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Jenny and Blanks room

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Jenny was having a hard time walking up the stairs with her suitcase that was huge and her phone in her pocket that would not stop ringing. Just 3 weeks ago she had left her fiance at the alter and 1 week ago she had one this trip to Miami, now she was panning to move here from LA to avoid ever seeing him again. Once she reached the top of the stair and reached for her phone in her pocket her suitcase fell right down the stairs "great, just great"

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Samantha walked out of the room, a cheerful expression on her face. She saw a girl and chuckled. "Need some help there?" she asked cheerfully.

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Jenny turned around to the girl and smiled "Please". She walked down the stairs with the girl and as she walked she rejected the call. The girl helped her carry the suitcase into a room. "Thank you" she said to her "I'm Jenny Salvatore by the way. Nice to meet you" she extended her hand out to the other girl.

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"Nice to meet you! I'm Cara!" She said happily. "So, which bed do ya want?" She asked, brushing her hair out of her face. She didn't use her real name for a reason, heck, she barely knew this girl, for all she knew, Jenny could be a killer.

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Jenny walked over to the one by the window "I'll take this one if you don't mind. I like to sleep with the window open and that way you wont get to cold" at that moment her phone started ringing again and she sighed and finally picked it up "Listen leave me alone. We are over!" she paused as she heard who it really was "Oh hey mom. Sorry I thought it was you know who". Jenny sat down on the bed and talked to her mom for a minute and then hanged up

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"I don't mind! I don't like sleeping by the window, always think I'm being watched." She chuckled and sat down, stretching out on her bed. She frowned and sat up. "Having some boy trouble, honey?" She asked softly.

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She sighed "More like fiance problems". Jenny got up and started unpacking her suitcase as she told Cara all about what had happened with her fiance. How she had paid for school stripping, how his mother had threaten to tell him and expose those pictures if she didn't leave him. Meaning she would also lose her job. And how she ran away the day of their weeding.

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Samantha felt a pang of sadness in her heart for Jenny and stood up walking over. She pulled the woman into a hug. "Aw, I'm so sorry!" She said sympathetically and pulled away. "I'd give you some advice, but it wouldn't help."

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Jenny patted her on the back as she hugged her. Jenny was sort of the awkward person who wasn't really sure if she should trust people but ended up doing it at the end even if it was a mistake. "It's fine. I'm just hopping he give up on me and stops calling"

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"Well, my dad did give me hunting lessons." Samantha chuckled putting her hands on her hips. "I'm just kidding, but, by the sounds of it that ex-fiance really cares about you... it might take a while for him to give up."

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"Well if his mother had any say in it, he will be married of by tomorrow expecting quintuplets" she laughed at the idea of it. She always thought that they were the ones that would have babies together. Now he might just have kids with another woman and that sort of made her sad.

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"Yikes, poor woman." She said with a shrug. She ran a hand through her blonde hair. She sat down on her bed, suddenly feeling quite tired.

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She snapped out of it and looked at Cara and laughed "Imagine wearing a bikini after that. Not a pretty picture I would imagine" she said shuttering at the image of it in her head.

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"Ew! Definitely wouldn't do skinny dipping!" She giggled. Speaking of swimming, it's boiling hot outside." She said her sleepiness gone.

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"We should go get in the pool out back". Jenny had seen it as she toured the house before the event with the stairs and the suitcase. "I haven't seen anyone else roaming around the house. Are we the only ones so far"?

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"I dunno, I saw a set of twins arguing outside earlier though," Samantha shrugged and searched her suitcase for a bikini.

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(yea but the twins are in another house but it is in the next door house)

She shrugged and grabbed one of the bikini's she had taken out while she was unpacking. Since she use to be a stripper Jenny wasn't really self conscious with her body. She removed her clothes quickly and put on the bikini quickly to not make Cara awkward.

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((I know, Samantha is nosy so she looked out at the other houses. :P))

Samantha shrugged. "Damn! I remembered everything apart from my swimming costume? God," she moaned. "You know what? I'll do in my underwear, I don't care!" She chuckled.

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(maybe they can see the people from the other house when they are in their backyard and join the party)

Jenny laughed "Fine by me" she said as she fixed her bikini and hair. She looked over at Cara smiling "we are hot and we are young, although you are much younger then me but that is besides the point" she continued "and we are in Miami. So lets have some fun!"

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"Yeah! Maybe even some champaign... Or not!" She giggled childishly. She pulled of her top and shorts. Her bra was a light pink and so were her underwear. Truly, she looked like a girly-girl, but that was far from true.

((Sounds good! Lol, and Sam is just in her underwear :P))

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( ;) for the boys lol)

Jenny hooked her arm around hers and the both started to head down towards the pool to enjoy the Miami summer. "Screw the campaign! Lets have VODKA"! she said and let go of Cara and started running outside.

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((Hey! I ain't sayin' anything! ;) ))

"Whoo hoo!" Samantha giggled and ran after her, nearly tripping over her feet.

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(Jenny replied at the pool)

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((Oh! Sorry, didn't see that :P))

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