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Here ya go.

The Writing Thief | 51 comments Character #1

Name: Airele Wiggins

Nickname: Airhead, Little Mermaid

Sexuality: Demisexual

Personality: Airele is super ambitious. She wants to do everything, be skilled at everything. She's a quick learner. She wants to be both athletic and smart, both kind and cunning. She challenges herself with everything. She makes goal after goal. She wants to be more than just another person. She wants to change the world into something beautiful and amazing instead of just the destruction it seems to be. She has never skipped a class because of her eagerness to learn. She studies but she doesn't trap herself in a library or use a whole day to study as some of her other Ravenclaw peers do. She doesn't like spending a day doing one thing. It makes her feel like she's just sitting there and it makes her feel like she's doing nothing, both of which she hates. She likes doing more than one thing and she likes moving. She cannot sit still and when it becomes a problem in class she'll usually tap her fingers on her leg as a way to stop herself from being disruptive. She likes being prepared for things and tries to think of every outcome for a single situation, even though she knows that there's not always a way to know them all. She's taught herself combat skills with tools other than a wand and in situations where she won't have a tool. She's also taught herself martial arts. She watched Quidditch for her first two years at Hogwarts and after falling in love with the sport she decided that she would try out for the team in the upcoming year. She practiced a lot and ended up making the team, which after four years she's still on. She exercises daily, no matter the weather. She wakes up really early to do it, so she'll have time to get ready for her classes. She can appear to be stuck up to anyone who doesn't know her well because of the way she keeps her distance with people. To others it looks like she sees herself above everyone else. Honestly though, she's just anxious around others. She's very creative with everything she does. She'll always find different motivational things from around her, whether it's what a person has said or a plant in a teacher's desk. She's very unique. She's always looking for different ways to do things and she likes being her own person. She isn't very confident but over the years she's learned how to appear like she is. She's incredibly smart, both with classes and with common sense. She'll offer advice to people but only if they ask for it and sometimes it'll come off as cold and as cruel. She doesn't try to say it to make them feel better. She just speaks what she feels is the truth. When she's angry, she can get really angry. It's one of the problems she has that they didn't take get the chance to diagnose as an issue. It's another reason she appears to be distant. She's afraid of being angry. She's sad a lot, even though she's good at hiding it. She could be laughing with some friends and still be sad. She can have passed a test and still hate herself. She can know exactly what she wants to do with her life and still feel lost. She feels like a contradiction trapped inside her own mind because she'd rather appear emotionless than allow others to know she has the capability of feeling things, too. Her emotions are always extreme and so she'd rather not to show them to anyone, except really close friends.

Gender: Female

Age: 11

History: When she was five years old her parents left her after being shot by some gang members and she was put into some foster home in a town far from there. When she was seven years old she was diagnosed with depression. When she was nine years old she was told that they'd been wrong and she had a bipolar disorder. When she was ten years old she was told that she also had an anxiety disorder. At eleven years old she was told she was a witch. She was confused. Another mental illness, she asked, wondering why they'd title it after witches. Then they showed her the Hogwarts letter and she became giddy. Oh, how she longed to be out of this place and around magic and things much better than she could ever hope to imagine. However, they weren't there to congratulate her in getting accepted into Hogwarts. They were there to punish her for writing such a letter after all the kindness they gave her. No food for three days, they said. Extra chores go to you for three days, they said. Big extra beating, they said. They beated her until every inch of her body was covered in welts and opened up and bleeding as they hit her over and over again. She did chores for three days without sleeping, her fingers growing callouses and her feet having blisters. This was only the first of many punishments. Nobody wanted her. When they saw her they read her list of problems, her list of mental illnesses, and they'd look at her with disgust. Or maybe she was imagining those looks, using them as an excuse, as reasons why she doesn't want them the way they never chose her.

In the hours that she was allowed to sleep she wrote Hogwarts letters, not knowing the address of the school but remembering it's name. She wrote them letter after letter, hoping they'd help get her out of there and into their school but they never responded. She began to think that they were right. That maybe she'd written the letter and pushed it out of her mind. She wasn't quite sure she believed that, but it was easier than allowing the disappointment of a magical school never responding to her, thinking that maybe they'd gotten the address wrong. Maybe someone who had a much better life and powers and a wand had the exact same name as her. Just maybe. She wrote one last letter to Hogwarts that took place two weeks before the listed day of the first day of school.

