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Pool for house 2

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Jesse ran out of house and down the stairs to the beautiful backyard with an amazing pool. The sun was high and it was boiling outside, it was the perfect day to get into the pool. He smile a dove into the deep in professional diver style. He had never taken swim lessons but he was good at copying things he had seen on tv.

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Ella-Marie entered the pool with a towel over her. She was listening to her music not paying anything attention. She sat down closing her eyes listening intently the notes of the song. She was trying to figure out what song she wanted to sing next for the club. She had to decide soon or she would go crazy.

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Noelle, her hair in a messy bun, sneaked over to a sunshade and sat down in the chair, pulling her knees up. "Okay, stay calm no one will bother me, no one's face will be broken," she kept telling herself as she looked at the drawing pad, a blank expression on her face. She started to draw a pack of wolves running through the forest, it was just a sketch now, but it would become a masterpiece in the upcoming weeks.!

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Jesse came out dripping out of the pool and walked over to Noelle "I knew you would come" he smiled at her. He then opened his arms wide and started to get closer to her with his wet body "want a hug princess?"

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"Not if you want to get kicked in the balls," she said sweetly, a smirk playing across her face. She tried hard not to kick him, but it was so tempting. She needed to control her people problem. Luckily her brother wasn't here to make her even more annoyed.

((Sorry, she is very rude at first :P))

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He rolled his eyes at her "Your just mad because I'm gay and now you cant really have me" he winked at her "Am I right princess"? he walked over to the other girl(Ella-Marie) and taped her on the shoulder "Do you think I am hot"? he asked her while he smiled very cutely at her

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She looked up with a blank face not really caring. She smiled before she answered, "I mean you are cute but I have seen better. I am just kidding but yeah you are adorable" She said with a smile going back to her music.

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"Keep on dreaming asshole," she muttered and kept drawing. She heard buzzing and looked around and saw a wasp flying around her head. "Giah!" She squealed and stood up like a shot running to the other side of the pool

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He smiled at the girl he had never seen before and bent down and kissed her on the cheek "thanks". He looked over at Noelle "Ha told ya so"! at tha point a wasp got close and she went running away. "Baby"! I screamed at her as she ran. I turned back to the other girl "Hey I'm Jesse Summers"

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"I'm freaking allergic to wasps you moron!" She growled clenching her fists in annoyance. "Can't believe I'm sharing a room with a.." she finished the sentence in her head.

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"Ella-Marie Petrova but call me Ella" She said with a giggle this guy was definitely strange. She laughed at the girl running away from the wasp. They act like siblings but they didn't look a lot. She kept the comments to herself.

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He ignored Noelle completely since she was being a complete brat. As he finished rolling his eyes at Noelle he turned towards Ella "Nice to meet you Ella-Marie" he extended his hand out to her so she could shake it.

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Noelle growled in annoyance and checked to see if the wasp had flown away. It had, she sighed in relief and sat back and started to draw again.

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She grasped his hand and shook it lightly, "Nice to meet you too,Jesse. I have a quick question that might sound weird. Are you and that girl siblings? You guys act like you are" She said with a shrug but she was curious.

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He looked over at Noelle "No actually we just meet 30 minutes ago. We are roommates in this house" he said and looked back at Ella. "Although I hear she has a hot brother... so it could very well be me" he laughed softly at his own stupid joke.

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She looked at him and her again but started to laugh a bit, "You guys sure act like it. Well it is vey nice to meet you and I guess I will meet her eventually" She went through her hair again with a smile.

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KT (queenlykt) Hair pulled back in a braid, Kerry strode over to the pool, sinking into one of the chairs. Her white and pink bikini and flip flops matched her light blonde and pink hair. "I know we're supposed to be roomies and friends and all, but I can only do so much. Friendship is a mutual thing, and y'all have to put some effort into this too." She said sweetly, giving a wave. "But whatever. I'll start. I'm Kerry Jordyn Kent." She smiled up at the others.

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Noelle looked at the new comer and groaned. "Oh, God," she mumbled rolling her eyes. She prayed that the girl would leave her alone. She stretched her legs and yawned. She kept drawing getting lost in the drawing. She tapped her feet to some music playing in her head.

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Jesse smiled at Ella "For your sake I wouldn't go near her". He got close to her and whispered "That thing bites" he pointed to Noelle. He then saw the girl who approached them who said her name was Kerry. But Jesse was to overwhelmed by everything she said to reply.

