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Death pulled Katlynn into his dorm and shut the door behind them. "Remove your clothes while I go dig around for a condom."

Katlynn started to strip like he told her to do so. "Dig for a condom? How long has it been, Death?" She ran and got into his bed because of the chilly air.

"Yesterday, but I just moved into this dorm, and I'm afraid I may have lost the condoms..." Death scratched at his chin as he looked through his sock drawer.

"Why use one? I haven't used one every time I had sex, and I haven't gotten pregnant," Katlynn responded.

"Yeah? Well, nine months after I had sex with Anna, we had Mallie. So, to keep from having a child...with you...I need a condom," Death groaned and went into the bathroom.

"Why are you wanting to sleep with me anyways? I thought you hated my guts?"

"I do hate your guts, but I have been told by some of the other demons that you're wonderful in bed and have a sexy body. I, as you know, am still grieving my wife's death. I think that great sex might help me. So, I'm using you to make myself feel better," Death said as he walked out of the bathroom with a condom in his hand.

"At least your honest," Katlynn mumbled.

"Don't be so dreary. I'm giving you the best sex of your life when you were the person that made me feel this pain. Accept it." Death moved into the bed and situated himself.

"I've told you thousands of times that it was Marium, not me," Katlynn said before kissing his bare chest. He had undressed while he was in the bathroom.

"Marium did most of the work, but you helped, Katlynn," Death said as he got things started.

"Then why are you sleeping with me?"

"Maybe if I sleep with you and Marium, it'll help me get over the pain. You were the ones that started it. Maybe you can stop it too."

They both became quiet and went through with the motions. Once they were done, Katlynn redressed with bright, red cheeks. It had been the best sex she had ever received. "Damn you, Death. I'll probably be back for more."

"Don't bother. I don't go for sloppy seconds," Death was smoking a cigarette all dramatic like, covered up in his blanket. He watched her leave and sighed. That hadn't helped him at all.

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