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Now we'll never know > Thriller, Suspense, Psychological, Father Murder, Gay Suicide, Frame, Doppelganger. Spoiler ahead.

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Everything I can remember about the missing book:

I read it in 2007ish
It may have had a blue cover
The story ends with a husband shooting a wife after finding a key in her desk drawer, he shoots her in the head I think, and he feels that he setting things right.
The key proves that she framed someone for murder many years before. This was before the husband and wife were married, and they were only passing acquaintances, and he was the lover of a woman who looked just like his now wife. I can’t remember anyone’s names, so let’s go with Jill for now. So he and Jill were together and they were going through a rough patch following the suicide of his best friend, which they were both involved in in ways that are far less than flattering for them both. The best friend was gay and loved the main character which Jill pointed out, because the main character didn’t see it; but Jill insisted that he not just set a boundary but break his heart brutally- which led to the man jumping into a ravine or some such method of ending his embarrassment and pain. That event leads to other changes in everyone’s fate. Anyhow he once comforted Jill for some perceived wrong she did to the lookalike- I think she stole her boyfriend long ago or something, and even as the main character holds her and listens he recognizes that he is doing her no favors as she should be apologizing to the person she wronged, not venting to him. His relationship with Jill truly ended when she was convicted at trial for the murder of her father (he was thrown from a balcony during a party) and everyone things Jill did it, because the lookalike was wearing a loud dress (red I think) and was easily alibied, and the girls do their hair different (parted different I think). Jill insists on her innocence throughout the ordeal, but her erratic behaviors and damaged relationship with family and her father don’t help her image, and the key maker claims to remember her. I forget what the key was for, but it was necessary for the murder. As Jill was taken away to serve her sentence she waved to the main character, but he doesn’t wave back, and soon he is hanging out with the lookalike and marrying her. She states that his disappointment was obvious at first, but soon they are getting on a like a house on fire. He remarks at one point that when waking up next to her they are indistinguishable aside from the lookalike’s forehead being a little too high.
So after decades of marriage and years of reflecting on person insights he finds the key and maybe the wig, and definitely a gun and shoots her at point blank range.

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