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Bar were Jesse works

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Jesse was on shift flirting with some girl although he was gay to get some tips. She had ordered 2 margaritas and was a already very tipsy. He was being a gentlemen of course "Hope your enjoying your drink ma'm but I have other customers to attend" he smiled and walked away

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Morgan Entering the bar, Garrett made his way over towards the counter. After returning to an empty house full of people he didn't know he figured this place couldn't be that bad. And he was pretty sure they also had food, which was good 'cause he was starving. Shoving his hands in his pockets he took a seat on one of the high chairs asking the nearest available person if they served food here.

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Jesse saw Garret walking in and smiled, happy that he had actually showed up. He walked over to him and he was asking one of his co workers if they served food here. "I got this" he said and his co worker nodded and walked away. Jesse looked over at Garret and smirked "look who decided to show up"

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Morgan He watched silently as Jesse came over before saying anything. "Why'd you take over. He was much cuter." Garrett said in a teasing tone, even though it was quite clear that was far from the truth. "And it really wasn't much of a choice, a man's gotta eat, and i can't cook for sh*t." He admitted, leaning against the counter. "And, besides, who can pass up a free drink?"

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He rolled his eyes knowing that it was not true at all. "Wow you want to eat something from here, brave" he chuckled "what's to say I wont spit in your food" Jesse smirked at Garret. Then he sighed at the mention of the free drink "I offered you a free drink, didn't I"

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Morgan "Why is the food that bad?" He asked with a groan. It was only his first night eating anything that didn't come from a box, or that was microwavable. "And that's okay, 'cause as far as i recall we already swapped some of that around." Garrett rose an eyebrow at the sigh. "Yes you did, and you can't go back on your promise." He told him, simply, with a grin.

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"No the food is not bad, just that like I said I might just spit on it. But as you already made clear, you like my spit" he smiled a fake smile and handed him the menu "What would you like sir". At the mention of the drink again, he rose his index finger up to Garret "I hate you" he said plain and clearly although he didn't really mean it.

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Morgan "Alright then." He said laughing softly, not returning the smile that he knew was all too fake. It was obvious Jesse still wasn't all that happy about earlier, but he'd do his best to ignore it. When the kid flipped him the bird, he resisted the urge to do the same. "Love you too." He said, his tone teasing. "So, menu?" He asked, getting back to the point.

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"Confessing your love for me so soon" Jesse looked at his watch "and it's not even 10:00" he chuckled a little "this night just might be getting better. He pointed to the bar in front of Garrett "It's right in front of you, I placed it there like a minute ago and told you what you would like sire"

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Morgan "Yes, i feel it's better to just get all feelings out there early in the relationship so there's no questions." He told him with obvious sarcasm. "And it just might, at least for me." He said looking behind him. It was pretty dead in here, besides some tipsy girls and some sober guys trying to take advantage of that fact. Or not, he thought to himself. He was much better off at the club. "Oh." He said in surprise looking down at the menu before absentmindedly flipping through the pages.

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Jesse leaned over the bar, his elbows on it and his face resting on his left hand. With his right hand he pointed from Garret to himself back and forth "So this is a relationship now" he smiled and winked. "What would you like to order?" he asked still in the same position "Me? With a side of me?" he got even closer to Garret now.

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Morgan Garrett watched his finger flicker back and forth and laughed ever so slightly in his amusement. "Yup, it's been officially declared." He told him with a nod of his head. For a moment his eyes fell towards Jesse's lips when he found him moving closer. "Mmm, as good as that sounds I think I'll go with the classic burger. Better to be on the safe side." He told him before meeting his eyes, impulsively reaching forward and drawing his finger along Jesse's bottom lip. "That will be all."

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Every muscle in Jesse's body tensed when Garret ran his finger along his bottom lip. He pulled back and relaxed. "Ill put the order in and make you that drink" he said a bit seriously still trying to relax. But soon after he was already relaxed "Oh and by the way, I'm not kissing you after you eat that burger. So if you want to kiss me now would be the moment"

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Morgan He noticed the way he tensed as he sat back in his seat, looking down at his phone for a moment. "Thanks." He murmured distractedly before registering what he said. "Well that's not very nice." Garrett said, looking back up at him as he pulled a fake pout. "Are you going to make me find someone else for the next hour?"

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It was Monday and the bar was completely dead and all the other people here were no where near as attractive as Jesse was. "Good luck that" he laughed and went over to make his drink. Moments later he placed the drink in front of Garret "Here, your first and last free drink. So enjoy it" he blew him a small kiss and went to check on the food.

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Morgan Inwardly he groaned, already having realized there really wasn't anyone of interest here. "Thanks sweetheart." He muttered under his breath, looking down at the drink. Shifting it around he eyed the glass before rolling around in his seat so that he was facing the rest of the bar. Garrett wasn't much of a drinker, and he'd truly be surprised if he even managed to finish the whole glass.

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The food wasn't finished yet and it would take another 5 minutes. Jesse walked back over to the bar to tell Garret but since he was facing away he decided to go around the bar and see him without a counter in between them "Hey" he said to a seriously distracted Garret "Your foods going to take 5 more minutes"

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Morgan "Kay, thanks." He said in a slightly dismissive tone before correcting himself. Leaning forwards in his seat he managed to wrap his arm around his waist, only to pull him closer. Gently he brushed his lips against Jesse's, playfully biting at his bottom lip. "Mind as well get a kiss before you deny me one." He whispered softly with a slight grin.

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"Might as well" he whispered and sat down on Garrets lap and wrapped his arms around his shoulders. There foreheads were places together and they were just looking into each others eyes as their lips were only inches apart from each other, aching to just be together and intertwine tongues and feel each other in every which way.

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Morgan Garrett looked back at him, smiling slightly at the warm cozy feeling that settled over him by having Jesse so close. His arms wrapped loosely around his waist as he teasingly ran his lips against Jesse's before pulling him closer. Gently placing his lips against his he smoothly ran his tongue along his lips, asking for entrance.

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Jesse placed his hand on the back of Garrets neck and pulled him even closer than before. Possibly as close as possible. He opened his mouth allowing Garrets tongue to enter and when there tongues met it was an instant sexual war for power. It was hungry and fierce, which was extremely hot. Jesse ran his hands down Garrets back and then up his shirt wanting ever so badly to remove it and feel his skin against his own.

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Morgan Relaxing back into his chair he fell into the kiss easily. It was purely sexual, and nothing more, which was exactly his type of thing. A small shiver went through him when he felt Jesse's hands on his toned stomach. His own hand tugged gently at his hair, as his other hooked into the front of his jeans. A soft growl rumbled up through his chest as he began to dominate the kiss.

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Forgetting where they were Jesse completely removed Garrets shirt and ran his hands through his chest and back. At this point the kiss was becoming even more fiery. Electricity was coursing through his entire body and to Garrets making them was to be together as if they were some sort of magnets that just couldn't help but collide.

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Morgan He didn't even pause to think when Jesse removed his shirt. Garrett explored Jesse's mouth in a slightly rough manner. Already he'd managed to slide his shirt up to his shoulders when he took a moment to realize their situation. Breaking away from the kiss he cleared his throat. "There are still people in this bar." He murmured softly, reaching for his shirt behind his head.

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Jesse nodded and stood up fixing his shirt and hair. There was something weird between him and he really couldn't place his finger on it. "I'm going to go check on your order" he walked away slowly trying to process it all in his head. He picked Garret's order that was already there waiting but was still warm and took it over to him "Here" he said and placed the plate in front of him.

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