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The plant rising (by Briana Matos, i'm not done!)

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments This isnt gonna be a book, but i have plenty other things that will! I just wanna see how people like my writing!

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Chpt.1: The mystics were running. Screaming. Their homes were being crushed. Picked. For a couples aniversary. All. The mystics ran for the babies. They couldnt let them get crushed. And the pickers couldnt see or here them. They were tiny things. They were able to hide in their anti-florist shelters. They waited a few minutes. Then they heard the thumps getting softer and softer. They knew they were safe. For now.

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments I know doesnt have any buildup so far but its just a short story and i will post more when more people come.

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments That's amazing!

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Yay! I knew i could count on you to read this. And also, i have a little surprise for you. In the sequel to the fury is in the flames, ur name is the name i chose to use for one of the new main characters

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments But tell me when u want more of the plant rising

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Oh crap! I just remembered the name i originally thought for it! The plant revolution. When i did this i forgot and just wrote the plant rising

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Both titles sound awesome so either one will work. And I want more now!

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Ok i will post more for you! YIPEE I GOT A FAN!!

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments :D. If the rest is as good as that was, I won't be your only fan.

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Chpt.2: The mystics were terrified. This was happening more and more often. To the thoughtless humans, they were just flowers. Something meant to be put in a bouquet. But to them, they were their homes. They were like mini modern apartments. But everything was made from grass, flower petals, or anything else they could find. But the mystics were happy to have most of their homes still in place.
"We have to stop this madness!" One of the mystics yelled. Skylar looked towards the renegade. She had her haired dyed with strawberries. Here hair was black. Black was rare to the mystics. Usually it was the color orange or green or blue. Blonde, brown, and black were human colors. Skylar felt weird with her normal baby blue, silky hair. She barely ever saw hair like that. Then Skylar turned back to the leader.
Their leaders name was Natural. She had all the natural powers. She went to help all of her citizens of this grove. She was the best leader ever. And sometimes pieces from political pages that humans dropped covered them. From what Skylar read, Natural was a way better leader than "Barack Obama". All she knew about that guy was that he had big ears and the person who wrote the paper loathed him...

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Sorry i will continue the rest of the chapter tomorrow. My battery is dying. Sorry!

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Lol about Obama so hilarious... And keep writing! You have me hooked now.

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Dont worry. I will see if i can find an extension cord around here somewhere....

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Okay!!! Yay!

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Found one!... Well sorta. Its one of those long ones that u can plug a whol bunch of cords to, but it'll do!

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Yay!!! *jumps up and downs*

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments She faced toward Natural when she started speaking, obviously a bit shocked by the rebel.
"We will try our hardest to stop the flower picking. All we can use are natural forces, like have a whole bunch of mosquitos come. That's all we can do." Then the whole crowd started to separate. Skylar heard the weird natural hair girl mumble "That's all we can do my butt!" Skylar saw that she wore a mini skirt that was made out of black and red petals weaved together. She wore a crop top that maybe in some point of time, was a t-shirt, but it looked like she tore half of the bottom off and the sleeves as well. Then she had chains on here skirt and black knee high boots. Skylar thought she looked cool.
Any other mystic wouldve thought that she looked absurd. Ridiculous. And disgraceful. But Skylar wasn't like the others. She saw the girls fashion choices to be cool. She liked running away from the grove to practice her own tricks alone. And the most disgraceful. She found humans to be interesting.
But she didnt show it. She wore a turquoise long skirt, sandals that had little minerals on them, a light green tank top with a turquoise cardigan over it.
Then the rebellious girl turned to Skylar.
"Hey! I'm Christina. But everybody calls me Chris. Whats your name?" Skylar almost forgot what her name was. But then she finally went back to sanity.
"Skylar." Then Chris walked over, propped her foot on a pebble that was near Sklyar and looked at her.
"This is ridiculous! Our homes are getting picked and their just defending this grove by putting some mosquitos out there. Sure humans hate the cute little guys, but I don't think it's enough!" Then it seemed like Chris was thinking a little and then said, "Do you agree?"
Skylar felt like what Chris had said was correct. That even though mosquitos can help, they weren't going to stop nobody.
"Well, yes. They have an awful thing called bug spray in the human world. They could bring it with them. And we dont wanna lose our mosquitos!"
"Do you wanna join?"
"Join what?" Chris got off of the pebble and whispered into Skylars ear.
"Do you wanna join the resistsance?" Skylar had very mixed emotions. She loved Natural. But she did think that they needed to take a stand. So she thought it out and said.
"Show me."
Then Chris said "c'mon" and started taking Skylar to a hidden place.
Outside of the grove.

