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The Immortalists
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Rachel N. | 1530 comments A fortune teller tells four siblings the date of their death. We then follow each sibling separately for a section of the book. I liked Simon and Varya's sections but not the other two. I also felt two of the deaths were unrealistic and didn't fit about what we knew of the characters. I feel more depth could have been given to each character and more time spent on their reaction to the fortune tellers prediction. With the book set up it was hard to connect to the characters as part of a family. There was a lot of graphic sex in Simon's part of the book which is absent in the rest of the book and it was really not necessary for the story. It's an interesting premise but not a great follow through.

Susie | 4488 comments I just read this too and although there were some issues. on the whole I liked it more than you. I thought the sex was relevant to the story, to how he ended up passing.

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