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message 1: by Rikus (new)

Rikus | 1 comments Hi, I have a client who wants to use the Goodreads API in order to get a books detail when a user searches for a book. But he only wants to users to be able to see books in a specific genre of personal growth books or business growth books.

Is there a way to search by genre or filter out all the fantasy and unwanted books when searching for a book.

message 2: by N (new)

N (n__h) Also interested in finding out if there has been any updates as well.

message 3: by Alexis (new)

Alexis (lexish) | 12 comments I haven't seen that as part of the API, pretty sure you just have to get the list of shelves that people tag a book as and then use those to filter. You could get the 5 most frequent shelves on a book. ( Anyway that's what I did when I needed to use genres for something; unfortunately there aren't canonical genres.

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