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A small apartment within the Overseer's Courthouse in Karnaca.

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John relaxed at his work table, barely keeping his eyes open as he poured over the latest star signs and trying to work out the meaning, something was going to happen, what? He didn't know but he must find out

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There was silence, but something ruptured the melancholic emptiness of the room, something dark but solemn, restless yet calming. The air chilled but not to an uncomfortable degree, the light darkened but not to pitch black and a voice broke the barrier after several long moments. He was there, but perhaps not? His body was unnatural where it stood cloaked in a button up jacket with little silver buttons, collar pulled up tall, eyes black like two oily oceans on a starless night. Both of which were fixated on the man.

"Time after time I've watched people stare into the hungry cosmos and try to understand the depths of the universe. But not many are as admirably devoted as you are, John" he spoke, but his voice was hollow.

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John looked around and sighed slightly "So it is true" He looked at the being with a mixture of hate, fear, a little bit of apprehension and under it all a awe at being in this being presence. He stood up as he looked around the now darkened room and he shivered slightly. He continually is reciting the scriptures in his head, however, he knows that at this moment, he is tainted, all those years of looking at the stars and hunting heresy has worn him down.

"What are you doing here, outsider? You are not one for vengeance." He spoke calmly, his old figure standing up as he spoke "And as you know me, you know I am a servant of the scriptures, and enemy to you" He looked right into his cold black eyes and just waited for an answer

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"An enemy? No" Outsider folded his arms and slowly tilted his head, perhaps almost quizzically. "You are a victim of false teachings. Like so many before you, and so many to come after you've fallen." he tipped his chin up, "Though I must apologize for not first tempting you into sin, it's clearly what you were expecting."

He disappeared and in the blink of an eye, fractured shadows intertwining, he appeared at the edge of the bed, sitting down calmly, narrowing his eyes, "Your days are numbered. You realize that, you are tired, and the void calls to you in sweet whispers of release. So I've come to ask you what it feels like, the beginning of your end. Do you see death on the horizon, does it linger dauntingly over your shoulders or do you smile as it approaches?" he questioned calmly.

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He looked at the outsider and sighed, he shrugged slightly, he knew this possibility of his taint, he just kept denying it, so, he might as well talk now, it has claimed him, the scriptures have kept him safe, and he will still follow him, despite what he says "I know you don't consider us your enemy, in truth I don't think you have anyone who you would call your enemy, that doesn't change the fact that the void causes chaos and trouble" He sighed as he looked at him

"The void calls get stronger, the stars are moving, my end is nearing, to answer your question. It is a mixture, while it is true I am tired, and when the Void finally comes, I won't regret what I have done in my life, however I feel their is much I can still do, while my body ages, my heart still beats, I see the corruption within the order, I see the hypocrisy, I see the cruelty, so I still fight" He explained with him, his voice betraying both his anger, and tiredness

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Outsider watched him and his expression twisted ever so slightly, a gentle furrow to his dark brow. He wasn't what the Overseers typically depicted him as. He was youthful, very attractive in an odd, ethereal way, with glowing white skin and a pair of endless dark eyes.

Worshipers sung hymns to him late into the night before setting them ablaze when he didn't come to their beckon call. They wrote poems of his looks. But now as he stood in the flesh he was no more than a boy. Even his voice cracked with a sort of wise prepubescence. Though his words came out like strung silk, with a captivating proes. "Are you afraid of death?" he asked suddenly.

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He looked at the outsider and thought for a second before shaking his head "No, I do not, I fear I have not done enough, but I do not fear the end" He answered the ghostly figure, his eyes still staring into his. At this point any fear he had where now gone, he knew he wouldn't be harmed by this being, and his anger has muted, what purpose did it serve here? So all that was left was a calm look and a small curiosity to see what the outsider wanted. His faith still held strong, but nothing would change his predicament. He suddenly got a question "Does the Void or you have anything to do with kids liking me?" He asked

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Outsider listened to him and slowly tilting his head, "The Void has no need to interfere on your life. While it dwells within you and watches from your very core, it seeks not to individually tamper with you. And it is not within the bounds of my ability, to change the opinions or views of others forcefully, nor would it be in my best interest." he stared at John, expression contemplative. Thoughtful. Appreciative.

"Ask. The questions you've spend these long years pondering over, the inquiries you've been afraid to make." he was feeling generous tonight. Especially seeing as there hadn't been any initial conflict. Only a civil conversing between two men on different sides of the battlefield.

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He paused at his answer and nodded thoughtfully, so his gift with children was innate, that was interesting, he looked at the figure once more as he thought about if he should ask a question, shrugging, deciding he was already tainted he decided asking questions would not hurt, he would live his life by the scriptures, but he knows his time is even shorter "How do you pick? In my life I have seen many who callout to you, who pray to you in the dark, however you only answer a very small few, and as this has shown, you don't always pick people who come looking for you, so how do you pick?" He asked with a curious tone

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He thought on that, genuinely considering his words before he spoke them and slowly leaning back, though his movements were rigid and stiff, as though he were recovering from actual rigormortis. ".. It is less a matter of picking when there are no others to choose from and the idea of choice does not have a place in the equation. There are some who exist with the potential to change everything. To push a civilization over the edge and watch it crumble into the raging waters below. Or to pull it back, to lead it into a golden age, prosperous, cultivated by the minds of the new generation and the people who care for one another genuinely and without incentive, without greed, without envy, or the poisons of man that riddle the hearts of the corrupted." he slowly nodded and closed his eyes.

