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BUDDY READ: Contemporary/Romance > Charmed, by Alexa Riley - starting April 20th, 2018

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Jennifer | 3551 comments Description: Every day Charlie goes to sketch a beautiful building that’s been under construction. She’s drawn to it for some reason, and it makes her paints come alive. On the day the painting is to be finished, the St. Patrick’s Day parade is in town. But a run-in between her tray of paints and a big grouchy beast in a suit has her fleeing for safety.

Warren has never wanted someone the way he wants her. One chance encounter has got him searching every inch of the city for her. She can hide, but not for long. He’ll make her his, no matter what.

Warning: This St. Patrick’s Day quickie is adorably fun and over the top. Grab your shamrocks and cozy up with this sweet treat.

Alaina (ameserole) Chapter 1: (view spoiler)
Chapter 3: (view spoiler)
Chapter 5: (view spoiler)
Chapter 7: (view spoiler)
Finished: (view spoiler)

Jennifer | 3551 comments Ch 1 - (view spoiler)

Ch 3 - (view spoiler)

Ch 5 - (view spoiler)

Ch 7 - I'm laughing at the insanity of it too.

Finished - (view spoiler)

That and you've totally spoiled me by exposing me to much better smut, Alaina! I have lofty expectations now.

Alaina (ameserole) Jennifer wrote: "Ch 1 - [spoilers removed]

Ch 3 - [spoilers removed]

Ch 5 - [spoilers removed]

Ch 7 - I'm laughing at the insanity of it too.

Finished - [spoilers removed]

That and you've totally spoiled me b..."

LOL! I didn't know it was going to be so rushed!! I will definitely recommend better smuttiness for the next one!

Jennifer | 3551 comments Ha! Please do!

Alaina (ameserole) Jennifer wrote: "Ha! Please do!"

I will!! One for May that works for all 3 of the challenges!

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