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The gym to get your work out on

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Morgan Garrett groaned softly, massaging the back of his neck as he entered the gym with his key card. He was opening up the place, and it was completely silence, which set a sense of eeriness. Walking over towards the radio he quickly turned it on, before walking over towards the desk. Leaning against the edge he looked over the schedule for today. It didn't seem too troubling, it appeared he only had a few clients today.

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Jesse rubbed his eyes still a little groggy from waking up. He liked to wake up at the crack of dawn and come to the gym and workout before it got to crowded. Also that way he could workout early and not have to worry about it during the day. He walked into the gym and smiled at the guy he had never seen before at the gym "Hey" he said as he handed the guy his gym membership card alongside with a very dashing smile. "Are you knew here" he asked "because I've never seen you before"

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Morgan His gaze snapped up from the clipboard, landing on the guy in front of him. Inwardly he sighed. He'd hoped to have his own chance at the gym equipment, but now that didn't seem likely. Scanning the membership card he nodded his head. "Yeah, only here for the summer. Been working here for a few days," Garrett paused for a moment before continuing. "What about you?" He asked politely, handing the card back to him.

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Jesse nodded at the him "Oh". The guy handed him his membership card and as he grabbed it thier finger brushed a little. Jesse like the flirt he was just looked up and smiled a smile that was a little to seductive. "I'm a regular around here. I try to come every morning unless I work the night shift. I work at Charlie's bar, I don't know if you've heard of it" he smiled. "But If your ever there I'll make you my signature drink, on the house"

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Morgan Garrett bit his bottom lip for a fraction of a second, to keep himself from returning the smile. True, he was attracted to both genders, but he did his best not to flirt at work, which was often a problem. But when it came to being behind the counter he couldn't help himself, besides he was naturally a flirt. "Well hopefully I'll be seeing you around more often, you can even sign up for some of my personal training." Garrett said with a hint of a smirk, before trying to recall Charlie's bar. "Can't say I've heard of it, but I may have to check it out." He said with a shrug. He was more into the club scene, but the bar wasn't a bad place to meet people.

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Jesse couldn't help but laugh at the comment of personal training. He looked up at the guy and smiled after he finished laughing "Personal training,huh? That sounds..." he paused shortly "interesting" he finished and winked at him. Then continued walking but stopped and looked back "How about we start those personal training lessons now, the gym is empty anyways"

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Morgan Garrett raised an eyebrow as he laughed, refraining from saying anything. He was known for his short temper, and he really didn't want to start anything at work over something so silly. Shaking his head he watched to see him leave before returning his attention to his schedule. "Oh really?" He asked with a grin before slowly walking out from behind the counter and leaning against it. "Well I figure I'll need to know your name before it gets all personal."

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He walked back over to the counter and reached his hand out to the guy "Jesse Summer but you can call me Sunny if you like" he then smiled his smile that was as bright as sunshine. With his last name and his smile it is no doubt where he got that nickname from. He looked at the guy and bit his lip and then got the wildest idea and of course being himself he did it. He took off his shirt "so how about that 'personal' training"

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Morgan Lazily, he shook the other guys hand. "Jesse's fine." He said with a shrug before relaying his own name. "I'm Garrett." He said before going into complete silence when he took his shirt off. Shaking his head he raked his finger through his hair before pushing himself away from the counter. "Alright, what do you think you need to work on?" He asked, fluttering his fingers across the guys stomach as he walked over towards the weight machines.

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Jesse thought that the guys innocence was cute and it was even more of a reason to corrupt him. He walked along side with Garret to the weights. "Well I think maybe my legs need some work and oh my gluts" he said and looked over at Garret. Jesse grabbed Garrets hand and placed it on his own ass "What do you think" he asked and looked at Garret and smiled innocently.

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Morgan He nodded his head, barely registering his words when suddenly the guy was placing his hand on his ass. Holding back his surprise he have him a playful smirk, gently squeezing his ass. "Maybe, we should stretch them out before we do the hard and strenuous work?" He asked, his voice low and husky as he raised an eyebrow. He was trying to push down his initial instinct to flirt, but it was nearly impossible with this guy standing next to him.

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Jesse was done with all the metaphors and all the playing he was more of a straight to the point person. He leaned closer to Garret and placed a small kiss on his lips "You're cute. But nothing going to happen in this gym" he smiled and winked at him. "What kind of boy do you think I am" he chuckled "you have to but me dinner first" he said and walked off the the leg weights.

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Morgan Garret groaned inwardly in his annoyance, both with the short kiss and the senseless flirting. Shrugging he followed him over towards the weight machine, adjusting the weights for a moment. "Too bad I'm not the dinner and movies kind of guy." He said, leaning against the machine, looking up for a moment when one of his trainees walked through the door.

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Jesse sat up on from his laying position and grabbed Garret by the shirt and pulled him down with him so he was laying on top of him. "Neither am I but a free meals a free meal and a boys got to eat" he said and ran his left hand up Garrets shirt and his right hand was behind his neck pulling his mouth closer to his.

