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My Life on the Road
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March 2018: Autobiography > My Life on the Road / Gloria Steinem/ 5 Stars

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Cynda Gloria Steinem travelled around the US talking with people at high schools, universities, YWCAs and church, and mother public forums. She taught much and learned much about feminism. Like any good teacher, she learned from the people she taught and the people she worked with. In this book Gloria shares what she learned from others in her travels around the country. She learns from the people in the discussion groups held after the speeches and from the various organizers of conventions and symposiums and more. Gloria made a point of talking about what she learned from New York City cab drivers.

In a time before we were always connected with people and things we are comfortable with, we talked with strangers. Sometimes we grew irritated, yet most of the time we were enlightened or entertained. We dared to interact with people and their ideas. Gloria is speaking largely about those times. I suspect New York City cab drivers are still sharing with her their information about the city and its people.

Gloria warns against isolation without getting preachy. She seems to be saying that we need to keep talking, sharing, learning, and changing together. She is encouraging her readers to learn the way she has while she has been on the road.

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Anita Pomerantz | 6437 comments Interesting . . .Gloria Steinem spoke at my graduation from college in 1988, and I thought she was terrific. Now, I have tickets to a speaker series here in Baltimore, and next season she is coming as a speaker. I should probably read this book before I see her.

Your second paragraph interests me. I'm fascinated by strangers, and find that with very little prompting, people are pretty happy to pour out the details of their lives. I believe this is because there's so little actual listening that goes on these days. I even have some close friends who are so distracted that when you tell them something important to you, they interrupt with a total non-sequitur. I think I would relate to some of the messages in this book . . .

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Cynda Thank you Anita for your thoughtful response.

What an honor to have her as speaker at your graduation. I hope you do read the book, and I will be glad to read your comments. Maybe you will share a bit of wisdom she will share soon.

You are right. The cab drivers Gloria writes about are trying to communicate, to close the gap. Each seems to have a different method--pics of family and other important things. Some have first aid kits, if I am remembering correctly. Icebreakers.

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