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments So good!!!!

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Thx! I will post chpt.3 tomorrow, around 1:00-2:00 p.m. I sleep in, cuz i usually stay up cuz i am thinking and then go on my phone to read some quotes, read some books, and then listen to one or two songs. THEN i fall asleep

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Hope ur fine with the wait?

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments So tell me some suggestions. What u think of the story. I wanna see how people feel bout my writing so i am posting this short story. Tell me ur thoughts!

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments I'm fine with the wait, it's cool. And add a little romance of some sort.

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments There will be some when she reaches The Hut.

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Okay! That's my only suggestion.

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Yay. U know, i think u would get along with a friend of mine. She fell in love with one of my short stories so now even if its a school essay she would wanna read it and she is very supportive. I just wish she had a goodreads

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments :D I know it's later than expected but I will try and post chapter 1 of my book.

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments YIPEE! I wanna totally read it. Plz post it on iwonder's write a story thing. In the app, on the right corner there is a plus sugn. Press that and u can start ur own little mini group, like this one! I will TOTALLY be the first on urs

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments ok

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Chpt.3: Chris led Skylar throughout a maze of grass and a few of the little flowers. Nobody lived there because they were so small, humans stepped on them all the time. Skylar was starting to wonder how it was that Chris was able to remember when to turn and how to get to wherever it was she was taking her.
"How do you remember this route? There are no signs or landmarks!" Skylar had asked. She started to feel as if the grass was getting taller and then she saw something she never sees in the grove. A weed.
"Training," Chris answered, as if that was going to explain it! But then Skylar noticed her brush past one of the weeds and start to itch. Her leg was turning a rosy pink because of the scratching. When Chris bent down to scratch, Skylar noticed a scar, peeking out from her sleeve. Or what was left of her sleeve, anyway.
"How'd you get that?" Skylar pointed at the scar on Chris' shoulder. Chris looked at where she was pointing.
"Stop being so curious. It's going to get ya killed someday," then Chris looked back at her shoulder and said, "I'll tell you some other time," and kept leading Skylar through the gigantic fields. Then at some point, she stopped. "Welcome to The Hut."
Chpt.4: Skylar looked up. She thought that Chris was going to show her something beautiful. But instead, she looked up and saw a hill of grass. It had a mound of dirt on top. Skylar had nothing else to say except, "What is it?"
Chris gazed upon the mound. The Hut didnt really look like much of a hut. That's what made it so hard to find. "There is dirt up there because that looks like an ant hill and it is. The ants are our mode of transportation and protection from getting stepped on. Humans hate ant bites. Especially fire ant bites. The inside is more impressive than then outside trust me. But i can't show it to you unless you promise never to tell anybody, not even your parents. Can you do that?" Skylar thought. She had never told anybody about leaving the grove before or that she found humans to be interesting, so this couldn't be much of a challenge.
"Yes, I will never tell anybody,"
"The only time you can tell somebody is if they seem to agree with protecting ourselves better. Like I did to you. Understand?"
"Great. Then let me show you the inside of The Hut!" Then Chris pulled some grass that to Skylars surprise, were stuck together. Before Chris opened it, it looked like just more of the entanglements of The Hut. These people were good at camouflage.
Skylar entered and noticed about a hundred mystics in The Hut. They were all either learning how to fight, learning how to spy, learning about humans, or eating. It was full of life. Every mystic had a special power. A natural one. Only born leaders get to have all of the natures powers. But the Hut seemed to train you on using those as well. Fighting with and without powers. Useful. In the Grove, they were violence free, while in The Hut, that's all that seemed to happen. Chris walked her into a big room first. It looked like one of the casinos from human magazines.
"This is the Casino. It is made to look exactly like the

