughts/actions along the way to helping one family escape the Nazi invasion of Denmark.

message 28: by Kanner (new)

Kanner | 1 comments The book I read, Surviving the Angel of Death, was very interesting. I would recommend this book to high school and junior high students. I would recommend this book because it gave a eye opening perspective of what it was really like to live in a concentration camp.

message 29: by Thomas (new)

Thomas | 1 comments I recently finished "Hiding to Survive" by Maxine B. Rosenburg. I would recommend this book to readers who are interested in only reading a few chapters at a time. This book is great, but gets a little bit repetitive because many of the stories are alike.

message 30: by Jaden (new)

Jaden | 1 comments I would recommend Prisoner B-3087 to high school students. It makes you look at life in a new perspective. The tremendous torture Yanek receives through the camps can be very heartbreaking. It is a very good book to read even if you are not big into history. This book makes you think what you would do one last time.

message 31: by Sean (new)

Sean Negus | 1 comments The book I read was Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli. I would recommend it to others as I enjoyed and it was an easy read. It shows the war through the eyes of a young boy.

message 32: by Claire (new)

Claire Sells | 1 comments "I Have Lived a Thousand Years" by Liva Bitton-Jackson was a good book. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a true story about a survivor of the Holocaust. If I were to give it a rating I would rate it a 4 out of 5 stars.

message 33: by Liz (new)

Liz Maurer | 1 comments I read the book " Bicycle Spy". I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in the perspective of a child during the 1940's. The book is set up very well and leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat until the last few chapters. It's a very short and easy read so it can be read by junior high students.

message 34: by Sydney (new)

Sydney Struve | 1 comments I read "The Upstairs Room" by Johanna Reiss. The main character started out as a six year old and she grew up as the book went along. It was filled with all kinds of different emotions. She and her sister had to separate from the rest of their family to hide. They stayed with another family and lived in a room which was considered "the upstairs room." I recommend this book to anyone. It's a great book to relate to.

message 35: by Jackson (new)

Jackson Louscher | 1 comments The book that I read was The Little Lion. This book was written by Nancy Wright Beasley. Beaseley does a good job of making the setting and it really helped me make a picture in my head. She uses powerful parts in the book to draw the reader in.

message 36: by Taryn (new)

Taryn Hintz | 1 comments I would recommend the book The Boy on the Wooden Box because of the never-ending descriptions and the intensity of the book. Anyone who enjoys deep descriptions and the intensity of events happening during the Holocaust would enjoy this book. Different events are always happening, which makes the book more enjoyable and upbeat. The book started off a little slow, but once into the book, it's hard to stop. The inspirational story behind the author is a huge attention grabber, in ways unimaginable that make you think deeply about the Holocaust.

message 37: by Emily (new)

Emily C. | 1 comments I would really recommend "The Book Thief" to someone who would like to read a book with a different point of view. This fictional book is about a girl in Nazi German and her struggles through the war in the view point of Death. Overall this was a good story, but there were a couple of spots where I felt like the story dragged on.

message 38: by Kirstin (last edited Mar 19, 2019 10:55AM) (new)

Kirstin Wulf | 1 comments I read the book "Behind the Bedroom Wall" by Laura E. Williams. I would recommend this book to people. It really showed the reader what it was like for kids in this time period.

message 39: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1 comments I read the book The Cage, by Ruth Minsky Sender. I would definitely recommend this book for everyone to read. It kept me interested and I could feel the emotion of the characters coming out with every page. The pain Jewish families had to go through was truly heartbreaking. Readers got a good idea of what went on inside concentration camps and ghettos and what their life was really like.

message 40: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Sohn | 1 comments I would recommend the book Surviving the Angel of Death to junior high students or older. It was a very interesting book about Dr. Mengele's twin experiments. Some parts were very emotional and intense when knowing what it was like in the camps.

message 41: by Tate (new)

Tate Johnson | 1 comments I read The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. It was different than anything I had read before because it is a direct translation of Anne's diary, which she wrote while hiding from Nazis in WW2. Sometimes the entries would be everyday, and sometimes they were weeks apart. I liked it because it gave the reader an in-depth feel for what the Jews were feeling during the war.

message 42: by Shelby (new)

Shelby | 1 comments I read Survivor's Club by Michael Bornstein. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. Michael went into detail about the memories he could recall from his early years as a child in Auschwitz. Some stories within the novel were recounts from his family members. What Michael's family had to go through to survive the ghetto of Zarki, where they lived, and the death camp was astonishing. What I enjoy most about this book is how Michael talks about what happens after the war. Many WWII novels talk about the few days after the war, but I had not read one that talked about someone's life afterwards. Michael talked about his child to adult years living in America after him and his mother fled Germany. I think it is very interesting to hear what they did after the war. This book is mad fire dawg; I recommend it to anyone who enjoys WWII books.

message 43: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Riedemann | 1 comments The book I read was Projekt 1065, by Alan Gratz. I would recommend this book to anyone. The book is about a kid being a spy for the Allies against the Nazi party. The book shows some of the things people were willing to do to defeat the Nazi party from winning the war. Even children were willing to do something to help the Allies. Even if it meant risking their own lives to defeat the Nazis.

message 44: by Jillian (new)

Jillian Heemstra | 1 comments I read "The Red Ribbon" by Lucy Adlington and I really enjoyed it. I would recommend this book for a younger audience, like middle schoolers or freshmen/sophomores. I liked how the book was based on an actual dress shop in Auschwitz. The book gave readers a good look on what goes on inside of Auschwitz and what it was like to live there.

message 45: by Austin (new)

Austin P | 1 comments I just finished reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. This book was somewhat enjoyable and interesting. It really makes me appreciate my life. The people in this book live in fear every day of their life and are controlled by the Nazi soldiers.

message 46: by Anna (new)

Anna Friedrichsen | 1 comments The book I read was called Survivors: True Stories of Children in the Holocaust, by Allan Zullo and Mara Bovsun. This book was a 5/5 for me because it included eight different stories from eight different children who survived the Holocaust. Each story consisted of characters who faced the death of loved ones, torture, but they all had the determination to live. It caused many emotions within me while reading. I felt sorrow, happiness for their strength, and disgusted how these Jews were treated. If you enjoy true stories from this time period, I would highly recommend.

message 47: by Tristan (new)

Tristan Wilson | 1 comments I read the book "The Boy on the Wooden Box" by Marilyn J. Harran and Elisabeth B. Leyson. This book is a memoir of Leon Leyson. He was the youngest kid to make Schindler's list during WW2. I would recommend this book to people that really enjoy an inspiring, true story about a kid during the war.

message 48: by Zeke (new)

Zeke Lundquist | 1 comments I would recommend Prisoner B-3087. It is a very interesting and tragic story. It is also very easy to read and relate to as it is in the perspective of a teenager.

message 49: by Sierra (new)

Sierra De  Boer | 1 comments I just finished reading the No Pretty Pictures by Anita Lobel. It was a very good book although it started out kind of slow. I really enjoyed it even though it made me sad it still was a good book that really helped me draw a very clear picture in my head of what it would have been like during World War II. I would recommend this book to anyone it is very good.

message 50: by Abrahm (new)

Abrahm Rohwer | 1 comments I read the book Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz. I've read a couple of other books by him and they are really good. This book is good if you want a book that isn't hard to read. The book is good for teaching a lot about WW2. Many of the things in the book are new information to me. This book seems like it is intended for junior highers but it's still a good read if you are older because of the things you can learn from it. Overall, the book is really good and has a lot of suspense. However, if you want a more challenging read, then this isn't the right book.

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