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"Mutual Feelings" She said with a small smile, "I am Ella-Marie Petrova and its very nice to meet you. I guess we will have to get to know each other as the days go bye but I am willing to make the effort" She said outing both of her headphones down, "Kerry this is Jesse he is one the people who lives here also"

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Noelle's pencil broke. She stared at the broken pencil until the realization hit her. "Damn," she mumbled quite disappointed. She looked at the drawing so far. Not bad, but it could be better. Even thought it was sketch it had a lot of potential. She lay the drawing pad down and stood up. She walked around the other side of the pool to avoid everyone as she went to get a pencil sharpener.

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KT (queenlykt) Kerry frowned slightly as she looked up at the one hot guy in the area. "Oh come on. I promise I don't bite." She teased, then grinned, raising one eyebrow. "I mean, unless that's what you're into." She smirked slightly, raising her pink sunglasses and setting them on her head.

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Jesse waved at Kerry "Hi" he smiled at her and then sort of sighed disappointed. Not because of the girl(s) but because of the lack of boys. He looked from Noelle to Ella to Kerry. "So am I the only one noticing that here aren't any other guys her except for myself?"

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Ella smiled at Jesse realizing why he disappointed she gave him a cheeky grin. Guys will usually be excited to be in place filled with girls but he wasn't. SHe wasn't stupid but she seemed like a cool friend, "Why you sound disappointed?"

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He looked at Kerry and smiled "Well I'm into guys so..." he laughed a little and then looked at Ella. "That is also why I am so disappointed" he said plain a clearly. He had no problem being who he was and no one was going to tell him otherwise.

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Noelle finally found her pencil sharpener and walked back to the pool, but not before she dragged her brother outside. "Your a total moron! There is not alcohol!" She growled. "Language! No offence but your not the most trustworthy person!" He snapped back, secretly he enjoyed the company of his sister. She growled and stalked of to her seat and kept drawing. Isaac smirked and poked her cheek. "Stop it," she snapped. "I'm not touching you," Isaac replied.

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"I knew it I always wanted a best friend that was" She said with a smile. She got up and gave him a hug before she sat back down, "Don't worry more guys will come and when they do I help you" She didn't really care what he was because he was still an awesome person.

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Blanket walked to the pool as she saw Kerry wave. She waved back as she sat next to her. "Hi I'm Blanket Everlyn Jackson." She said as she sat back. She had her light brown hair wavy as she wore a red silk bikini and her red flip flops. She had thought about dying her hair black as she started to rub it. She smiled as she looked at Kerry's hair. "I love you're hair." She said as she looked at the pink.

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Jesse smiled at Ella "Awww thanks" he said and returned the hug and that was when he saw Noelle and her actual brother. He smiled and waved and waited as they walked over to him. He looked at her brother up and down, he was cute. "So this is the infamous smaller penis than mine brother" he smiled looking at him.

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"Eh, who? What?" He looked at Jesse then at Noelle dumbfounded. "Take a picture it'll last longer," Noelle muttered. "Hey!" Samantha called out along with her roommate. Noelle looked up, annoyed. It was clearly etched into her face. She smacked her brothers hand away and stood up walking over, fists clenched. Isaac smirked, then it faltered when he saw his sister's angry expression heading toward the two other woman. "Oh Hell no!" He muttered and tried running after Noelle but slipped into the pool.

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KT (queenlykt) "D*mn." Kerry frowned at Jesse. She had nothing against gays, or bisexuals or anything. It just eliminated a really attractive guy from her possibilities. And that meant one less guy that could've been her match. "I'm hoping that there's more guys here too. I don't do well with no guys." She complained cheerfully. "I wish I had a best friend." She sighed for a moment, then smiled brightly as she heard the other girl. "Thanks!" She said brightly.

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Jesse smiled at Noelle brother "She saw me naked when i got out of the shower and said mine was bigger than yours" he laughed a little at the poor dude as he looked at his sister dumbfounded. Then 2 girls from next door called out and Noelle went towards them completely pissed. We both followed except he fell into the pool and I didn't.

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"I can really get used to this place" Ella said to herself laying back down watching the guy slip in the pool. She loved this place definitely better than back home. She started laughing when he fell in. She had tears down her cheek and looked again only to laugh harder.

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"What the heck do you two want?" Noelle growled. Samantha giggled and pinched Noelle's cheeks, she had had a little bit too much vodka. "Such a cutie!" She giggled. Noelle smacked her hand away. "Don't touch me! Go home and sober up!" She said. Samantha frowned. "That a threat?" She growled. Isaac re-serviced and looekd for Noelle frantically. "Oh God no!" He muttered and tried to get out of the pool but got startled be a seagull and fell back in.

