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Publisher:Palos Verdes: Granata Publishing
Release date:1 Jan 1996
Weight:100 g
Number of Pages:56 pages

Product Description

In 1994, the Italian monthly periodical "Historia" invited Italian scholar and revisionist Carlo Mattogno and history professor Luigi Cajani to debate Holocaust revisionism on its pages. But a year later, "Historia" changed its mind, broke its word, and printed only the contribution by Prof. Cajani. Allowing only one side to publish its views and arguments, is that debate, Italian style? Intrepid researcher Carlo Mattogno, however, picked himself up and published his side of the Holocaust story in this booklet, which was first released in Italian. Here now the English language reader can see for himself Carlo Mattogno's banned interview. As fairness requires, the article by his opponent is also presented, because Carlo Mattogno uses it to refute its flawed and one-sided arguments point by point. This meticulously researched work is packed with revealing facts about the Holocaust story by a world-class expert on this important controversy.

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