She hadn't realized that someone was watching her write, reading over her shoulder until she sat up and hit her head into the person's face and they gasped loudly. In fear of being caught, the person who she had accidently bumped her head into who was one of the other orphans, scurried back to their bed. Someone had heard them. It was only the other orphan girl that Airele shared a bunk with who looked at her with squinted eyes as she hadn't been wearing her glasses. "Go to sleep," the girl grumbled, "you're going to get us all in trouble." Airele didn't respond. She just turned off the small lamp and sat there for a few minutes before taking the letter and shoving it underneath her pillow.The next day the girl who'd been reading over her approached her and told her that she was also a witch but that her Hogwarts letter would be going to her actual house upon her uncles request. He'd be coming for her when it arrived and right now he was trying to achieve custody of her. He hadn't responded to one of her letters in awhile though. The girl, who Airele learned that her name was Maria, offered to send her letter when she sended another to her Uncle later that day. When Airele tried to refuse, Maria convinced her that it was important that she sent it because what she wrote was important. So Airele reluctantly agreed. A couple days later Maria's uncle responds to Maria, saying that he'd come for both her and Airele that weekend to get them ready for Hogwarts. Airele and Maria became best friends that week. They felt sorry for the other girls, but they couldn't do anything so they chose not to blame themselves. They held their freedom locked inside their hearts. They never spoke about it. Never did more than talk about chores and give half smiles. They had their own secret language. Never made by them creating it together, but made by their connection of thoughts. They were saying so much wth just chores and studies because both of them knew that they were so much more than all of that. That weekend, it came in a flash but not without the huge amount of anticipation the girls had. The day was going right. Everything was perfect. Nobody else knew about their freedom. About their escape. Then everything started going wrong. Maria's Uncle was late. Then they got caught from their hiding spot outside. Then as they were getting dragged inside and back into their rooms a car crashed into the building, into Maria. It was some drunk driver, Airele thought. But when she rushed to Maria's side, Maria corrected her thoughts. "He's having a vision. He's a Seer. That's my Uncle." She said, through heavy breaths. Her Uncle was there a moment later, out of whatever vision he saw. His eyes widen when he saw what he'd done, when he saw Maria. The one who found them, their caretaker, was in shock. She stared at the hole in the wall as if she was trying to see it, as if maybe she was just seeing things. Maria's uncle rushed out of his car and to Maria's side. The caretaker pushed him away but he was stronger and shoved her backwards, knocking the breath out of her. He picked up Maria and put her on the passenger side of the car and told her something that Airele didn't hear. He closed the car door and moved to the other side of the car and opened the door to the drivers seat. For a moment Airele panicked because she thought they were just going to leave her there, but then Maria's uncle looked at her and said, "You coming, Airhead?" And then Airele smiled and got in the backseats because that was the nickname Maria had been calling her all week. Maria's uncle dropped Airele off at their house before going to the hospital with Maria. He said that it'd be smarter in case they connected them to the foster home. He gave her instructions before he left. If they didn't return by morning, she was to head to Diagon Alley. And then he gave her the instructions of how to get there and wrote her down a list of all the things she'd need, copying it down from Maria's letter. They weren't there the next morning or more like the next afternoon because Airele woke up later. She followed Maria's Uncle's instructions and left. She got all the things she needed and then stayed at a nearby inn for the week like Maria's uncle had suggested. He said they'd meet her there if they didn't see each other at the house. Or that they'd try to if they could get away. They never came. He'd also instructed her on how to get to Hogwarts, just in case they didn't show up, and so when the day arrived that's exactly where she went. She never did see Maria at Hogwarts and always wondered where she was, but after leaving her hometown never wanted to go back. She was scared of that place.

Appearance: Her hair is the color of the sky. Reds and oranges and blues and violets and slight bits of pinks and greens, scattered throughout her hair. The original canvas was strawberry blonde. She usually wears it in a long braid in the back so that the colors tumble into each other. Her hair reaches to her knees. Her eyes are wide and hazel, which make most people doubt if her natural hair color is actually her natural hair color. She has fair skin and a long nose and an oval shaped head and thin lips. She doesn't wear much makeup, just a light amount, like only mascara, lipstick, and sometimes eyeshadow. When not wearing her uniform, which is actually most of the time as the uniforms make her feel uncomfortable, she wears something fashionable but not something that screams for attention. Most of the time her outfits consist of a dress, exotic leggings, tall boots, and a jacket with a different quote on the back each day that's usually blocked by her long hair.

Height: 4 ft 9 in

Year: 1st

House: Ravenclaw

Likes: The thrill of doing certain things, running, Quidditch, magical creatures, plants, exercising, books, art, music, writing, learning new things, wanting to change the world

Dislikes: The feeling of anger, being stared at, feeling anxious, thinking about her past, the way she over thinks everything, the distance she puts between herself and people

Race: Human

Blood relations: Muggleborn

Theme Song: She Used To Be Mine

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