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"You're welcome." She said as she took her flip flops off. "Wanna take a dip?" She asked. She looked at Jesse. "He's cute." She thought to herself. She had missed her friends back home, but she knew she had to make new ones. She wanted to start with Kerry. She was really interested in her and she really loved her hair. She put her feet in the pool as she jerked them away. "The water's a little cold." She said smiling as she put her feet back in.

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KT (queenlykt) Kerry gave up and decided to join the other hot guy in the pool. She set her sunglasses neatly on here chair as she stood and walked over to the water. She slid into the water gracefully, shooting Isaac a smile. "Hey. I'm Kerry." She introduced herself, leaning against the side of the pool.

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"Excuse me but you don't have to be rude you child" Jenny told as she prevented Cara(Samantha) from beating the hell out of the girl. At that moment the really hot guy arrived (Jesse) "What's going on here ladies?" he asked calmly looking from the girl to us.

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Blanket looked at Kerry and the guy next to her. "There are so many cute guys here." She thought to herself as she got all the way in the pool and went underwater. She came back up as she jerked her head back to get her wet hair out of her face. She wiped her eyes as she smiled sweetly.

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"It wasn't a threat!" Noelle snapped. Samantha smirked. "Oh really? Prove it pip squeak!" She giggled.

Isaac pulled himself out of the pool and looked at the two girls. "Nice to meet you both I got to go!" He said and ran towards the commotion.

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Blanket blushed as he ran and waved him off. "Bye." She said as she turned back to Kerry. She didn't notice the commotion until now. "Hey I'm going to see whats going on." She told Kerry as she got out of the pool and followed Issac.

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Jenny looked at Cara "Hey calm down. Shes just a dumb rude kid" she held Cara back as she was starting to get closer to the gril.

Jesse knew that Noelle was pretty badass but he doubted she could take on that girl from next door who looked like she could squish her so he got in between them "I think we all need to settle down right now before things get any worse" he looked at Noelle "Stop talking before you get in more trouble than you already are"

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Blanket watched them as Jesse broke them apart. "I wonder what they were fighting for." She thought to herself. She looked at Noelle and the other girl. "I wonder who would have won." She said as she stared at them, thinking about their stats. She walked back to the pool as she grabbed her towel and dried her hair as she put on a pair of basketball shorts and her sports bra.

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KT (queenlykt) Why not? Kerry asked herself with a slight shrug. She sighed as she pulled herself from the pool, snatching her sunglasses back up and slipping them on as she wandered after the others.

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"I don't need your protection smart ass! Get out of my way!" Noelle snarled and walked around Jesse. "I don't want or need your help!" She barked. Isaac ran up to his sister. "Stop it Noelle now! I'm not going to watch you get into a police car!" He said. Noelle rolled her eyes, but she backed down and walked away. Samantha grabbed her hand and dragged her bacl smirking. Noelle snapped and started to complain. Smantha's vision went black and punched her in the jaw. "You b*tch!" Noelle growled and punched her back.

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Ella looked at this from a far trying to figure out what happened. She usually is the peacemaker but she didn't want to get hurt. She sighed before walking to the girls about to fight. She knew somehow she had to stop them from fighting or someone would get hurt, "Didn't everyone just meet and now there is a fight about start." She saw the girl named Noelle punch a girl and knocked her out, "Oh kill em"

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Blanket watched them fight as she started to break it apart, but waited for Issac and Jesse to do it. She stared at them as they punched each other. "Wow drama already and we just go here." She thought to herself. She looked behind herself and saw Kerry. She looked at Ella and laughed. "Haha." She laughed at what she had said.

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Jenny started at the two girls fighting in awe. She had seen her fair share of fights at the strip club but never to girls who looked so deadly. She didn't get in it because she wasn't really one for fights.

"Noelle! STOP IT"! Jesse grabbed her and pulled her away from the other girl and rand with her to the other side of the pool far away from the girl as Noelle bunched his back and kicked his chest. He laughed and said "Stop it, that tickles" which only made her do it even harder.

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KT (queenlykt) "Hey!" Kerry said sharply, grabbing the nearest girl- Samantha- by the arm and hauling her back, stepping between the two warring girls. "Alright, really? We've known each other for maybe ten minutes and you two are trying to kill each other? For gods sake people, grow up!" She snapped.

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Blanket grabbed the other girl by the arm as she pulled her back. "Hey why are you 2 fighting and we've only just met each other." She said as she pulled her away from the pool.

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