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments (Sorry pressed the done button by accident. Let me finish it!)

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Ones that humans have. We have games and gambling here. It is where we all go for our free time," Chris explained. Skylar understood. The casino seemed like a blast. There were even dance games! Then Chris led her outta the casino, into another room. She explained that all of the rooms were huge. The place had a sign that said SPA on it, and at first, it looked like a spa. But Skylar remembered seeing one in the casino. Why would they need two? But then, they went inside of a hot tub and Chris pressed on a few tiles under water. Skylar noticeed that the place seemed like nobody stayed in it for long. So why were they under water? Hot tubs were for sitting. If it was clean, then they should've been relaxing.
As soon as Skylar thought that, the bottom of the hot tub had disappeared into a slide. They were all of a sudden falling down it. It had twist and turns, but no loops at least. Then they splashed into a pool. Skylar swam out, So did Cris. Then Chris and Skylar both stepped into a body dryer. With Chris' lead, Skylar was able to know which buttons to press. Then they stepped out.
"This is the S.P.A! S.P.A stands for Spy Protection Academy. It isnt about protecting spies. It's about learning how to protect mystics by being a spy!" Skylar understood that. Why would they need to protect spies? That's just stupid. But she thought that the mix up mightve happened often.
Chris lead her to lots of rooms. They all were made of glass. But some were black. But in one of the black rooms turned clear again, when two spies walked out.
"The blacked out ones is when they want extra privacy. It works. You'll see how we do it in the next room!" Then they stood in these tubes and got sucked up to the first floor again. Then Chris lead her to the third room on that side of the first floor. When Skylar walked into the room, there were electricity mystics everywhere. They were on these little square things, that had tinier squares on them. They pressed the tinier squares lightning fast to write something.
"This is our electric room. Those are the Techies. They pretty much get us all the information we need. But sometimes they let us play games on it. I found a fun game that humans like online. It was called Moshi Monsters. There was also one called Animal Jam. I found on called Club Penguin, but to do all the fun things, you gotta pay, so i dont play there. I should show them to you sometimes." Then they walked out. There was one last room there. Skylar just noticed that the casino was on the left side not the right side. She mustve been so impressed she hadn't noticed walking over to this side. The last room on the right side was impressive. It had training, like the S.P.A. But unlike the S.P.A, it didn't have sneaking around simulators and had fighing mats, not glass rooms.
"This is W.A. That stands for Warrior Academy. There are two parts to it. Where you learn how to make your weapons, and where you fight with them. They also teach you how to use your natural powers to fight. I will return you to here later to take you to your assigned trainer. But now, lets see the rest of the left side," Chris guided Skylar out of W.A and then took her back to the left side.
Next to the Casino, there was a cafeteria. But it had places she had never heard of. Five Guys, Cece's Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, Subway, McDonalds, Burger King, and a place that seemed good, called Chipotle. Then there were some fancy places, like Olive Garden, and Golden Corralle. But it smelled so good to Skylar, she noticed how hungry she was.
"We have mostly famous restaurants. Some aren't as famous though, like that Five Guys over there. We also have a breakfast section, because most of these serve breakfast, but these places are famous for it. IHOP and Denny's are in there. We will return here shortly so that you can eat. At least, I am. I'm starving! But i have to show you the second floor before we eat and the next room and then we can eat,"
"There's more?" Skylar asked, in awe. It seemed so amazing that they had all of this in this place. It was amazing.
"Yes! Next up is the mini mall, which is human style as well, and then i show you the second floor, and then i will explain everything during lunch. Does that sound like a plan?"
"Even if you didnt like it, we have to, so i was just asking to be polite. Mini mall, here we come!" The Chris practically had to haul Skylar outta the cafeteria, into the mini mall.
"Here, we by clothing that looks like the kind humans wear. They are still made of the flower petals and grass, except we have formulas made in the lab, which is in the S.P.A, that make it as soft and durable as human clothing. We do the same designs and clothing, like over there is Garage and over there is Forever 21! We also have shoe stores like theirs, like Sketchers and Nike. Now i will take you upstairs and after we eat, we can shop," then Chris took her out of the mini mall and they flew up to the first floor. Mystics were like fairies, except they had no wings, no pixie dust needed, and if they got wet they could still fly. They were not in a hidden island called Never Land either, which made it harder to survive for the,. But they were the same size, and had a way of natural powers. But they didnt control seasons either. They could only help fix a few things. When they arrived at the second floor, it was pretty much just places to live, separated by power. Hair was a representation of what power you have. If it's white, with gray lightning bolt shaped highlights, its electricity and cold. If its red, yellow, red, or orange, it was light and heat. Dark orange, red, or purple meant animals. Neon pink, green, purple, or tye-dye was plants and flowers. Blue and green(any shade blue, almost any gree, except neon) was water. Skylar was a water mystic. And natural colors, like brown, black, blonde, or ginger meant you had no powers.
All the dorms were huge. The animal one was covered in animals everywhere, and it smelled like wet dog, the electricity one had tech everywhere and it was snowing, the light and heat one was too bright to see and way to hot, the plant and flowers on had plants and flowers covering the walls and a rug made of soft leaves, the water one had water slides, and water beds and was completely wet, and the powerless ones had normal decor, with help from all the others.
"This is where i sleep. The powerless'. It made me wanna work even harder, having no powers. Now i am chief of the resistance, proving you dont need powers to be awesome. Now i am lucky that you guys are next to mine. If we get thirsty at night, we will just ask you. But you guys are always splashing us in our sleep though. It's frustrating. But at least we can still fly and such. But, enough about the dorms, wanna go eat?" Chris asked.
"I thought you'd never ask!" Skylar answered and the two girls flew off to go eat.

