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First Name: Jenny
Last Name: Salvatore
Nickname: Jen
Age:(Above the age of 18) 25
Where were they born: Los Angeles
Where do they live: LA
Gender: Female

Face Claim: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Eye color: Green
Hair: Blonde
Body Type: Small and slim
Sexuality: Hetero
Relationship status: Single
Relationship History: Was engaged ones to a guy but she ran off the day of the weeding because his mother had pictures of her working as a stripper when she was younger.

Likes(can add more):
- Partying
- Modeling
- Singing
- Acting
Dislikes(can add more):
- Bitches
- Jerks
- Stuck up people
- Being told what to do
Hobbies(can add more):
- Dancing
- Running
- Making out
- Getting in the pool

Skills(can add more):
- Can memorize a script in no time
- Can play the piano
- Is good at math

History(5 sentences): Dad left her mom when she was young and ever since she never trusted men. Later on in life to pay for school she became a stripper and when she fell in love with a rich man that secret was almost exposed by his mother and she ran away on their weeding day. She is now currently a teacher who wants to be an actress.
Personality(3 sentences): Cute and smart but is also feisty and fierce. In a blink of an eye she can change from your friend to your enemy if you do the wrong thing. But for the most part shes a great person
Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Math Teacher

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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- description

First Name: Alexandra
Middle Name: Rose
Last Name: Dempsey
NickName: Alex, 'Xandra


Age: 19
Gender: Female
Where she was born: Australia
Where do they live: Miami
House: 2


Face Claim: The lovely Emma Stone





Eye Colour: Bottle glass green with flecks of gold
Hair Colour: Flaming red, occasionally appears a brownish colour depending on the lighting
Body Type: Thin and tall, like a dancer. Curvy
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship History: Dated one guy before, but he cheated on her.


.Hot Chocolate
.Good Books
.Rainy Days

.Being Alone
.No Wifi
.Small Spaces

.Cod, especially MW3

.Writing Poetry
.Playing XBox


Alexandra was born in Australia to two pretty happy parents. She was an only child. They enrolled her in ballet from a pretty early age and she learned to dance before she could walk. Her father was in charge of a drug cartel in Australia. She moved to America when she was 16 with her family to avoid persicution

.Hard Exterior


Ethnicity: Australian
Occupation: Bartender

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I love her!!!!!! APPROVED

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[First Name] Samantha
[Last Name] Torrent
[Nickname] Sam, Sammy
[Age] Twenty
[Where were they born] Ireland
[Where do they live] Miami
[Gender] Feminine
[House] 4

[Face Claim] Tabitha Grayston

(view spoiler)
[Eye Colour] Stormy grey
[Hair] Blonde with dark brown roots
[Body Type] Slim, but still has some curves. She has some muscle in her legs and arms.
[Sexuality] Heterosexual
[Relationship Status] Single
[Relationship History[ She's been in many relationships but they never last

- Cute guys
- Animals
- Surfing
- Playing games
- Singing

- Mean people
- Milk
- Bees and wasps
- Hazlenuts

- Hiking
- Surfing
- Singing
- Dancing

- Hiking
- Surfing
- Gaming
- Make-up expert

Samantha was born in Ireland but her family moved to Miami when she was three. She grew up by the waves and with her brothers, so she was active; surfing and hiking. But when she was lazy she would play video games with her brothers, she isn't good but she is pretty dam good! She used to have many boyfriends but they didn't last, either they cheated on her or she didn't like them. Because she thinks she is useless and unwanted she has built up a fake identity and built walls to protect herself.


[Ethnicity] Irish
[Occupation] Works in a café

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KT (queenlykt) "I can't help it: I'm addicted. But I can't stand the pain inflicted in the morning you're not holding on to me."

Known As:
First Name- Kerry
Meaning- Gaelic. Dusky, dark. 
Middle Name- Jordyn
Meaning- Descend, flow down. 
Last Name- Kent 
Meaning- Edge
Gender- Female

Times Change:
Age- 21
Birthday- November 19
Horoscope- Scorpio-The Scorpion 
Nationality- British
House- 2

Relationship Status- Single
Sexual Preference- Pansexual
"I can't keep sleepin' in your bed if you keep messin' with my head."

Every guy who offers. But though she's kind of slutty, Kerry is faithful. She won't sleep with anyone if she's with someone else. Sadly, she's usually just used and doesn't really have a steady boyfriend.
Dating Past- Kerry has dated numerous guys- but all of them have been players who use her and ditch her. 
Perfect Match- Someone who makes her feel wanted. Protective, sweet, funny, kind, smart. 
Mother- Druggie, now in jail
Father- Single parent
Sister- None
Brother- None
Friendships- Friendly with everyone, not many good friends. 

"We were on fire, now we're frozen. "


(view spoiler)
Eyes- Silver blue

Hair- Naturally light blonde and wavy, about the bottom half is dyed hot pink. 
Height- 5'3
Build/Weight- Slender
Skin Tone- Light tan

Face Claim- Perrie Edwards 

Posture- Straight
Gesture- Tends to bite her lip a lot

(view spoiler)
(view spoiler)
Grooming- Always looks perfect, but casual, as if maybe it's an accident she looks this good. 

[The Then]
"Gonna kill my dreams, oh this is the last time. Baby make up your mind."

Home Life- Kerry's heard all the tales of the drunk, abusive father. Or the single druggie mom tales. And she's tired of the cliches. Kerry's mom was one of the druggie types, but since her parents were divorced her dad didn't know about it. Everytime he came to see Kerry, her mother would sober up just long enough for the visit. Until one time he came as a surprise on Kerry's birthday. He told the cops, and took Kerry. 
Events- Mom arrested; live with dad

"What's the point of doing this every night?"

Life- Kerry loved her father, and they were as close as two people could be. He was more than a father. He was her best friend, her confidant. She  didn't make friends easily, and her dad was always there. She always just wanted to work at his business with him- which she was good at- but in that gentle, persistent way of his, he persuaded her to get a degree first. 
Events- Accepted to college

[The Now]
"Before I slip under your sheets can you give me somethin' please?"

Economics- Upper class
⇢Temporary Bliss (The Cab)
⇢Lock Me Up (The Cab)
Often misunderstood and underestimated. Kerry is  bold, easily capable of executing massive enterprises with cool control and confidence. Unshakable focus when the situation calls for it, but prefers to play fast and loose. Regardless of her bold nature, she's rather secretive, but always observing behind her withdrawn manner. Yes, she can be argumentative and pack a powerful sting, but that's simply because she teds to see see all opposition as a healthy challenge.
She's silly, and loves goofing around. She's kind of hyper and seems to have endless energy, evident by her cheerful, well-meaning chatter. Bunny and sweet, not many people can resist the outgoing girl. 
Kerry is, inside, actually a very insecure girl, no matter how much she jokes about her hotness. She never feels good enough, and so makes up for it by sleeping with anyone who makes her feel nice. And they usually make her happy just by asking to hook up- which is, in a way, complimenting her hotness. But she desperately wants to find her one true love and is waiting for them. But she's begun to think that he'll never come. 

"Nothing spoken, you're just playin'. I keep waitin' for your heart..."

-Never finding one true love
-Being alone
-Being disliked
-Being alone
-Being made fun of
Insecure and slutty

"I can't keep touching you like this, if it's just temporary bliss."

-Putting people at ease
-School (hates it)
-Being appreciated

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{First Name} Blanket
{Middle Name} Everlyn
{Last Name} Jackson
[Nickname] None
{Where were they born} Malibu, California
{Where do they live} L.A
{Gender} Female
{House} 2

Face Claim: None

[image error]
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Brown
Body Type: Small and Slim
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: None
Relationship History:

-Cute guys
-Pop music
-Helping People

-Stuck ups
-Rude People

-Playing Basketball

-A very good basketball player
-Can remember any dance move
-Loves to sing
-Very fast reader

History: To be rp'd

Personality: Blanket is both a very serious and fun-loving girl. She is resilient and has a very strong spirit. She loves to fight and loves good competition. She is a very skilled fighter and she loves to do obstacle courses. She talks to her mother alot when she's alone and she is very smart. She loves to learn and read. She reads most of the time while she's alone and loves action books mostly. She can be seen smiling and laughing, but when there's trouble she won't hesitate to jump in and help. She is very brave and caring.

