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Go for a run on Miami Beach or soak in the sun. Just have fun.

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Noelle sat under the shade of a tree, playing 'Eyes' the horror game. It was her fabourite game so far, amd had done many walkthroughs of it. Her viewers loved it! YouTube, the only place she could be herself. She smirked finding the last money bag before the monster got her, killing the character instantly.

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(Sorry was having dinner)

April was sitting Indian style on a blanket on the beach with a notebook and a pen. She was trying to find inspiration somewhere in her life to a song that could be a great hit. A song that can put her on the charts and maker her famous.

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Noelle stretched and finished playing, well she made an angry 'quit'. She stood up, wearing ripped shorts, a baby blue one shoulder T-shirt and her favourite pair of Doc. Martens. She pulled her hair into a messy bun as she walked to the sea.

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She started singing what she had of the song and the tune she had in her head "So you think you're the one who's up in score, just cause you're the first one walking out the door. Well take it when you leave, I don't need the sympathy..." and now she wanted to start the chorus but she had no idea what to do. What she had in mine was say how bad she was going to be but that eventually she would get better and he would never find another love like hers. And that's when the name of the song came to her "Love like mine"

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((Hayden Panettiere))

Noelle heard someone sing a song; the usual sad, heartbroken type song. "It's getting lame.." She thought as she took of her shoes and stood in the cool water, along with the wind, and the somewhat silent beach, it was perfect.

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(Yes! Love her! Character is based on Juliet Barnes from Nashville)

The ideas came crashing into her head and she wrote the chorus feeling the pain but also how good it felt that she was going to be alright. That at the end of it she will come on top "I'm stay up drunk on whine, hurt like hell, and ugly crying black mascara tears" she sang as she quickly wrote it down. "I'm a lock my door, sleep with my phone. Miss you bad for a moth or so" and this is when she wanted the song to change "But let me tell you something my dear. I'm going to be just fine but you never gonna find another love like mine"


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((Sorry! My friend was over for the past days!))

Noelle wanted to shut up whoever was singing so badly, but, she had to admit the woman that was singing it, was actually pretty damn good! Noelle looked over her shoulder, a small, very small, smile playing across her lips.

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