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Hope you like it

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Sophie (sophieiscraycray4books) | 3 comments I really enjoyed your story, Briana! The W.A. reminded me a liiiitle bit of Vampire Academy which is a book series I like very much.

Do you mind if I give you a few tips or no?

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Sophie (sophieiscraycray4books) | 3 comments Btw I'm a liberal and even thought the Obama joke was funny lol

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Yeah, feed back is great. I wont mind (and i havent read vampire academy so i wouldnt have known)

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments And thx. I really like having people laugh

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments So ur suggestions r...

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Caught up! And I'm proud I knew every restaurant and store that was named... Even five guys. We must live close to each other.

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments cool I luv five guys so I just had to include it

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments :D

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Me too!

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments So u like what i have so far? Hope ur satisfied

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Yes I love it!

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Yipee! But i might not be able to post tomorrow so probably Wednesday the next chapter will come up. But there is a slight chance i post tomorrow. I just really dunno

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Ok I prob won't read it right away cuz I have band camp, 8 hours a day everyday this week until Saturday, which is only 4 hours.... Ugj

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments U got band camp! Lucky. I wanted dance and singing classes this summer, but i was never able. I guess it was the Summer of Books. :)

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Kaylin Behrens | 140 comments Trust me, not that fun.

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Really...lots of hard work?