Ethnicity: Mixed, African American and Caucasian

Occupation: College Student

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Natasha S ♥ (tashieasmiles)
[Name] Fate Clemons
[Age] 18
[Date of Birth/Place] June 21 & Miami, Florida
[Gender] Female
[Occupation] Student
[House] 2


And without the blind fold, she looks more like:

But BROWN eyes remember.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tan

Fate is one of those pretty girls, who is pretty without trying. Being born in Miami, she was always tan, and is slim and tall. He eyes have a slight fog over then, but you can still see the chocolate color behind it. Well, you probably wouldn't see her eyes because she's always wearing sunglasses.
She's very quiet, but if you let her talk she has a melodic voice. She has amazing hearing, smell, and other senses, which make up for no sight.

~Knowing Feelings, and almost thoughts
~Finding her way around places
~Reading Braille
~School Work
~Extreme cold
~Water, slippery places
~People, overall

Fate is probably the most quiet person you'll ever meet. Some people think she's mute along with blind. She's very friendly though, and will try to help anyone if she can. She always has a small smile on, and some people take that as a smirk. She's most always perceived wrong, and is called snotty, and spoiled. In reality, she's just shy, and probably the sweetest person ever.

Fate is ashamed of her blindness, and wear sunglasses all the time. She never lets people get to know her, and will burst out in tears if you ask her to take the shades off. This probably relates to her mother, and history. In other terms, she's very sweet, and will do anything to comfort her friends.

One problem Fate has though, is her depressions. Every now and then, she will break down. After her experience in high school, she's a very nervous person, and sometimes she'll just try to hide away in her room. It hurts her to remember what had happened to her, and every now and then, she'll just fall into silence. She calls them her 'depression days' and they don't happen often. Her heart had been broken during that experience, and she truly just wants someone to actually love her, not just use her as a one night stand. As she keeps her happy attitude most of the time, she does have some down days. Where she's sad all the time. Fate's a good person.


Congenital cataracts, which are present at birth or form during a baby’s first year, are less common than age-related cataracts. They occur in roughly one in every 10,000 infants, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. This type of cataract does not always have symptoms and can be removed if it interferes with the baby’s vision. These cataracts can develop if the mother has an infection or uses drugs or alcohol while pregnant.

Fate had a congenital cataract when she was born. Her mother was an alcoholic, and her father left the family before the mother had found out she was pregnant. As a result, her mother was always drinking. Her mother gave birth to Fate in an alley, and this is why her cataract was never taken care of. Growing up, she put all her time in being the best person she could be. She was always the smartest kid, and the nicest one too. She was ignored by other kids, but all adults loved her. Then came high school.

In high school, Fate still had the smartest and nicest status, but it didn't go unnoticed by other pupils. She found herself often being talked about in rumors from girls, and boys felt they could get away with anything because she was blind, and was too afraid to stop them. She is often found hiding behind books, and always by a teacher, She tries to avoid making any contact, even talking with other students.

~School work
~Reading people
~Other Kids
[Pet Peeve]
People, Mostly cruelty. She hates bullying of all kinds, and hates it when people start rumors about a person.
[Mode Of Transportation]
She walks. Everywhere.
~Clarissa Clemons ~ Mother ~ Status: Jailed
~Raymond Traverse ~ Father ~ Status: Alive, Location: Unknown
Select few I guess.
Haha, enemies? People who don't like her, which is a lot.
She really just wants to be accepted, but doesn't do anything to try and be accepted.

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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- description

First Name: Gemma
Middle Name: Amelia
Last Name: Dempsey
Nickname: Gem, Doll, Poppet


Age: 18
Gender: Female
Where she is from: Australia
House: 2


Face Claim: The darling Emma Watson





Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Sandy brown
Height: 5'4
Body Type: Thin, almost as if she were anorexic
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but lines get a little blurred when drunk
Relationship History:
She's slept around with a slew of guys, but hasn't actually dated anyone


.Shirtless boys

.Preppy girls
.When she doesn't get her way
.Rainy days

.Searching through mags
.Lighting up

.Seduction in the highest degree
.Dirty dancing


Gemma has always been the sheltered one of the two Dempsey cousins. Her father was also mixed up in the drug business, Co-Leader of the cartel. Unlike her cousin Alexandra, Gemma preferred body guards to protect her and tend to her every need. She partied quite often. She at first through a fit about having to move to America, but eventually settled in to the transition


Gemma is very flirty and hyper. She loves having the attention on herself and will do almost anything to get it. She becomes 'stressed' very easily and often needs a break from trivial things to calm down. She loves her cousin very much and they are very close


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 I’m Barely Holding my life together… 

And you want to talk to me about your problems?

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ Bʌƨɪƈ Iɲƒơɾɱʌƭɪơɲ ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂
{ Isabella Eva Hart}
Nickname(s): Iggy

{Age} 19
Birth Date: April 19th
Birthplace: Portland, CT
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual; Bi-curious

[House] 4
[Occupation] TBA


(view spoiler)
[Facial Claim] Taylor Spreitler
[Ethnicity] Irish and Polish
[Hair Color/Style] Strawberry Blond, naturally wavy
[Eye Color] Dark Hazel Color
[Height] 5’6’’
[Weight] 128
[Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos] Ears Pierced

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ ƤєяѕσηαƖ ▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂
Iggy is fun loving and carefree, and often finds herself avoiding relationships, figuring they won’t last. Despite being hurt so many times, over the silliest of things, she lives life acting as if she’s completely normal, and taking it by strides. She often tends to easily connect with people, and sympathizes with nearly everyone. Iggy is also rather stubborn and she has a rather fiery personality that pops out every once and a while.

~Cute Boys
~Writing (poems)

~Waking Up Early
~Drunk Guys
~Feeling Unappreciated
~Being at loss for words

~Knitting (occasionally)


[First Love ]
At the simple age of six Iggy found her first love. That first love was dancing. At first, she was reluctant to go to her ballet classes, claiming they were for those girls on tv who had money. Living with her single mother, who could barely pay rent, she didn’t know how they could possibly pay for dance classes- which was really a lot to worry about for such a young girl. But, when she found classes would be of no charge she couldn’t help but to cave in. The first few classes it wasn’t so easy, and she wanted to give up, but in the following weeks the dancing, as well as the music became a second language to her. Every day after school all she’d really think about was coming home just so she could go to her classes after school. Occasionally a boy or two would make fun of her, calling her a ballerina, but she shrugged it off. After all, if boys teased you like that at such a young age, didn’t that mean they liked you? Of course then, Iggy had no interest in boys, and she much preferred her ballet slippers to a boyfriend, besides she was only ten.

[No Consent]
As Iggy got older, she continued to love dancing, but at the same time she wanted to rebel- just as any sixteen year old girl would want to. She began to make new friends, and make more time in her schedule for social events and parties. At a senior party she was quite buzzed, and she remembered vaguely talking to this dude, but beyond that she didn’t remember much from the night. So, ending up in his bed did come as quite the surprise for her. Piecing together the night she came to the awful realization that this was an act of Date Rape. She’d been too drunk to give any sort of consent, and as far as she could recall all she’d remembered was passing out on her friends bed… Quickly leaving she decided to put it behind her. But then the pregnancy happened. At first she was anxious, not wanting to tell anyone, but she had to. She instantly turned to her mother who told her it was her choice, whether to keep it or get rid of it. By that she knew she couldn’t simply get an abortion and throw this all behind her. So she decided it was best to go on with keeping it. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t so much on her side, and after another party she hadn’t thought to take the keys from her drunk friend. That night they got into a car crash, she was barely past her first trimester, hadn’t bothered to tell her friends of the baby, and before she could do all this she lost the baby.

