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Book Swaps > Is there ecopy of betrayal in Balli by Sally Wentworth

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message 1: by Jiha (new)

Jiha | 116 comments I was wondering if some one know if there is ecopy of Betrayal in Bali anywhare.


message 2: by Mermarie (new)

Mermarie | 956 comments Mod
I've dug deep in my resources, and found nothing. >:( She has a lot of ebooks on openlibrary, etc, but this one eludes me.

message 3: by Jiha (new)

Jiha | 116 comments Ok thank you very much Mermarie. I cant ship to my country but I may just have some patience and get it through onedollarscan

message 4: by Vellini (new)

Vellini | 68 comments Hi Jiha, did you use onedollarscan before?

message 5: by Jiha (last edited Mar 27, 2018 09:38AM) (new)

Jiha | 116 comments Yes Vellini I tried it once after KatieV but it took a lot of time and the file was took time to download

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