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Briana Matos (opalinetredeua) | 97 comments Chpt4: Chris had taken Skylar to the cafeteria, which she explained the in the Hut, it was really more of a Grub room. But since they made it look like a human food court, they didn't call it that. Chris made her have Subway, since there was going to be a lot of things to do today.
"Okay, so here's your schedule: at seven a.m, you get up to get some breakfast. Breakfast is the only meal that has strict timing. Come at eight to nine a.m, or don't come at all! Then at nine thirty, you will go to the S.P.A. You have to train on being a spy. There will be lots of new techniques for sneaking that i am sure you didn't learn from sneaking around your mom to steal a cookie. Then at at one p.m, you will go to the Techies for some classes. You need to learn somethings from them that i bet that you didn't learn in The Grove. Hope that your a quick learner, because they don't like repeating. You will meet about five other newbies. We don't collect new members often. Then after the class, which ends at four p.m, you can have some free time to eat, shop, or go to the casino. Then at five p.m go to W.A. You will be there for about two hours and then its back to your dorm. It.s always lights out at nine thirty. But while your at your dorm, since your a water mystic, you can have one of them teach you how to use your powers. I mean, that would be the wise thing to do. Or you can go downstairs and go to the casino. And if you want, you can have dinner. Oh and i almost forgot to tell you. Today, I have to get you your chains. You'll see when we finish eating!" Chris said all of that while eating. Skylar looked down at her sub. She was only half way done, while Chris only had one last, small peice.
"Ok" Skylar replied. Then she looked past Chris' shoulder, to where the Five Guys was. She saw a boy, about her age, with navy blue, a little shaggy, hair. He looked muscular from behind, had some cool looking clothing, that was torn in some parts, like Chris'. Then he turned around, burgers, fries, and soda. Then he looked her way, and then glared at her, as if to don't stare, this is the resistance and walked away. Skylar quickly turned back to her sub. She had noticed that the guy had piercingly blueish, greenish eyes. His face and chest both looked muscular.
"Oooo! You checking out Kent?" Chris asked, which made Skylar realize that while she was staring at the cute guy, Chris went out of her military sergeant character, to a girly best friend character.
"That's his name?"
"Yeah. Kent McFuller. He is one of the trainers at W.A. Our youngest trainer so far. He is your age" then Chris took a while to think. "HEY! What if i make him your assigned trainer. You'll get to know eachother, even though you will have to fight at some point to practice, but i'll make it happen. And i don't care what you say. I am making you guys work together in W.A. Even if he doesn't take an interest, at least you would have a trainer that is close to your age, so you can relate!" Then Skylar thought about something.
"When did Kent join the resistance?"
"Oh, like when he was about two or three. At least people told me that. I wasn't here until nine years ago, at age seven. But i think he got here eleven years ago. When he was five. He was from another grove, that got completely picked. He got separated from his parents and end up here. The McFuller's adopted him."
"Then we can't relate! Because i have lived in the grove all of my life, except sow,times, when i would escape to got to a nearby lake," then Skylar covered her mouth. She hasn't told anybody about that!
"See you were born a rebel! You'll fit in nicely! Now c'mon! We need to go shopping. You can keep these clothes for the free days, just to stay calm and comfortable," then after Chris had said that, Skylar remembered and started to panic.
"Wait! What about my family! They'll be worried sick!"
"Don't worry! They are safe at home and you can visit. They won't be worried because they think you went to a boarding school. They were a little mad, cause they thought that tou signed up without permission, but then they were happy to know it was one of the best!"
"But if you went up to them, and said that to them, how did they believe you? I mean, you look like a rebel, not some trustworthy person!"
"In the S.P.A, you also learn about changing identity, as in your name and how you look, so pretty much acting. I diyed my hair a very dark blue and went dressed as one of the authorities. It's all good," Skylar just couldn't believe that this place was her home now! She couldn't wait to have some fun in the casino!