After losing the kid she’d never really anticipated she began to slowly close herself off from all her original friends, and found a place amongst people that she’d often considered to be geeks, but she found these people were more than just their stereotypical outer shell, and Iggy found herself making lifelong friends among these people, and slowly she began to open up. The summer before college she was offered to come to Miami for the purpose of the reality tv show, and somehow she found herself saying yes, hoping to get more out there then she had before.

[Relationship History]
Iggy doesn’t have much of a true relationship history, beyond the occasional boyfriend or two, that didn’t last for long. She has trouble trusting people, and putting herself in situations where she might get hurt.

Mother: Grace Hart
Father: Unknown

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 Savannah Lissa Maxford 

First Name: Savannah
Last Name: Lissa
Nickname: Maxford
Where were they born: Los Angeles
Where do they live: California
Gender: Female

Face Claim: Alia Bhatt

Eye color: Brown
Hair: Dark brown
Body Type: Small and slim
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Relationship History: Had a few boyfriends over the years, but weren't serious.


Black nail polish
The smell of paint


Playing the guitar

History:Savannah was the only girl in a family of four boys. She is the baby of the family and is loved by her brothers. She loves her brothers and parents. She was a very bright student and always got top marks. She was very interested in acting, and always participated in the plays organized by her school. Even though she was very good at sports, she never participated in any sports at school, because she felt self-conscious if she played in front of anybody other than her brothers. She participated in many plays over the years, has thought of becoming an actress.

Personality:Savannah is a very bubbly and charming girl. She is not tomboyish, as you’d expect her to be, for she grew up in a family of four boys, but actually is very girly. She plays football with her brothers, and goes to parties with friends and has sleepovers with them.It’s like the best of both worlds. She is calm, but not in a scary way. She isn't very hyper-active. She is very easy to please, and is always smiling. However, beware if you make her angry. She is very dangerous.
Ethnicity: Indian
Occupation: Actress

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First name: Mayla
Last name: Tealu
Nickname: May
Age: 20
Where she was born: Mexico City, Mexico
Where she lives: Harvard University
Gender: Female
House: 1

Face claim: Iria Preacher
Appearance: She's on the right.

Eye color: Brown
Hair: Long and straight, brown
Blood type: AB+
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: No one
Relationship history: One guy named Josh. Lasted about a year.

~Her dad

~Air heads
~Reality TV
~Beans (The food)
~High Heels

~Playing on her Xbox
~Building Rockets

~Proving or disproving theroies
~Having hilarious commentary on life

History: Mayla was born in Mexico City. Her mom left her after she was born. Her dad and her left the country to go to America. He worked his way up the career ladder and became the headmaster of Harvard. Mayla was pressured to get into college when she turned twelve. She got her first PHD when she was 15. She then got her second last year. She now works at Harvard teaching astrophysics.
Personality: Mayla is a very logical person. She won't handle nonsense, but she likes tot ell jokes. She is very smart and will correct you. Overall she's very nice.
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Occupation: College teacher

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First Name: Essence
Middle Name: Keira
Last Name: Meadows
Age: 19
Gender: Female
House: 2

Face Claim: Selena Gomez
[image error]

Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Brown
Body Type: Slim and Average
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Open
Relationship History: Used to date both Austin and Gabriel in both high and middle school.

-Playing the piano
-Gabe and Austin

-Laura and Sandra, Gabe and Austin's exes

-Playing piano

-Good piano player
-Good dancer
-Good singer
-Good actor

History: Essence was born and grew up in Miami, Florida. Her father, Randy Meadows moved to Australia after she was born because he didn't want a child. She was left with her mother and they did okay. When she was 7 she met her childhood friends, Austin and Gabriel Johnson. They instantly grew into a good friendship as they grew older. When she reached middle school with them her and Gabriel started to date until the 8th grade where they broke up after an argument. In highschool she started to date Austin and they stayed together for 2 years until they broke up after she found Austin cheating. They still stayed friends, but she was jealous when Austin started to go out with Laura and Gabe started to go out with Selena. She didn't like neither Laura nor Selena and always showed a cold attitude towards them. She was sent to the same house as Gabe and Austin, what a coincidence. She still has a few feelings for both Gabe and Austin, but she has more for Gabe.

Personality: She has a very caring, considerate personality, but if she doesn't like you its a whole nother story. She will show a cold attitude towards you and be rude to you. She isn't very welcoming to new people and can sometimes be physical. She can get jealous easily and will show coldness towards any girl who likes both Austin or Gabe. Other than that she has a very fun-loving and caring attitude. She is smart and sometimes has to correct both Gabe and Austin about their mistakes. Sometimes it gets on her nerves, but other times she likes it. It makes her like them even more. She loves to read and loves to write. Both Austin and Gabe say she is going to be an author when she graduates. She says its nonsense and doesn't really listen to what Austin and Gabe have to say. She can be usually seen with a smile on her face and loves to make friends, but doesn't enjoy company.

Ethnicity: Latin, Spanish, and American
Occupation: Student

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Yasmani | 269 comments Mod

First Name: April
Last Name: Saint-George
Nickname: Not a nickname but those who know her tend to call her "Bitch"
Age:(Above the age of 18) 21
Where were they born: Austin, Texas
Where do they live: Nashville now moving to Miami
Gender: Female
House: 3

Face Claim: Hayden Panettiere
Appearance(pictures no links):

Eye color: Green
Body Type: Petite and curvy
Sexuality: Hetero
Relationship status: Single
Relationship History: Has dated a few guys but they've all ended up hurting her

Likes(can add more):
- Boots
- Guitars
- Parties
- Country Music
Dislikes(can add more):
- Drunks
- Drug Addicts
- Rapist
- Guys who play video games

Hobbies(can add more):
- Singing
- Playing the guitar
- Writing songs
- Partying

History(5 sentences): Aprils father died before she was even born and by the time she was 1 her mother already had a new boyfriend and when she was 13 the man started to touch her and rape her. At the age of 15 she left home and moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of country singing but sadly did not make it. Now shes in Miami trying to put herself out there and make the best of life. Trying to become famous so one day her dream will come true.

Personality(3 sentences): April is a bitch. She has walls up from all around her. Her childhood wasn't easy growing up with her stepfathers abuse and her mother not believe her so she has grown to not trust people and not really be nice at all .
Ethnicity: Italian
Occupation: Singer

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Disclaimer (view spoiler) Disclaimer

"I'm bored out of my mind now, so I'm gonna piss you of."

[Name:] Noelle Ciara Davenport
↳[Nickname:] Cia, Elle, Tough girl

✎[Age:] Nineteen (19)
↳[Date of Birth:] December 12th
↳[Place of Birth:] Quebec, Canada
↳[Time of Birth:] 11:11 AM
↳[Ethnicity:] Canadian
↳[Place of Residence:] Miami, House 2

Occupation Animal Shelter/Hacker
↳[Abilities:](view spoiler)

Relationship Status Single
↳[Sexuality:] Hetro/Straight
↳[Infatuation:] None


Noelle has light brown hair that she changes more than what would be deemed normal. For now, her hair is a light brown color and it falls down to her shoulders in windswept waves, sometimes it can be a little bit frizzy. Most of the time she will have her hair down unless she is doing things that will make her hair get into her face. In this case, she will put her hair into a braid. Noelle's eyes are dark brown, often described as melted puddles of chocolate. Her eyes are large but not enormous and outlined in short, dark lashes. She'd like to say that her eyelashes are long, but that could only be done if she applied mascara and you'd never catch her in any sort of makeup. Noelle's fair face is heart shaped with a petite nose sprinkled with freckles, thin lips that are normally dry [ because of this, she has to carry chap-stick with her everywhere she goes ], and high boned cheeks also dusted with freckles. She is very small for her age and often mistaken to be younger than she actually is. Noelle is 5 feet and 5 inches approximately, she is mistakenly called fat because of the clothes she wears; but she has long legs, and quite a few curves.


