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Carla | 14 comments I've been thinking about Werner a lot. I mean technically he was on the wrong side and I nearly felt guilty for hoping he'd make it out okay. So what are your thoughts on Werner as well as his development and fate?

Michelle | 1 comments Same Werner’s one of my favorite characters in the book! I think there was potential for a really cute love story between him and Marie-Laure. And he didn’t exactly choose to be on the Germans side. They just picked him out if he orphanage. He didn’t even want to be part of the war. And in the end, he did save Marie-Laure. <3

Carla | 14 comments I also believe he was my favourite character and that's such a good point. He basically fell into that whole situation because he wanted to escape the mines that killed his father, so of course he'd want to stay in a school where he was actually special, even if he realised some things weren't exactly right. He had such a redeeming arc by saving Marie-Laure though. There was indeed that potential and I got slightly angry when I realised it was going to be impossible, but I guess that was also realistic for a war situation

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