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Pool for house 4

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Jenny got to the pool first than Cara and she cannon balled in "WHOOOOOOOOOO"! she screamed so loud they could hear her from a mile away. Psh!!!!!! Her body hit the water and she went under and when she came out she screamed again with excitement.

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Samantha ran int slipping here and there because of the wet floor. She slipped into the pool, doing a belly flop. "OW!" She moaned when she re-serviced. "I want to do that again!"

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Jenny laughed and looked at her "God that sounded like it hurt a lot" she said and as she spoke she spotted people in the pool in the house next door. "Hey look more people" she said and pointed.

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"Aw, all younglings! All probably innocent! More minds to ruin!" She giggled evilly. Her hair was now a wet mess, not that she cared.

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Jenny rubbed her wet hands together and looked at Care with a evil expression "want to go over and corrupt the young ones?" she asked.

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"Ooh! Definitely. Hey! I spot a hotty over there!" She giggled pointing to a tall guy. "He looks yummy!" She giggled and swam to the edge of the pool and got out.

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Jenny ran over to the edge between the to houses and screamed out to the people in the house next door "HEY"! she screamed at the top of her lungs.

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Samantha just rolled her eyes and stood up. She followed her roommate and leaned on the edge of the house.

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Samantha was still a little shaken at what had happened the previous day, but she shrugged it off. She had been under the influence, so it could all be the fault of that. She was wearing her shorts, a crop-top and sandals. Listening to music and wearing sunglasses as well.

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Morgan Iggy groaned softly as she made her way outside. She arrived last night, but she did her best to avoid everyone, by locking herself alone in her room, lucky enough not to have run into her roommate just yet. At first she thought this would be a great idea, but her first night here hadn't been so hot. Hopefully she'd manage to change that today. Wringing her fingers through her hair she pulled it up in a bun, grabbing we towel from the counter before making her way outside.

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Samantha lifted her head, hearing someone groan. Even though she had music blaring through her ears, she could still hear sounds. She pushed down her sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, glancing at the girl coming outside.

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Morgan Iggy spotted the girl outside, and for a moment debated going back in. Quickly she shook the idea off. She'd agreed to this so that she could meet new people before she went off for college. Straightening her shoulders she continued walking forwards. "Hi." She said, sounding a little awkward to her own ears.

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"Hiya!" Samantha said, with a beaming smile. She sat up and pulled up one knee to her chest. "So, what's your name stranger?" She asked in a friendly tone.

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Morgan Despite herself, she couldn't help but to return the smile. The girl just ha that type of vibe. "Isabelle. But people call me Iggy." She told her with a slight shrug before taking the seat beside her. "What abou you?" Iggy asked as she spread out her towel.

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"Nice to meet you hun!" Samantha chuckled softly, she took of her sunglasses. Her emerald green eyes gleaming happily. "M'name is Cara!" She said happily. There it was again, another lie. Samantha sighed inwardly, it was a second nature to her. She really didn't trust anyone apart from herself.

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Morgan "You too." She said, stretching out on the chair, doing her best to relax her tensed muscles. She ignored her initial urge to flee as she slid her sunglasses down over her own eyes. "So, what's the house been like so far?" She asked curiously, not really one for small talk, but she didn't have much else to talk about.

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"Gosh, well it's fun-ish, I mean, no boys! Ugh!" Samantha groaned after shaking Iggy's hand. She ran a hand through her messy blonde hair and slid down into her chair.

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Morgan Iggy laughed softly at the mention of no boys. Letting go of the girls hand she rested her slightly shaky fingers on the lounge chairs arm rest. "I'm sure they'll show up eventually. And if not there's always the locals." She commented with the slightest of smiles. Truly she was relieved there weren't too many boys. She hadn't dated many in the past, and she wasn't hoping to hook-up with a guy over summer vacation, even if it was to please the producers.

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Samantha snorted. "Yeah, that's right!" She giggled and glanced over at her. "What do you look for, like in a guy?" She asked curiously.

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Morgan Iggy paused at the question, never really having put any sort of thought into. "Well, um, I don't know." She mumbled awkwardly before straightening up and continuing. "Someone who's not afraid to spill his heart out. Also someone who's passionate. And not just in bed." She said with a short, hollow, laugh, before continuing, "Someone who's athletic, can make me laugh, and who's willing to spend some time away from the boys." She said, blushing as she realized she'd been rambling. "What about you?"

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Samantha giggled hearing all of this. "Well, I would like someone who is faithful, tidy and has a good sense of humour!" She said in a sing-song voice. "But, girls are good to," she said casually spilling out her sexuality.

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Morgan "That's all?" She asked in disbelief at the short description before shaking her head. She was surprised to learn Samantha was into girls, but she pushed down her own shock. She herself had become recently curious, but she figured it was nothing, so she did her best to push it down. "Well see, now you don't need any guys." Iggy told her with a teasing tone.

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"Haha, you got that right girl!" Samantha chuckled and looked her up and down. She shrugged and pushed up her sunglasses. "Yep, and I'm quite surprised not to be judged by you," she said with a teasing manner. She stretched out and sighed happily. "So your still exploring your sexuality yes?"