█✦Hair Colour: Light Brown
█✦Hair Length: Just past her shoulder blades
█✦Eye Colour: Chocolate brown
█✦Completion: Tanned
█✦Lips: Light shade of pink; Thin


█✦Chest size: Cup size 32D
█✦Build: Hourglass; Narrow waist; Slightly muscular
█✦Height: 5’7"
█✦Weight: 120 lbs
█✦Distinguishing Marks: A scar on her upper lip
█✦ Attire(view spoiler)

"You don't know me, and you never will. That's a fact your gonna have to deal with."

Noelle is a bright girl full of ideas, not all of them are good. She is a tec whiz, and by tec I mean a 'Hacker'. Along with that, she has learnt to adapt to situation quicker than an average person. Even in stressful situations, Noelle would either be reading or trying to figure out a way out of the situation. Because of these, she has learnt to be quite patient, with kids. Not with adults or people older than her. She gets snappy if someone is being foolish on purpose and finds them annoying. She doesn't trust people, so many people call her 'a closed book'. No one can get into her head, no one knows what she's feeling. She doesn't bother other people with her problems, because she doesn't want other people to have the burden of her guilt and all the other emotions. But just because she doesn't trust people doesn't mean that she doesn't care for them. If anyone hurts her 'friends' or 'allies' she can be murderous. She will do anything and everything to get revenge, but she will do it the sneaky way. She has major anger issues and even a slightest insult whether it's to her, her family or a friend she will start a fist fight. But under all of that is a girl who's afraid to let anyone in, even though she doesn't show it, she really does care.

Noelle grew up in Canada with her twin brother Isaac. She was always a trouble maker and kept getting into trouble with the law; She was always helping the people she cares about, often using her expert computer hacking skills to do so: whether it's hacking into a college database to see if her best friend Blake got an early acceptance, or by defrauding a health insurance corporation to help her very sick grandmother get a kidney transplant. She's not afraid to break the law a little, as long as it means helping someone she loves. But her luck takes an incredibly bad turn when she and Blake go to a rave to celebrate Blake getting into college, and Blake meets a mysterious older man who kills her by slipping her an overdose of a date rape drug. What's even worse is that this man then attacks Noelle and frames her for the crime! And because of Noelle's less than lawful behaviour in the past, the cops were convinced that she is responsible for her best friend's death. Isaac and Noelle's grandmother knew it wasn't her fault because they knew she wasn't like that. Her parents, however, were disgusted with her and after they bailed her out of jail they ignored her ever since. Because she was shaken she turned to drugs and alcohol to solve her problems, she closed off everyone from her and started to cut. Her parents still ignored her, but Isaac and her grandmother didn't, they helped her out of the stage of depression. Noelle's patents didn't like her attitude towards them so they sent her to Miami, little did she know that Isaac was in deep trouble as well for stealing. They were both sent here, for the summer. The police sent her to an Animal Shelter for the summer. She won't tell anyone, but she loves it there.

"Hello, beautiful.."

"Keep moving on, keep staying strong"

Mother~ Lucia Margaret
Father~ Jack Luscious Davenport

Habits Biting her lip when she is nervous
↳[Fatal Flaw:] Loyalty and Stubbornness

- Hacking
- Animals
- Running
- Drawing
- Singing

- Police
- Talking
- People telling her what to do
- People in general

- Hacking
- Working at the Animal Shelter
- Singing
- Drawing

- Hacking
- Good with Animals
- Singing
- Drawing

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(Propert of Dont let anyone who hurt you see you cry)

First Name:Sophie
Last Name: Mayer
Nickname: Soph, Sophie
Age:(Above the age of 18): 19
Where were they born: LA
Where do they live:Miami

Face Claim: megan nicole
Appearance: cute slim

Eye color:brown
Body Type:slim
Relationship status:single
Relationship History: dated in old ages

Likes(can add more):
Dislikes(can add more):
-stuck up
-fake people
Hobbies(can add more):

Skills(can add more):

History(5 sentences):Was born to a rich family> dad left at age 2. mom gets drunk and beats on me when little. started singing at age 3. left home at age 16.I haven't seen my mom since and doesn't want to. I am currently living in Miami and want to travel he world and see new places> I am currently looking for my dad and a boyfriend I hope I can meet people and find my dad
Personality(3 sentences):Sophie is a very caring person she takes care of the ones she love but if you make her mad she can go from loving you to hating you. her trust is very hard to gain, some people think that she is easy and out going but If you know her she isn't an easy person. Once you break a trust with her there's no going back to the old days. She is very welcoming and loves new people. But the totally hates when people take her friends away that she cant stand and it makes her angry.

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“Wнαт уσυ ѕєє ιѕ α gιяℓ ωнσѕ ѕєєη тσσ мυcн αη∂ нαѕ ѕαι∂ ѕσ ℓιттℓє”  

{Willow Bridgett Tanner}
Nickname(s) Bridge

{Age} 20
Birth Date~ June 11th
Birthplace~ Worcestor, Massachusetts
Residence~ Lexington, Kentucky

{Gender} Female
Sexuality~ Pansexual
Availability~ Single

[House] 3
[Occupation] TBA


(view spoiler)
[Facial Claim] Lucy Hale
[Nationality] English, American
[Hair Color/Style] Curly Dark Brown, often highlighted with some blonde
[Eye Color] Hazel Green
[Height] 5’2’’
[Weight] 121
[Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos] Her ears are pierced, and she has one tattoo on her neck (view spoiler)

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ ƤєяѕσηαƖ ▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂

“Sσмєтιмєѕ тнє σηєѕ ωє ℓσνє___________

  ___________ Hυят υѕ тнє мσѕт”

Despite her upbringings Willow truly loves to have fun, and throw herself into all sorts of new things. She also loves to be considered one of the guys, by any and all. Just the feeling that she has a bunch of brothers that stand with her through pretty much anything brings a sense of comfort and security in her life that she seemed to completely lose after the death of her mother. She's often a bubbly person, but she'll get extremely angry when a guy touches her, or lays a hand on her in the wrong way.

~Being around people
~The Ocean
~Talking with her brother

~Drunk People
~Having too much free time

~Playing guitar

 “Wєℓℓ Tнαт Hυят”

┣▇ Beautiful Mistake ▇▇▇▇▇═─
It’s safe to say that Willow’s parents didn’t so much as like each other when they became pregnant with her, and it’s also safe to say they were never really fond of each other throughout their entire relationship. Her father was a successful business man, but he was also a cheater and a drunk. And every now and then he found it perfectly okay to take out his anger on his wife, and eventually as Willow and her brother Jared grew older, he found it was okay to turn on them as well. Their mother did her best to stop this, sending them to grandma’s on the weekend, and telling them to lock the doors before they went to bed, and at any and all times. Despite this she couldn’t bring herself to leave the man that was making both her and her children's life a nightmare. Somehow though, Willow didn’t find her mother to be weak or spineless, instead she continued to look up to her mother even though her decisions were less than desirable.

︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿ Some losses are worse than others╤───
Finally when it got so bad, that Willow was shoved down the stairs and had broken a bone or two, her mother decided it was time to leave. At the age of fifteen Willow was soon packing up her bags, feeling a sense of freedom that they’d finally be leaving the drunken bastard behind. But, apparently it was too much to hope. ‘Cause later in the evening she found out her mother was in the ICU at the local hospital. She’d gotten in a car crash, and was barely holding onto life by the time Willow arrived at the hospital. What truly made Willow angry about this whole affair was the fact her father had been in the vehicle with her now dead mother, and he hadn’t even gotten a scratch on him. Strangely after the accident that took her mother’s life her father began to turn around and straighten himself up. He slowly ebbed away from drinking, he focused on the company, and his young son Jared. Often times he came home with extravagant gifts, but such silly objects couldn’t buy her love, nor her forgiveness.

