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Boba So what plots you have in mind?

──  ୨୧ dollette | 53 comments *From a distance, Estelle is your typical girl. But as you draw nearer to her, you can see something that sets her apart from any normal girl. Her fierce, bright blue eyes glow with a light quite inhumane and a sharp set of teeth line her mouth. Still she is quite beautiful with her wavy brown hair that falls just below her belly button and her curvy, petite body. Estelle is a siren. Dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. While she sings her soul out to end a man’s life, her heart yearns for someone to love.*

*Y/N is different from most boys his age. Having seen much misery in his life, he has much distaste for things a typical teenage boy would find amusing. Sports, wine...girls. So when Estelle is washed up on the beach outside his home and he takes her in, what will happen when their worlds collide? When they begin to develop feelings?*

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Boba are you going the notmal path where she would be half fish?

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Boba hmm well does she shift to normal when she is on land then?

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Boba hmm well would it be set in the pirate times?

──  ୨୧ dollette | 53 comments Most likely

message 9: by Boba (new)

Boba Hmm okay

message 10: by Boba (new)

Boba Hmm well I can get behind that then. Guess the name should be Tathan

──  ୨୧ dollette | 53 comments Okie
You first or me?

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Boba Well I figured you would like to since she was washing up on his shore. so got a look for her?

──  ୨୧ dollette | 53 comments (Sorry for the late reply.)

On the shores of Merania, there lay a girl. A stunning beauty with dark hair that fell over her face, hiding her beautiful, bright green eyes. She wore nothing but a shining green and blue dress that looked like mermaid scales. She lay there, unconscious. There was a small wound on her neck and her arms were splayed out like a broken doll. Estelle moaned softly, shifting in her unconcious state but didn’t wake up. Her body ached as memories ran through her mind. A shipwreck. Screaming. Crying. Pirates.

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Boba (Got a faceclaim?))

──  ୨୧ dollette | 53 comments (Shiz, hold up)

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Boba ((ihave any idea who that is?))

──  ୨୧ dollette | 53 comments ((Not really. I just use her alot.))

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Boba ((Hmm okay then well guess ill use this guy http://i.pinimg.com/736x/1a/9f/7a/1a9...))

Percy walked along the shore, as he did most mornings, being on the outskirts of a small harbor he didn't see many visitors so he was usually on his own. He caught sight of someone lying in the san which was odd as she based on the dress which was shiny and dark hair seemed either asleep or unconscious. He picked up his pace before seeing she was injured and checked her pulse, feeling one though week he looked to see if her eyes reacted when he opened them more, seeing beautiful green ones. He decided she needed more help so he picked her up and headed back to his cabin.

──  ୨୧ dollette | 53 comments ((Percy Jackson oml))

Estelle was mildly aware of strong arms wrapping themselves around her and carrying her to shelter and felt mild worry. What if he hurt her? What if he tried to take her powers? Estelle shifted in her slumber but didn't stir. Her body ached miserably and her throat was dry, in need of the Ocean to quench her thirst. Being a Siren, she didn't depend on the water filled with minerals that humans used and instead drank from the Ocean. Salt water was a good substitute but the Ocean gave her the most power and energy.

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Boba He had no intention on taking from her as she had nothing he wanted. He soon set her down in his makeshift bed before looking for something to clean off that cut on her neck, not trying to have a dead girl in his home at the moment.

──  ୨୧ dollette | 53 comments Estelle let out a soft groan, feeling a strange, sharp pain in her neck as she shifted, her eyes fluttering open. As soon as her vision cleared she looked around and yelped, unsure of where she was. "I ma erehw?!" She asked in Sirena.

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Boba Percy just raised a brow as she had no idea what the girl just said so he assumed she was incoherent from a bump on the heas maybe. "I'm Percy, I'm not gonna hurt you" he said trying to calm her.

──  ୨୧ dollette | 53 comments Estelle registered that he was speaking the language of the terragoggs, otherwise known as humans. She brushed a lock of brown hair behind her ear and backed up, paining shooting through her leg. "A human?!" She whispered, fear evident in her voice.

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Boba He only found it weirder as she whispered while he looked her over seeing she had injured her leg as well. "We will need to tend to that too" he said with a sigh.

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