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Jesse and blanks room

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Noelle blew a strand of hair out of her face in annoyance. She had said goodbye to her brother five minutes ago and before that fifteen minutes ago. He always kept 'stalking' her in case she got into trouble. "Geez, I'm not gonna get into trouble in a house," she muttered opening the door and sitting herself down to the bed nearest the window. She pulled out her drawing pad and started to draw.

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Jesse had worked a shift all last night at the bar and since he knew today was moving in day he had taken his suitcase. When he got to the house it was completely empty so he decided to pick the nicest room for him and went into the rooms shower since he hadn't showered since the day before. He stripped down his clothes and got into the shower which was absolutely amazing and already had body wash and conditioner and shampoo. Aka all the supplies he would need.

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Noelle put down the drawing pad and pencil on the night-stand. She stood up stretching, letting out a little yawn in the process. She looked down at her Dr. Martens tartan boots, these pair she had actually paid for. She decided to get her things unpacked. Silently, she hoped she would get the room all to herself. She was planning on getting a small dog or cat. And she didn't want anyone allergic sharing her room.

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Jesse stopped the shower and grabbed a towel and started to dry him self off but then notice he had brought no clean clothes into the bathroom. He hoped no one had arrived yet so he could make a quick run and get his clothes on. He wrapped the towel around his waist and held it with his left hand so it would fall out, with his right hand he opened the bathroom door and walked into his room only to see some chick on one of the beds "EHHH" he said nervously "Hi" he waved at her with his left hand and the towel fell. He looked down and then up at her and then just froze.

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Noelle didn't even look up from her suitcase. She only glanced at him out of the corner of her eyes, when she looked at him she blushed deeply. Getting a hold of herself she smirked. "Better pick that up, eh?" She asked calmly. This had happened to her plenty of times with her brother. Her voice was filled with embarrassment. This was awkward..

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Jesse quickly grabbed the towel from the floor and wrapped it around his waist again. "I'm so sorry" he said and ran to his suit case by his bed and grabbed underwear and shorts and ran back into the bathroom. Once he came out again he was in shorts but shirtless. "Well you've seen my penis" he says and laughs "I'm Jesse, that way you can but a name to the material" he smiles charmingly.

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Noelle rolled her eyes. "No need to apologise. But I'll give you credit for something, it's bigger than my brothers." She said with a blank expression. "Noelle," she said looking him up and down with her brown-green and grey eyes. She shifted uncomfortably, not wanting to talk. This guy was way to friendly.

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Jesse's eyes went wide "Wow I thought I was weird: he laughed "but you've seen your brothers penis...Interesting family you got their Miss Noelle". Jesse made his way towards her and reached his hand out "Im Jesse Summers" he gave her his most dashing smile.

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"Hey, I had to share a room with the moron," she muttered sighing. She was just about to pull out her computer when Jesse approached her arm stretched out. She hesitated before clearing her throat. "Noelle Davenport," she said looking at his hand then back at him. "Um, I don't like- to touch people," she said apologetically

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He rolled his eyes and dropped his hand "Nice to meet you too princess". He chuckled as he made his way back to his side of the bed and decided to completely shock her. "So is this brother of yours hot"? he grabbed his suitcase and threw it on his bed.

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"He's fine I guess," she replied looking at him with a curious expression. She frowned. "Don't call me princess or else," she growled. Then it hit her. "Your into guys? " she asked, quite surprised. She didn't mind, but she was surprised on how open he was.

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"Alrighty princess" Noelle frowned at him and he rose his hands up in the air in defense "Sorry, last time. I swear". He was starting to unpack his suitcase when she asked him if he was into guys. He looked at her and smiled then proceeded to shake his head "I'm not into guys" he paused for a second to make her thing he wasn't and then said "I'm into hot guys". He laughed "I'm vain, what can I say?"

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"Okay, then," Noelle said tilting her head to the side. She sat down on her bed and crossed her legs. She let out a sigh of irritation, why had her parents sent her here?! She pulled out her dark blue laptop and opened it up, as she waited for it to load she rested her head on the wall.

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When Jesse finished unpacking her grabbed swimming trucks and had an amazing idea. "Hey there's a great pool outside. How about we go test it out and invite who ever is already here and maybe that way I can meet your hot brother" he laughed and took of his shorts in front of her. She had already seen him naked once what was the big deal a second time. He then put on the small trunks

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"No thanks, don't know if you've noticed, but I ain't good with people," she replied causally, glancing at him as she spoke. She looked at her computer, and it crashed. "Oh, come on!" She groaned in irritation.

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He went over to her suitcase and grabbed a random set of bikini and threw it at her "Now will you go get in the pool with me" he asked. "Oh and don't forget to invite your brother and any other hot guy that's roaming around the house" he smiled and walked out the door and towards the pool.

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"I don't- Ugh!" She growled and slammed her laptop shut. She kept muttering curses as she striped her clothes and put on the bikini. She had some curves; narrow waist, long legs, but her chest wasn't very big, but not very small either. She tied her hair back into a messy bun and grabbed her drawing pad and pencil.

She walked down to her brothers room and opened the door. "Come on loser, we're going swimming," she snapped and slammed the door shut. She walked away, irritated.

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