┣▇ Moving On ▇▇▇▇▇═─
At eighteen she decided she wanted to get as far away from home as possible, and that’s just what she did. Her and two friends moved into a shared living space in the country, and they were quite cozy there. Soon enough she found herself moving on, and surprisingly she managed to find love as well, with a certain cowboy that managed to steal her heart. Lost in her own little world she became completely in love with him, telling him anything and everything about herself, even the stuff she had refused to tell others. She avoided the party life he immerse himself into, and they seemed to end mutually, but she couldn’t simply be in the same town with him. So she’s taken the summer opportunity in Miami to move on and get out there.

  ____________________“I'м Aℓяєα∂у Bяσкєη_____

__Bυт ωну ιѕ ιт αℓωαуѕ уσυ, тнαт'ѕ ριcкιηg υρ тнє ριєcєѕ?”_____________

Mother: Karley Tanner
Father: Jeffrey Tanner
Younger Brother: Jared Tanner

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  I мαу вє α Dα∂∂ιєѕ Gιяℓ

Bυт ι ѕтιℓℓ кησω нσω тσ нανє ƒυη

{Amanda Rose Juniffer}
Nickname(s): Mandie, Rose, June

{Age} 23
Birth Date~ March 4th
Birthplace~Santiago, Chile
Residence~ Asheville, North Carolina

{Gender} Female
Sexuality~ Lesbian
Availability~ Single
Crush~ N/A

[House] 4
[Occupation] TBA


(view spoiler)
[Facial Claim] Shay Mitchell
[Hair Color/Style] Dark Brown; Almost looks black
[Eye Color] Muddy Brown
[Height] 5’7’’
[Weight] 142
[Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos] N/A

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ ƤєяѕσηαƖ ▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂

___A ∂αу ιѕη'т cσмρℓєтє тιℓℓ уσυ нανє α ρнσтσѕнσσт ωιтн тнє ∂σg

Stubborn, loyal, snarky, fun, random, silly, sarcastic, confident, protective, smart, witty and lovable are just a few words to describe Mandie. She has always believed in being who you are, and saying what you think. Sometimes people think she is rude because she doesn’t have a filter on what she says but rarely ever does Mandie mean it as an insult. Often times she can be very sweet and kind, but she’s also tough and likes to get down and dirty. She also flirts a lot, not hiding her sexuality.

• Girls
• Cotton Candy
• Kittens
• Jennifer Lawrence
• Pitch Perfect
• Singing
• Dancing
• Acting
• Modeling
• Sleeping or Cuddling ( Or both)

• Snobs
• Mean people
• People who don’t see true beauty
• Jerks
• People who abuse others

• Eating
• Cooking
• Surfing
• Basketball
• Swimming

• Gymnast
• Speeches
• Match-Making

  “I ωαѕ gσιηg ƒσя ѕєχу Kιттєη”

Upon meeting her parents were both stationed in Iraq. Despite the strict rules, of their class, and of dating amongst themselves they couldn’t help but to fall in love, and soon later her mother, Michelle was deployed from services and sent back home when she learned she was pregnant. This was with Mandie’s older sister Emma. Surprisingly their mother found that she rather enjoyed the warm and cozy home life, and soon enough she was carrying twins, and then another child. So there Mandie was stuck right in the middle, along with her twin brother Caleb. At the time she was born her mother decided it would be best to relocate towards the states, and she did just that right before Mandie’s younger sister was born. Both Michelle, and Mandie’s dad Richard moved in with his parents for the time being until they could find a place to really start their family. Soon enough they found a nice place in North Carolina and that’s where their family was raised.

[Military Brat]
Mandie developed her snotty personality in elementary school, and it pretty much stuck with her all through middle school as well. Finally she came to her sense in her freshman year of high school, but no one truly seemed to care. Besides being labeled as the military brat, she was also a gymnast, and her name was very well known throughout the town. People went so far as to say she should train for the olympics. She rolled the idea around for a while before deciding against it. She loved gymnastics, and it was practically her life, but she wouldn’t go that hardcore. It would only make her begin to despise something she loved so dearly. Her high school years began to fly by and soon she was entering college, if only to have a back up plan. This is her summer break before she’s decided to go backpacking around the world, and to have a little more adventure in her life.

Mother: Michelle Juniffer
Father: Richard Juniffer
Older Sister (24): Emma Juniffer
Twin-Brother: Caleb Juniffer
Younger Sister (20): Talya Juniffer

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First Name: Scarlett
Scarlett \s-carle-tt, sc(ar)-lett\ as a girl's name is pronounced SCAR-let. It is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Scarlett is "red". Brought into use as a given name due to Margaret Mitchell's heroine Scarlett O'Hara in the novel "Gone With the Wind". The middle name of one of Mick Jagger's children with Jerry Hall.
Middle Name: Marie
Marie \m(a)-rie\ as a girl's name is of French origin. Variant of Mary (Latin) "star of the sea". Earliest English form of the name which was revived in the 19th century. Scientist Marie Curie; Queen Marie Antoinette of Scots; singer Marie Osmond.
Last Name: Thompson
Thompson \th(o)-mp-son, thom-pson\ as a boy's name has the meaning "twin" and is a variant of Thomas (Aramaic), biblical: one of the 12 apostles known as "doubting Thomas" as he has an unusual mixture of pessimism and zealous faith.
Nickname: None
Age: Eighteen years old
Where were they born: St. Joseph Hospital
Where do they live: Los Angeles, California
Gender: Female
House: House Two

Face Claim: Unknown Female
Scarlett is an eighteen-year-old girl. She has beautiful, natural blonde hair. The ends curl lightly if left unbrushed for too long, making the tips reach just above below her breasts. She has large, gray-blue, doe eyes framed with long, thick lashes. They make her look much more innocent then she actually is. Scarlett is a average-height girl, standing at only five feet, five inches and weighing only about 110 pounds. She looks rather fragile, but that is far from the truth. She is a person who is naturally beautiful. She doesn't wear make up often, but she applies on the occasional mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and/or lip gloss. Scarlett is a beautiful girl with or without make up.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Relationship History: Scarlett isn't really big on relationships. She's had a few "boyfriends" every now and then, but it's not really serious.

- Drawing
- Music
- Dancing
- Her family
- Her illness
- People that fish for compliments
- People who think they understand when they really don't
- People who pity her after they find out about her illness
- Drawing
- Dancing
- Reading
- Cooking/Baking
- Drawing
- Dancing
- Excellent in academics
- Cooking/Baking

History: Vladimir, A.K.A. Vlad, Thompson and Ellie Moore first met each other when they were twenty years old. Vlad was born into a wealthy family. He was a full-time student, aiming to inherit his father's entertainment business. He was the son of Jacob Thompson, the president of one of the most successful entertainment industries. Ellie Moore was a part-time student. While attending college, she was also a model. Her agency helped pay for her college tuition while she modeled. Ellie was a rising star in the entertainment business. Vlad and Ellie met on a day like any other ordinary one. Slowly becoming a promising model, Ellie had switched agencies. Apparently, the agency that she was signing to belonged to the Thompson family. It definitely wasn't love at first sight, but they were destined for each other. They soon became friends and developed mutual feelings for each other. After three years of dating, they got married. Scarlett was born a year after their marriage and her younger sister Kennedy was born a year after that.

Scarlett was a small, normal baby. Her parents loved her very much. They had a beautiful daughter who they loved with all their heart. Unfortunately, he parents couldn't spend time with Scarlett as much because of their busy schedule. Therefore they hired a nanny to take care of Scarlett. Her childhood was centered around her illness, a rare type of leukemia called myelodysplastic syndrome. At the age of nine, she had been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome and had gotten a stem cell treatment, which seemed to have done the trick. The doctor had said she'd gone through a "wellness" period, which meant that she seemed healthy, but in fact was still sick. Scarlett had begged and pleaded with the doctor to not inform her family with such devastating news. She would be the one to tell them instead...when she's ready. Reluctantly, the doctor agreed and this had been their secret ever since.