The two girls went to the Mini Mall. Chris took Skylar ro Gagrage, to get her
Chris had walked up to the front desk and propped her elbow on the counter. Then she said to the guy, "A resistance chain, for the newbie!" The guy had a nose piercing, and spiked up orange hair. Chris had told her that there were some people who thought that being in the resistance was about looking tough, until they actually started. But before they truly started, they may have gotten a tattoo, or piercing. She didn't like them, but even though she chief, she wasn't about to get rid of them. She only got rid of the really bad things, like marijuana, alcohol, and cigarettes. Then the guy went under the counter and took out a chain, that had a little insignia on it. It was like the one Chris was wearing. And she thought she might've seen it on Kent tol. Actually, all of them seemed to have worn them! Was it like a fad or something? Were they in style?
"What's this?" Skylar asked.
"These are the resistance chains. You wear them, so then we know you are one of us. The most popular way was hanging them to you bottoms, like i am doing!" Chris pointed to her skirt, and there were the chains, hanging from the thing that you put your belt in. "You must vow to this: I, state your name."
"I, Skylar"
"Will be fully loyal, helpful, and good to the resistance."
"Will be fully loyal, helpful, and good to the resistance."
"I will never vandalize, steal, or destroy anything from the Hut or from anyone that is a member."
"I will never vandalize, steal, or destroy anything from the Hut or from anyone who is a memeber."
"And most of all, i will not speak about the resistance in any grove, even my own."
"And most of all, i will not speak about the resistance in any grove, even my own."
"Congratulations, newbie, your a member now! Now put on your chain, and lets go get you some clothing!" Chris had chanted. It seemed like she had stated this vow plenty of times, which she probably has. But Skylar didn't think that she would recruit that many people that often. She just had to practice for when she did have to.
"Gee, thanks, but i don't have a place to put it," Skylar stated, looking down at her long skirt.
"Oh, no worries. I can fix that. LUIS!" Chris shouted, and the mohawk guy came her way. "I need you to get a belt holder, okay! For the newbie!" Chris ordered. Then she walked off with Luis to get the belt holder. Since Skylar wasn't sure what those were really called, she decided not to mention that that's not what they are called.
Skylar started looking at her chain. She saw that the insignia was a vase of flowers. Well, more like the shadow of a vase of flowers. She guessed that that was the insignia for the resistance.
Chris had returned with the belt holder and help Skylar apply it to her skirt. Then she helped her put her chain on.
Skylar walked over to the mirror, and looked at herself. The chain seemed out of place, because her outfit was so goody-goody and the chain was so rebel. But she liked the chain. They paid Luis, and walked out of Garage. They went to various stores and Skylar tried on and bought various outfits. By the time she was finished, she had a lot of clothing to carry. Chris said that she will lead her to her personal closet.
They had walked to the closet room, which was hidden (not as much as the S.P.A, but hidden). Skylar was carrying all the bags, while Chris carried the keys to Skylar's closet. Chris said that Skylar holding her own bags would exercise her muscles.
"Here you go, the keys to your closet and your closet!" It was a light blue, like Skylar's hair, and had a wave pattern at the bottom. It had a name tag. Skylar wrote her name, and then her first letter to her last name, as Chris told her to. Then she opened the closet, and saw that even though it wasn't wide, it was deep. She put all of her new clothes into it. Then Chris checked her watch.
"Nine fifteen. They will be turning off the lights and announcing that it's time to go to bed in fifteen minutes. G'night, newbie! Hope your excited for tomorrow!" Then Chris flew away to her dorm. Skylar followed shortly. She saw that the boy dorms were across from the girl ones. She thought that they were just empty rooms at first, until she heard a loud holler come out of the water one.
Skylar propped onto her bed, which was super comfy. She decided that she liked waterbeds. Then she shot sow, water from her finger, until she heard a bell.
"It's nine thirty, all lights out," announcer anounced, and then it was lights out. All of the lights in the Hut had been turned off. Skylar closed her eyes and was out like a light.

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