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Morgan ((Agh. Computer shut down on me twice -.- sorry))

She returned the appraisal, looking the girl up and down herself. Absentmindedly she reached over for her soda, taking a small sip and twisting the cap back on. "What can I say, I'm not one to judge." At her question she froze before shaking her head. "No, not really. Pretty sure I'm set on guys." She replied in denial.

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((It's fine!))

"Aw, shame," she chuckled winking at Iggy playfully. She sighed and closed the shade to let the sun bathe her. She stretched out and lay in a starfish position.

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Morgan Iggy founder herself falling into a comforting silence as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sun. She rested her hands over her stomach until reaching for her fun. Slowly she scrolled through her playlist before putting her ear buds in.

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Samantha opened her eyes and glanced at Iggy, smirking lightly she got up to get something to drink from the outdoor bar.

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Morgan Her eyes flickered up towards the girl as she moved over towards the outdoor bar. Iggy's nose scrunched up for a moment as if in distaste. She wasn't really a fan of liquor. Shrugging it off she relaxed back into the chair, leaning it further down towards the ground so she'd have more access to the sun, as she continued scrolling through her songs until deciding on one.

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"Yeah, thanks love!" She said in a girly voice as she came back with an alcohol free cocktail. She sat back down sipping it, taking in the fruity taste. "Want a sip?" She asked sweetly.

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Morgan She looked up, barely comprehending what she said, before noticing the drink. "No thanks." Iggy responded with a shake of her head, eying the drink cautiously behind her sunglasses.

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"Okay,suit yourself," she shrugged and lay back down continuing to sip the cool liquid, which was quenching her thirst. She put the glass down to fix her hair into a messy bun.

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Morgan Iggy bit her lip, suddenly feeling strange even though she knew there was no reason to. Turning down the volume on her phone she shifted her attention towards the girl beside her. "So, where you from?"

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"Well, I was born in Ireland but me and my fam moved here when I was... about two years old!" She said happily, even though she was faking it, she was pretty sure She could imagine the perfect life.

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Morgan "Ireland sounds fun." She said with a slight grin, she'd had a red head phase back in high school, but she was pretty sure she was over that. And either way Ireland was not the home to all gingers. "Well I've practically lived in the small town of Portland Connecticut all my life." She told her with a short sigh. It really wasn't that bad, but the town was kind of small, and everybody knew everybody's business.

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"Cool! Sounds adorbs!" She said happily. She glanced at Iggy. "What's wrong love?" She asked, concern plastered across her face. She picked up her glass and sipped the drink.

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Morgan "It wasn't that great." She replied with a shrug at the mention of adorbs. Glancing over she noticed the concern, and did her best to make it go away. "Nothing. Nothing's wrong." She told her in a serious tone.

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"Okay, doll!" She said, still not convinced. But if Iggy didn't want to talk about it then that was fine. Although, Samantha's interest was peaked.

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Morgan Iggy smiled in relief when she just let it go, instead of pushing her to continue. But, she really shouldn't have expected her to anyways, they were complete strangers. "Wanna go swimming?" She blurted out randomly when her eyes landed back on the pool. It was huge, and now way was she simply going sit back and look at it.

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"Thought you would never ask sugar!" Samantha said happily. She stood up and took of her shorts and her crop top. She was in her bra and underwear. "C'mon!" She said happily and did a cannibal into the pool.

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Morgan Her eyes widened when all Samantha was wearing happened to be a bra and her underwear, but it was close enough. Shrugging she took off her own sundress, revealing her black bikini. Iggy paused for a moment by the edge of the pool. Diving right into the deep end really wasn't a thing of hers, but she mind as well. Holding her breath she quickly jumped in, letting out a small scream at how cold it was before she adjusted to the water temperature.

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Samantha giggled looking at Iggy as she jumped in. "Sensitive to the cold are we?" She asked in a teasing tone. She was only joking, she herself had had to have time to adjust to the temperature.

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Morgan "Mmm, just a little." She said with a hint of a smile, before ducking back under the water. She was from farther up north, but she really wasn't a big fan of the cold, or ice, or snow for that matter. Resurfacing she lazily began to float on her back, spreading out her arms beside her.

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"Want to have a race?" She asked softly, looking at Iggy as her hair fload out from her. Pretty, that was the word to describe Samantha's friend.

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Morgan Opening her eyes she smiled before straightening up and swimming towards her. "Yeah." She said, trying not to show too much excitement. Besides dancing she'd also been on the swim team in high school, and she absolutely loved the competitiveness of the race. "What do i get if i win?" She teased, unable to help but be a little cocky.

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"A peck on the cheek," Samantha winked playfully and swam, with strong strokes to the other edge of the pool. "We swim, from here to there then back to here!" She said with a small giggle.

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Morgan Iggy's cheeks colored ever so slightly before she returned a look of amusement. Following after her she nodded her head as she reached the end of the pool. "Sounds good." She replied with a grin. Grabbing her hair elastic she quickly gathered her hair up into a bun. "Ready, set, go!" She said as they both pushed off from the first end of the pool.

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Samantha chuckled and began to do some strong strokes as she swam.
It was more difficult;t than she remembered.

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