School had never been an easy thing for Scarlett. Academically, it was pretty easy. All you had to do was pay attention to the lesson and study. The only con was the friend-making part. Scarlett used to be a pretty shy child back then. However, she had common sense and knew the difference between right and wrong. Of course, she wasn't stupid. She passed all her classes with A pluses, but she was a bit of a loner at school. However, her younger sister Kennedy was the complete opposite of her. Everyone loved Kennedy. Kennedy was pretty and popular, but academically, she was a mediocre student. It seemed like Kennedy had everything she wanted. But like Scarlett, she hadn't received much of their parents' love. This was, perhaps, the only thing they had in common. Whereas Scarlett was aloof and mysterious, Kennedy was bubbly and positive. But Scarlett loved her younger sister and took care of her in their parents' place.

Scarlett has entered college and she's been doing great. She doesn't have many friends. Well, she doesn't have any friends at all. It's been a long time since she remembered having any friends. Soon it's summer break and Scarlett is at home alone. Her parents are away--as usual--and her younger sister Kennedy is at cheerleading camp. One day, she receives a mail addressed to her. A reality TV show wants her to be a contestant living in one of the houses in Miami and live the Miami Summer Paradise. Scarlett, bored out of her mind, decides to go and here she is in Miami, Florida.
Personality: Scarlett is a bitch. She's an incisive person, who doesn't care what people think about her. She's not a dumb blonde and makes sure that everyone knows it. Because of her hair color, she doesn't have many opportunities. This stereotype has kept her from her successful future. Scarlett is an intellectual genius, as well as witty and clever. Her grades in school are absolutely fantabulous. She receives A pluses and A pluses only. The blonde is a stubborn person and fights for what she believes in. Scarlett is often opinionated, but she's willing to listen to others' ideas.

Scarlett can be a pretty emotionless person, but that's not entirely true. Under this facade, she is a delicate and fragile girl. She pretends to be strong, but she will break as easily as a flower. Scarlett hates showing her vulnerable side to people. No one has ever seen her cry. She tries not to embroil herself in drama. She uses sarcasm to control her short-temper and usually just walks away from the situation.

Scarlett has a hard time trusting people. She is able to make friends, but she has never had any true friends who she can trust with her whole heart. Scarlett tries to keep her distance from people. She's built walls around her heart, chained it, and locked it. She has guarded her heart so that she doesn't get hurt. No one knows Scarlett. Not her friends nor her family. Scarlett is a pretty secretive person. She knows how to keep secrets and she's good at keeping her own secrets. She's an experienced liar. Scarlett has learned to lie and mask her emotions to fit her needs.

Behind the bitchiness, Scarlett is a person who is loyal to her family and friends. She's a generally blunt person who is straight to the point. She's a pretty aloof and mysterious person. Scarlett doesn't let people know much about her. She's a creative girl with lots of ideas. She likes helping people out and it satisfies her knowing that she did something good.
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Occupation: Full-Time Student
Other: Scarlett has avoided going to the doctor ever since she was miraculously "cured".

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▐░ ✧- Full Name: Dominika Mae Darling
▐░ ✧- Preferred: Domi or Dominika
▐░ ✧- Other Titles: Dominika Mae, Miss. Darling
▐░ ✧- Age: Twenty Years [20]
▐░ ✧- Birth Date: July 4th [4th of July]
▐░ ✧- Birth Place: San Diego, California
▐░ ✧- Zodiac: Cancer [♋]


▐░ ✧- Personality:
Domi kind of has a mixed personality. When you first look at her, she may seem innocent and sweet to you. But that's not the case. She's the kid that your parents warned you about, to not hang around. All she is is trouble, it's like her middle name. Growing up, whenever she went she was causing trouble. And all she was doing is having fun. It almost seemed like she had no problems in life. She does, but she tries not to care much for them. Born with a fierce attitude, as well as a smart mouth. She's very hot headed and short tempered, not the girl you want to mess with. She is a total dare devil, one of the bravest girls you can meet. Most of Domi is tomboy, there isn't much girly-girl in her.

Although, Domi is very sensitive and emotionally broken. She always tries her best to hide, but she'll always be broken. She doesn't think there's time for others to care about her, so she hides her tears with smiles. Sarcasm is like Domi's second fluent language, she can't help herself. It isn't very often that you find Domi quiet. She's always pretty loud and energetic. Once you get to know her, Domi is bubbly and fun to be around. When she's not getting into trouble, she's being her humorous-self.

▐░ ✧- Background History:
Dominika Mae was born and raised in San Diego, California. Domi didn't grow up in the greatest conditions. According to her, she never had real parents. She had found out that she was just an accident to her parents. Her parents were drug addicts and alcoholics. They never paid attention to her, so she had constantly locked herself up as she got older. She learned everything by herself. At the age of fifteen, her mother had died after getting in drunk driver accident. And her father blamed it on her. she had come home one day, to just be welcomed with a bat. She was abused, beaten to the point where she thought she was going to die. But before that happened, police were called and she was carried away to the hospital, and her dad was arrested.

After being treated for her injuries, and after a few days in the hospital, Domi was sent home with her loving aunt and uncle. Since then, she was raised in a comforting home. Domi had always thought of her aunt and uncle as her mom and dad. Although, the scars of her childhood will always haunt her.

▐░ ✧- Likes:
✔ skateboards
✔ the beach
✔ horses
✔ coffee
✔ energy drinks
✔ cameras
✔ bonfires
✔ music
✔ filming
✔ nighttime
✔ movies [mostly horror]
✔ singing
✔ video games
✔ guitar

▐░ ✧- Dislikes:
✘ rain
✘ annoying kids
✘ any kind of tea
✘ most chocolates
✘ roller coasters
✘ elevators
✘ spiders
✘ thunder+lightning
✘ the heat
✘ hospitals
✘ doctors & dentists
✘ needles
✘ blood
✘ planes

▐░ ✧- Hobbies:
- Horseback-riding
- Writing
- Singing
- Guitar
- Dog Agility
- Photography
- Skateboarding

▐░ ✧- Skills:
- Equestrian
- Singing
- Guitar
- Make-up
- Baking
- Dancing
- Photography


▐░ ✧- Appearance:
(view spoiler)
face claim: Dominika Baczek
✧- Hair Color: Bleach Blonde [dyes it a lot]
✧- Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
✧- Body Type: Small, somewhat Skinny
✧- Piercings: ear lobes, both nostrils, septum, & belly button


▐░ ✧- Relationship Status: Single
▐░ ✧- Crush[s]: None
▐░ ✧- Sexuality: Straight

▐░ ✧- Occupation:
In San Diego:
- Horse & Rider trainer
- Equestrian
- Lead vocals of her band: Delirious Dreams
In Miami:

▐░ ✧- House: House 4
▐░ ✧- Ethnicity: White

▐░ ✧- Family:
- Serena Darling - Mother - Deceased
- Micheal Darling - Father - In Jail
- Cindy Miles - Aunt - Alive
- Craig Miles - Uncle - Alive

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[ First Name ] Terae
[ Middle Name ] Mia
[ Last Name ] Lastya
[ Nickname(s) ] Rae -- pretty much everyone calls her this. She doesn't really mind, though.

[ Age ] 24
[ Birthday ] January Third
[ Place of Birth ] Somewhere in Romania
[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexual Orientation ] Demisexual
[ Relationship Status ] Single -- just recently so.