"I have seen empires rise and fall at the hands of these few. My hand does not move at my own accord, though I can move it freely now" he held his hand out and gazed at it, clenching it into a fist, "But when the time comes, the strings are tugged, and the Void compels me. Insatiably curious, yes, I am that. But it is far more complicated than picking and choosing." he explained, almost bitterly.

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He nodded as he thought about it, so the people the outsider marks are people with the potential to change everything, that makes some sense why the overseers dislike the outsider, change breeds instability, and as he said, they have the potential to crash everything down. He looked at him "A few are coming aren't they?" He asked, the stars have been moving in ways that are getting harder and harder to predict "A time of great change is coming" He stated to the outsider

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There was a notable silence, his eyes flickering down to the ground, his lips curling in the faintest bit of distaste. He slowly turned his head and gave a single, curt nod. "... A great change is always looming over the horizon. Nothing will ever stop moving, such is the nature of reality. Even without the void's fingertips digging into the soils of time, planting seeds and uprooting blossoms as it sees fit, there would be chaos. The biggest enemy to man is not the unknown, it is not the beginning or the end, or monsters in the darkness, or even an ancient deity, ripped from his life unwillingly and thrown into a vast and boundless nothing. It is man itself. You know this. I trust that your perception has led you to this conclusion, but your heart is what leads elsewhere." he disappeared and once more appeared at the edge of the desk, only a foot or so away from the man as he stared out into the night sky.

"The Void hungers for a representative, among other things. At this moment it is satiated. But soon, it will hunger again and it will devour someone else once I've been thoroughly ... displaced." he explained.

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He looked at the man and came to stand near him to stare at the stars as he considered the outsiders words, did know man was a problem innately, he had seen the corruption within the order to know that, even without the influence of the void, his heart at this point as the outsider has said, is holding him back, his whole life he was taught that the void and outsider were the enemies, that they were the cause, and through his life, he has seen some evidence of this, most of who want to speak to the outsider are using dark methods, however, he paused and sighed, his heart was not as strong as it use to be, and the long nights listening to the voids sweet whispers finally got to him "Your right" He sighed before looking at him, now curious about his second point

"The time of the outsider is ending?" he paused "I assume you have no clue who will be your replacement in the void, or that the void will even need a replacement yet?" He asked the dark figure, for once not looking at him, instead looking at the stars, his life long fascination, his greatest gift. Everything seemed still now

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"Often the Void waits, these periods of unoccupied time can be just as long and daunting as the occupied ones. It can even be twice as long, or it could be within seconds..." Outsider leaned against the desk and something escaped him, perhaps a sigh?

His expression changed again, but only slightly. He never really displayed much emotion. It twisted into something sorrowful, but melancholic. "There's something within me that avoids, it howls in fear at the thought of nonexistence. It is human, it feels, it feels intensely." he explained quietly.

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He paused with interest "You fear non existence, the closest thing to death you have. I assume you know of no way to avoid such a fate?" He asked, more rhetorical then curious, he looked at the outsider, the being who's life he has been fighting, and knowing the void will soon be rid of him intrigues him on how the order will be affected, without a direct being to hate and only the void

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Outsider glanced at him, slowly tilting his head as his eyelids lowered cynically, "If that were the case I wouldn't be here, speaking to you now. It isn't a fate avoided. My downfall is definite, and it's that voice within my being that led me here. Another odd characteristic of man, the irony in every action taken. To find a friend in an enemy, to search for common ground." he ran his hand along the desk, letting the texture linger on his palm.

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"Aren't you tired?" He simply asked as he watched the outsider run his hand on his desk, listening to his word he...didn't felt pity, more a better understanding, it use to be human, he sighed as he felt his old bones tire. He looked at him "How much do you understand this feeling within you?" He asked curiously

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((Shall we finish up?))

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<< yee >>

Outsider didn't reply immediately, thinking deeply on the subject and coming near instantaneously to the conclusion that he was most certainly exhausted. Tired of bending to the void, being a conduit for its apathetic malevolence. He turned his gaze back up to the man, "You've lived a long life, breathed air through lungs that decay where you stand. Youve seen cruelty, suffering, but the most divine generosities as well. When all is said and done, consider yourself blessed to be the only one out of every Overseer and councilman that knows just a sliver of the truth. In the end, the void devours us all. Where I'm going, finally, is no different than where you will be soon enough." he dissipated, shadows fracturing around him and withering away into dust, leaving John alone in his bedroom.

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John looked around once more, then once he was gone, sighed and looked back at the star charts and with this new information started to see it in a new light, the Outsider is not evil, and he was once human, the void he still considered to be somewhat an enemy, its whole purpose is to eat the world, but even that is not done with any effort, it is done with apathy, something he would never consider before. He looked at the charts, with this he may be able to make some change before his time after all, though he must be careful, he was well trusted but he knew he was a target by the more corrupt people within the order, so this must be kept secret

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