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Alissa (alissamerritt) | 140 comments So, with the movie coming out later this year, I thought I would create a thread to discuss. I've read the first one multiple times, and am reading the second one right now (The Trench). Just curious about everyone's thoughts. I know it's not typically horror and it's campy, but I really enjoy these novels

Erin (ems84) | 7258 comments I enjoyed Meg but couldn't get into The Trench. I didn't know a movie was being released, this year, but I would definitely check it out.

Luvtoread | 1874 comments I really enjoyed Meg! Haven't read the sequels yet. I didn't know about the movie so, Thank You!!

Alan | 5104 comments Mod
I've read the whole series. They're progressively more and more ridiculous, but they're addictive and fun as hell.

Luvtoread | 1874 comments Thanks Alan, great to know!!

Alan | 5104 comments Mod
Once you've read at least some of the books, you may want to check out Alten's Vostok, in which he links up (sort of) the Meg series with The Loch, another ridiculous but fun story.

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Ami | 204 comments I loved Meg. The Trench was pretty good. After that, there is too much of Dani and David (main character's kids) and it get's pretty annoying. >.< I am not a fan of stupid teens acting stupid and they really grated on my nerves. Nightstalkers is my least favorite so far. Too much David being stupid, not enough megs. I do like how other sea creatures have been introduced though. But then again, I am a sucker for 1.) dinosaurs / prehistoric animals and 2.) sea creatures, so....

The 6th book, Meg: Generations is coming out in May. It MIGHT be the last in the series.... Steve has kept it vague. Sometimes he says it is, sometimes he says maybe, so we will see. BUT.... the author is not selling it anywhere except on his website, and for only a limited time. He said he will never sell the hardback of it anywhere else and that maybe in a couple of years he might put out the paperback on amazon or in barnes and noble. Of course, I'm sure you will be able to find it on ebay, but the price might end up being higher then $25, especially after the movie comes out. You have till April 22 to buy it from the author though. http://www.stevealten.com/

You can check out pics from the movie https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4779682/...

Luvtoread | 1874 comments Thanks again Alan, Vostok looks good! What about The Loch? Have you read that one and should you read it before Vostok?

Alan | 5104 comments Mod
The Loch was good, and I would recommend reading it first, although it's not absolutely necessary. You'll get a better feel for some characters if you do, though.

Luvtoread | 1874 comments Thank you! :)

message 11: by Alan (new) - rated it 4 stars

Alan | 5104 comments Mod
Happy reading!

Alissa (alissamerritt) | 140 comments Bummer, but I'm reading The Trench right now and I'm not impressed. The Meg will always be epic though!

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