[ House ] Three
[ Current Town of Residence ] New York, New York
[ Appearance ]
[ Face Claim ] Madelina Ghenea

[ Eye Color ] Coal Brown -- plain, simple, just like she likes. Though, sometimes people say that it looks black in the light.
[ Hair Color ] Chocolate Brown -- it's usually in a wave of luscious curls, but there are times when she braids it, or straightens it. She has a habit of biting on the ends of her hair when she's thinking or nervous, though.
[ Body Type ] Curvy -- exceptionally so.
[ Height ] 5'11" -- she used to be called the Mini-Giantess in high school, but she's really not that tall in her opinion.
[ Vocal Attributes ] Contralto -- she speaks with a heavy accent, and a lot of what she says tends to sound like a question. It could be because she still has trouble understanding the language.
[ Distinguishing Mark(s) ] Well, the thing that most people notice about her are her curves. She's usually highly offended, unless they use slang that she has no chance of understanding.

[ Personality ]
Rae is the type of person that most would refer to as ditzy. She's by no means stupid, just a little clumsy and spacey. She likes to live in her own separate world, away from the troubles she's had to face. Just because she's pretty doesn't mean she won't have problems, too. She's had to deal with people that have betrayed her, and she isn't a fan of letting that happen again. So, she really just allows for people to think that she's a bumbling idiot. It doesn't mean that she actually is.

People tend to think that she's incredibly outgoing, just because she happens to look pretty. In fact, she prefers to be alone. Solitude is good way to protect yourself and think, so she prefers that. Silence is something that she can handle very well. Chatter? Not so much. She can't really come up with things to say to people, not unless they have something to say to her. She's not good with starting a conversation, but she can certainly carry one on. It's odd, but just how she happens to work.

There is also a side of her that isn't particularly safe. She has a tendency to get pretty jealous easily, but is only really pushed to a dangerous point if the person is exceedingly close to her. Then, it is likely that she will resort to threats and violence. It's a part of her not many would see often, but it's still there, just lurking in the depths of being.
[ Strengths ]
◕ Pretending -- everyone seems to think that's just some ditzy bimbo, and it works out just fine for her. Not every timid look is real.
◕ Carrying on conversation -- carrying on is a lot different from starting, but she's pretty good at it.
◕ Intelligence -- she's a lot smarter than she looks
◕ Observant -- there isn't much that gets past her sight. While she might seem like she doesn't notice, she just prefers to keep these things to herself.
◕ Resourceful -- Rae is pretty resourceful, and has a way of making the best of her situation.
[ Weaknesses ]
◔ Envy -- she thinks that most people have it easy compared to her. She's had to deal with quite a lot.
◔ Insecure -- her appearance has caused her to have quite a few insecurities, like if people are actually looking at her face of not. Or if they're even talking to her because they genuinely wanted to, and not because they just want to hit on her.
◔ Distrusting -- Rae happens to hold things against people before she even really talks to them. This lack of trust isolates herself from other people.
◔ Isolation -- her preference for solitude is nice, but she tends to find ways to isolate herself from others. It's not an incredibly healthy habit, which she feels is time to change.
◔ Anger -- they say that people tend to show their true colors when they get angry, and that's certainly true for Rae. It's best not to get her angry.
[ Likes ]
◕ Solitude -- she has time to think to herself.
◕ Classical Music -- it's good to listen to if you want to concentrate.
◕ Scented Candles -- she loves them. They make her feel relaxed.
◕ Chamomile Tea -- it helps sleep and relaxation, so of course she'd drink it.
◕ Reading -- it's calm, relaxing, fun.
[ Dislikes ]
◔ Physical Activities -- she's not really built for physical activities.
◔ Soda -- she doesn't really like the way it fizzes
◔ Candy -- it's far too sweet. Cakes are better, with a more controlled center of sweetness.
◔ Reality TV -- ironic
◔ Her Parents -- they did horrible things, things she still can't forgive.

[ History ]
Terae was born into a house of poverty, her family struggling to make it by. Her parents hadn't quite expected to have her, but supposed she'd be useful as she grew older. They kept her from a formal education, claiming that all she really needed to was to learn how to be an excellent wife. She, being only a child, simply obeyed and did as they told her. It was only in later years that she would begin little acts of rebellion.

At the age of ten, she began to sneak out to play with the other kids of the city walking miles to get to them. She was scolded every time she came back, but she persisted in going. Her parents relented when they realized they were wasting energy raising their hand to her. They also realized that she was becoming a frightfully pretty young girl. They held no concern for her well-being, but more so concern for what they could do with that beauty.

When she turned sixteen, they packed their bags and moved to the closest city. The farm had already begun to die, but they figured they'd get their break with her in tow. They signed her up for one of those mail order bride sites, and when she turned eighteen, she was shipped off to the States. Her husband was only older than her by a year, which honestly surprised her. She didn't think that her parents would've accepted someone so young.

Her relationship with her husband took terrible turns only six years later. He'd become extremely abusive, and his infidelity was nothing close to a surprise anymore. In the heat of a moment of protecting herself, she killed him. It was written off by the courts as self defense, but there'd been a bit of wavering when they saw just how many times she'd taken the knife to his chest.

She moved to New York, until recently she thought of breaking out of her comfort zone.
[ Family ]
⊳ Obadiah Velize -- father
⊳ Jenai Velize -- mother
⊳ Salvatore Lastya -- husband -- deceased
[ Other ] She's a licensed gun holder. Just, remember that before you try anything.

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Akiko Barreras | 27 comments First Name: Tyelar
Last Name: Kavanaugh
Nickname: Ty or Tye (Same pronunciation)
Age: 21
Where were they born: Barcelona, Spain
Where do they live: Miami, Florida
Gender: Female
House: House 3

Face Claim: Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Eye color: Ocean green, with brown almost orange color around the pupil
Hair: Dark brown, not straight or curly, but in the middle
Body Type: Petite
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Relationship History: Tyelar has only had one serious relationship in her life. It started in junior year of highschool. The two of them broke up when he enlisted in the navy. The rest of her relationships have never lasted more than a couple of months.

- Her car
- The color orange
- Animals
- Cafes
- Learning new languages
- Reading
- Cuddling with a good movie on
- The color purple
- Jewelry
- Guys who cheat
- Writing
- People who don't listen
- Gymnastics
- Though she likes running on beaches, she is very lazy about it
- Collecting ticket stubs
- Reading

- Learning things quickly
- Researching anything on the internet, she is like lightning
- Playing the guitar
- Acting

History: Tyelar is from Barcelona, Spain. At the age of three, her mother died in a car accident. She doesn't remember much of her mom, but what she does remember are all fond memories. For 8 years, it was just her and her dad. When Tyelar was eleven, her father remarried and whisked them away to Miami, Florida to live where her stepmother was from. She likes her stepmother enough, though she has her moments as a bitch, to tolerate her.
After highschool, Tyelar didn't feel like college was the right fit for her. So instead, she decided to pursue the career of an actress. She had no luck though until a reality TV show approached her. At first, her answer was no. But then she got to thinkning. 'What did she have to lose?'

Personality: Tyelar can be very stubborn at times, but she was generally well-liked by people throughout her life. She never got into fights at school and never initiated any. That doesn't mean, of course, that she never had a frenemy. If you're annoying, she will try to be nice but will eventually just avoid you. If you're mean right off of the bat, then you can guarantee Tyelar won't like you. Especially if you're mean to her or one of her friends.
When you first meet Ty, she'll be polite and look like a civilized person. But the more you hang out with her and the more you get to know her, her quirkiness and crazy will start coming. She'll make more jokes and she'll laugh more. Not to mention that her laugh is loud and obnoxious, something that she hated if people made fun of her for it.