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Morgan He rose an eyebrow at their new position, "And what makes you think that I'd be the one paying?" Garrett asked with a short laugh, grinning slightly as Jesse slid his hand up his shirt. When pulled closer he brushed his lips softly against his before jumping up. "Time to get to a paying costumer." He said, clapping his hands together before walking back over towards the desk where one of his newer clients Tanya was waiting. "Don't let me stop you from having a make-out session." She said with a wide smile, which just had him rolling his eyes. "Stretches then cardio?"

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Jesse rolled his eyes as Garret walked away, he would be back they all do. "What time are you going to pick me up?!?" he shouted after him and smiled and waved at the woman by the front desk. At this point he decided to put on his shirt knowing that more people were bound to show up and he didn't want to be starred at or even worse raped.

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Morgan "Let's try never." He said with a wave of his hand and a sideways grin, as he lead Tanya over towards the treadmills and stationary bikes. She stretched silently as he absentmindedly fiddled with the radio station, trying to find one that didn't play songs that were so mainstream. "So how's Gary?" He said breaking the silence as she hopped onto the treadmill. Gary was her boyfriend, recently turned fiancé. And he knew for a fact girls loved nothing more than to talk about their relationships. So he let her do just that, as he adjusted the speed of the treadmill to her specific standards.

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Feisty, he liked that. What was the fun in someone who was easy, a challenge was his favorite kind of guy. Jesse walked over to Garret and the woman "Hey" he smiled and waved at her and then focused his attention on Garret. "As for you" he said and stuck his hand into Garrets pocket and fished out his phone, luckily it had no password so it was easy for him to add his number "call me" he smiled handing the phone over.

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Morgan He looked up from the treadmill when he heard Jesse approach them. He tensed ever so slightly when he felt the guys hands going to his pocket. Narrowing his eyes he watched as the guy entered his number. Taking it back he shoved it into his pocket. "And what happens if I don't call?" He questioned, letting his attention wander back towards the door for a moment.

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Jesse smiled a confident smile "Look at me" he motioned to himself "of course you'll call". He leaned into Garret smelling the strong smell of his cologne mixed with his natural aroma that just smelled like sex in heaven if that was even allowed. Their lips finally met and the kiss was soft at first but then turned fiery and sexy but wasn't as long as he wished it was. Jesse pulled away and looked into Garrets eyes.

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Morgan Garrett smiled, holding back a laugh at the boys confidence. "Wouldn't be so sure." He told him, with a careless shrug before suddenly his lips were back on his. A small laugh escaped his lips before he pressed his roughly against his, completely forgetting about the few other people in the gym. Pulling away he cleared his throat. "That was... Nice?" He said as more of a question as he looked back down at Jesse.

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"I've had better" he said but it was actually a lie. It was one of the best kisses he had ever had which was completely weird. And it wasn't because it was a chase of a random guy because honestly this wasn't the first time Jesse was doing this. This was typical Jesse behavior of hitting on strangers. He was a bartender for heavens sake he did this for a living. He smiled and it was the first honest smile he had given to Garret.

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Morgan He raised an eyebrow. "I'm sure." He replied easily with an eye roll. Pausing he looked back down at Jesse, trying to read him, wondering if this was completely normal for him to be flirting and kissing within just minutes of meeting someone. Not to say he wasn't the same, but he'd be lying if he said that didn't bother him. He himself, wasn't much into relationships, but he wouldn't put time into a complete flirt.

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At this moment Jesse wasn't sure what to do. Garret was still playing hard to get and he really was starting to feel a bit awkward and had nothing else to say. "So..." he said and looked at Garret. He sort of wanted to lean in and kiss him again but this time he didn't want to stop he wanted to proceed and just rip off all of his clothes but he rather not do that in front of all these people.

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Morgan He hadn't realized his attention had started slipping away from Jesse until he interrupted the awkward silence that had hung between them. "So..." Garrett picked up before continuing. "I'll see you around... maybe later I'll stop by the bar for a drink?" He asked, highly doubting it. "As long as it's nothing too strong." He added. Being drunk, and disoriented wasn't really a goal of his anytime soon, he absolutely hated the feeling and the problems that arose the morning after.

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Jesse gave up "Bye, then" he said and walked out of the gym and towards his car. He was a but mad and couldn't help it the dude had totally blown him over and been an asshole about it all, something he was completely not use to.

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Morgan Garrett inwardly groaned. Smooth, he thought to himself, raking his fingers through his hair. He shrugged his shoulders turning back to his work. The whole summer was ahead of him, to flirt, have hook-ups and everything else. For a while he talked with Tanya and guided her through her work-out before saying a quick good-bye and heading back behind the counter, having no doubt it would be a slow day.

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(Guess it's over?)

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Morgan (Unless you wanna RP with them somewhere else?)

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(Bar? While Jesse is working?)

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Morgan (Yeah, sounds good. You post first??)

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