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Mastering my Mean Girl

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Ann Sharing my review...

Cosmo meets self-help...

in this very readable book! It's not exactly no-BS, it does have some fluff but it does pack a lot of substance within a good length. It would be more impactful to those who haven't started self-development yet, but I did like the chapter on money.

message 2: by Crystal (last edited Mar 28, 2018 12:50PM) (new)

Crystal (aptusstercore) | 4 comments Mod
I felt quite similar. I remember about 2/3s of the way through I just happened to catch site of the title and thought, no-BS was an interesting choice and not anything I would ever come up with when describing it. She covers a lot, and I do appreciate that she at least had little moments where she wanted you to do activities or writing certain things down, however there was just a lot missing. I couldn't quite figure out what it was at first, but then I think it's science that I'm missing. Facts, or even personal data. Like The Happiness Project, this book was based on her own personal journey, but I think the difference was that Rubin gave a lot of more data. All the changes, how it felt, specifically, very technical things she noticed. This book came off more aloof. If you asked me who Rubin was at the end of her book, I could tell you a lot about her. Yet for Ambrosini I could tell you she acted like more of a troubled young-person, and now she's the calm, yoga & whole foods type of person, who married the same. I feel like Rubin's book focused on very many reasons why you should urge for different goals, where as this book seemed to have the theme "if you don't do these things, you'll be sad and if you just love yourself, happy things will find you". No data of what exactly all of that meant. Too much, for me, happiness will find you instead of steps to create it for yourself. In the end, it was lacking, simply. I feel it would be a good book for someone in their younger 20's, and as you said, a good first-look kind of thing.

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Ann You're absolutely right about the impersonal tone, for a book that was mainly personal sharing, with no research.

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