Ethnicity: Franco- Spanish (Part French-American and part Spanish)
Occupation: Animal Caretaker at Animal Sanctuary

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First Name: Quinn
Last Name:
Age: 20
Where were they born: Newcastle, England
Where do they live: Miami
Gender: Feminine
House: 3

Face Claim: Barbra Palvin

Eye color:
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Relationship status: Single
Relationship History: None

Likes(can add more):
- Cats
- Shopping
- Cake
- Her Accent
Dislikes(can add more):
- Newcastle
- Clingy People
- A lot of drama
- School
Hobbies(can add more):
- Shopping
- Eating
- Sleeping
- Cuddling with cat

Skills(can add more):
- Fast learner
- Very crafty
- Positive

History(5 sentences):
Personality(3 sentences):

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Lord Warlock (strikelightning) | 4 comments

First Name: Bonnie
Last Name: Fallon
Nickname: Bonny Heather
Age: 21
Where were they born: Surrey, England
Where do they live: Miami
Gender: Female
House: Don't mind

Face Claim: Doutzen Kroes

Eye color: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Body Type: Tall and slender
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Relationship History: Had 3 boyfriends and, behind her parents' backs, a secret girlfriend.

- Music, Singing, Dancing
- Dogs
- Painting
- Rain and snow
- Japanese food
- Tea
- Writing
- Cameras
- Shakespeare

- Coffee
- Mexican food
- Being underestimated
- The dimwitted

- Walking
- Singing
- Playing the piano
- Musical theatre
- Modelling
- Swimming

- Modelling
- Piano
- Harp
- Singing
- Dancing
- Acting
- Swimming

History: Bonnie was raised in Surrey despite her parents originating from Scotland, and lived an incredibly luxurious childhood. Her parents thought she would marry her childhood sweetheart, Michael, but it was not to be. Living with such an affluent family, she had many restrictions and was condemned to live an almost policed existence. When she was 18 however, she met Elia - a 16 year old daughter of an MP. Elia fell in love with Bonnie who in turn returned her love. When their parents found out, they were banished, and lived together for a while. When Bonnie was scouted for modelling, she was referred to Miami, and Elia didn't wish to follow, thus ending their relationship. Since that, Bonnie dated a man called Evander, and is currently still getting over him. She works as a Victoria's Secret model, and is a fan of having her photo taken. She also auditions a lot for stage productions, particularly Shakespearean plays, and her favourite parts have included Desdemona (Othello), Juliet (Romeo and Juliet), and Lady Macbeth (Macbeth).

"I am not what I am."

Personality: Bonnie is very sweet, and almost maternal in her treatment of others. She has a very angelic demeanor usually, but is quite feisty in reality. She loved music and likes other people's company despite being seemingly happiest in solitude. Her best friend is her dog, Argus, whom she adores. She like children, and is happiest when surrounded by one of two things - cameras or children's laughter. She hopes to one day marry a beautiful man and have beautiful children. Despite having a heart of gold, beauty is of vital importance to her.

Ethnicity: Caucasian, white-British
Occupation: Model, stage actress

♔ρяιn¢єѕѕ mιℓa♔  | 2 comments ❝[Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see]❞

Full Name: Kota Genesis Petrova

First name: Kota
Middle name(s): Genesis
Surname: McKnight

Age: 17
Date of birth: February 28,1998
Race: Mixed
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship status: Single
Age:(Above the age of 18) 18
Where were they born: Bulgaria
Where do they live: LA
House: 3

{Physical Appearance}

Height: 4’9
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye colour:
Blue with Puprle Specks

Skin colour:
Light and Fair Skin

Hair colour: Ombre Hair
⤿Hair style:

{Distinguishing Marks}

➛ Wrist Tattoo

➛Bow Earrings

Typical clothing:

{Written Description}:
Kota has a petite body and she is neither too slim or too fat. She is about 4’9 or 5 ft but she usually wears heels making her a bit taller. She has fair and lightly tanned skin because she is mixed with Caucasian/Bulgarian and African American. She has a medium bust and a small bum with her long ombre hair that ends below it. She has a heat-shaped face and pretty eyes that look like the galaxy.

She has the innocent appearance but when ready to get angry she is able to surprise anyone in her response. She always puts other before herself no matter the person. She usually tries to stay inside and keep to herself when she can. She does have a soft spot for pets and any animal. She even likes to sing or dance on the side of the street for money.

✓ Songwriting
✓ Giving Advice
✓ Beaches
✓ Family
✓ Any Type of Music

✗ Flirting
✗ Rude Guys
✗ Fighting
✗ Water
✗ Pranks (if it doesn’t involve her)


Birth country: Bulgaria
Hometown: Srebarna

When Kota was born she was blind but it was temporary until the age of 14. She also is deaf in her right ear slightly but took special classes to help gain it back. She was born in the small village called Srebarna before moving to America when she was 7. Kota was always labeled the special child in her school. She would always hear the name calling……. “The Blind Girl” or “Helen Keller”> She has heard it all even when she transferred they always called her names. She took a special surgery for eyes and it changed her eye color but it made her strangely popular in middle school. At the age of 14 she was reunited with her sight but her eyes are sensitive to bright lights. When she felt sad or angry because of the names she would use music as an outlet.

Kota wasn’t the type of girl to let popularity get to her head. When she regained her sight everyone thought she was the coolest. She decided to keep to herself and never let anyone in her life. Her brother, Nathaniel, was always the popular kid but he always helped her when she needed it. She likes to be independent but since she is ‘special’ her parents would barely let her do anything. A year later after her surgery her parents decided to give her more freedom.

She didn’t want friends like her brother but that didn’t bother her at all. She though having her family was all she needed. She convinced her parents to let her have her own music studio. She taught herself how to play any instrument as well as her singing ability. When she took the drug without realizing it then her musical ability increased.


Meridith Petrova

Felix Petrova

Nathaniel Petrova

She is able to speak English,French, and Bulgarian

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First Name: Ashley
Last Name Rivera
Nickname: Ash
Age: 21
Where were they born: Dortmound Germany
Where do they live: Miami, Florida
Gender: Female
House: 2

Face Claim: Kim Kardashian
Appearance(pictures no links):

(view spoiler)

Eye color: Hazel Brown
Hair: Dark brown with blond streaks
Body Type: Hourglass
Sexuality: Hetrosexual
Relationship status: Single
Relationship History: None

Likes(can add more):
Dislikes(can add more):
Hobbies(can add more):

Skills(can add more):

History(5 sentences):
Personality(3 sentences):

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Maddison | 2 comments
“Thomas Edison's last words were 'It's very beautiful over there'. I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful.”
― John Green, Looking for Alaska

First Name: Sabina
Last Name: Patterson
Nickname: Sabbie
Where were they born: Paris , France
Where do they live: Brisbane, Australia
Gender: Female
House: 2

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
― Gloria Steinem

Face Claim: Debby Ryan
Appearance(pictures no links):

“Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
― A.A. Milne

Eye color: Blue
Hair: Auburn
Body Type: Apple?
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single
Relationship History: A few guys most have turned out to gay however and one girl.

Likes(can add more):
- Rain
- Kids
- French
- Ichats
Dislikes(can add more):
- Glasses
- Shots
- People who party a lot
- Dresses
Hobbies(can add more):
- Texting
- Eating
- Reading
- Playing with kids

Skills(can add more):
- Intellgence
- Deduction
- Observation

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”
― Arthur Schopenhauer

History(5 sentences): Sabina Jane Patterson was born 12th October 1995. Her school life was excellent. Teachers loved her , students loved her and she made honor roll every year she was in school. However in her home things were not as grand. Her father was verbally abusive for many years until her mother got diagnosed with lung cancer when she was 14. The family got closer but only just a little bit . Age 16 she and her little sister (10 at the time) went to Brisbane to avoid her dad and his recent gambling addiction he took up when her mum died.
Personality(3 sentences):
Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Well-developed value system, which they strive to live in accordance with. Extremely loyal. Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Usually talented writers. Mentally quick, and able to see possibilities. Interested in understanding and helping people.
Ethnicity: French and American
Occupation: Kindergarten teacher

“No, this is not the beginning of a new chapter in my life; this is the beginning of a new book! That first book is already closed, ended, and tossed into the seas; this new book is newly opened, has just begun! Look, it is the first page! And it is a beautiful one!”
― C. JoyBell C.

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