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message 1: by Sean, Moderator (last edited Mar 26, 2018 11:52AM) (new)

Sean Peters | 9349 comments Mod
One thing in life that to me is so important is your memories.

I love my memories, and look at old photos/albums often.

Remembering !

Those great memories.

Here is ten things I will always remember....

1. Getting Married(wife would kill if I did not mention this)
2. Swimming with dolphins off Mexico
3. Going on safari and holding a lion cub, stroking a cheetah.
4. Holding a tiger cub in my arms, and a baby monkey.
5. A Hot Air Balloon ride over Sun City, and game reserves.
6. Swimming/scuba diving with sharks on the coast of Hawaii
7. Flying in a Sea Plane to Vancouver Island, and landing !
8.Horse and Carriage ride through Central Park.
9. Flying over and through The Grand Canyon
10. A helicopter ride over the Hawaiian Islands, especially my favourite island Kauai.
11.Also a helicopter ride over Alcatraz Island and over San Francisco.
12. Watching all the penguins on Boulder Beach, near Capetown.
13. Sitting on Waikiki Beach watching the sunset, after travelling all day.
14. Meeting James Stewart at his house in Beverly Hills.
15. Gondola Ride through Venice.
16. The views from the top of Eiffel Tower.
17. Being at Wimbledon in 2012 watching Andy Murray win the Gold.
18 Getting close/picture with giraffes in San Diego Animal Park.
19 I guess some thing you remember are sad.. The day Princess of Wales Died
20. 9/11
21. Seeing the pyramids, lovely. The people, the begging awful.

Love to hear all yours, please enter your great memories big and small.

message 2: by Skye (new)

Skye | 814 comments Sean, this list is simply magical!!!!

message 3: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9349 comments Mod
Some of you must ready some great moments, memories...

I expected lots of wedding memories, children being born?

message 4: by David (new)

David Freas (quillracer) | 425 comments HAPPPY THINGS I’LL REMEMBER ALL MY LIFE
1/ Watching both my children being born and holding them moments later.
2/ Three vacations at DisneyWorld.
3/ Traveling across country by train.
4/ Proposing to and marrying my wife.
5/ Graduating from college.
6/ Celebrating my parents’ 90th birthdays.
7/ Days spent working side-by-side with my children.
8/ The rapport I built up with my customers and co-workers over 20 years at my store. After being gone almost 10 years, many of them still say, "We miss you." when I run into them elsewhere.
9/ Watching my children graduate from college – including my daughter getting her PhD.

1/ Nine-eleven.
2/ JFK’s assassination.
3/ The Challenger explosion.
4/ The days my parents died.

message 5: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) | 7989 comments Quillracer wrote: "HAPPPY THINGS I’LL REMEMBER ALL MY LIFE
1/ Watching both my children being born and holding them moments later.
2/ Three vacations at DisneyWorld.
3/ Traveling across country by train.
4/ Proposing..."

I agree with you. I can remember exactly what I was doing the day of the Challenger explosion and the loss of Columbia (even more vividly than 9/11). Like my mom can remember the day JFK died.

message 6: by Amber (last edited Apr 05, 2018 12:46PM) (new)

Amber Martingale Challenger exploding.

Hey...someone has to mention the terrible memories, too, you know?

Lorrea - WhatChaReadin'? (whatchatreadin) | 2099 comments Mod
Amber wrote: "Challenger exploding.

Hey...someone has to mention the terrible memories, too, you know?"

I will remember that too. I was home school sick that day and I was with my father. It was very rare that the two of us were alone together and he told me about when he was in school and hearing about JFK's assassination as well as MLK's

message 8: by Amber (new)

Amber Martingale Yeah. I was at school. They called us all in from recess early so we could watch the launch and even the teachers looked like they'd just had the Berlin Wall dropped on their heads.

message 9: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9349 comments Mod
We all have some lovely memories, but we also ready so strongly the very sad times.

Seeing you Mum and Dad both having 90th birthdays is great.

Disney Land, all have great memories for me is different ways.

message 10: by Amber (new)

Amber Martingale What's gonna stick longest in my memory is that I left a layer of thigh skin on a bench at Disneyland the same year the Challenger blew because it was damned close to 120+ Fahrenheit...in the shade that particular June day Mom and I were there.

I had turned 8 just a week or so before the incident and then Grandma died, so two flights to St. Louis and back to California in the space of less than two months will tend to stick...along with anything traumatic that happened in between.

message 11: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9349 comments Mod
Well I guess, my timing was good one year.

My wife were on the Monorail in Disney Park, Florida, when we saw a rocket take off. What a site it was.

message 12: by Amber (new)

Amber Martingale Nice. Mom and I were at the ORIGINAL park.

message 13: by Hans (new)

Hans I will never forget the birth of my children. I'm divorced now. But that memory is still foremost in my mind. Three boys and a girl. I see the boys, now young men, regularly. The girl lived only for 18 days.

message 14: by Amber (new)

Amber Martingale That'll stick in your memory, too.

message 15: by Hans (new)

Hans Indeed, she had Down's syndrome and several diseases of the heart ....

message 16: by Amber (new)

Amber Martingale I'm sorry to hear that.

message 17: by Hans (new)

Hans Thanks. She wouldn't have had a fair chance in live. So it was good (more or less).

message 18: by Amber (new)

Amber Martingale I see your point.

message 19: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9349 comments Mod
Great to see the boys, and so sad, but as you say for the best for the young girl.

message 20: by Scout (new)

Scout (goodreadscomscout) | 108 comments I was a young mother married to a man who didn't have a job. He was at home alone all day, while I worked as a high school English teacher. I was overworked and at the end of my rope. I asked him to wash the dishes while I gave our son a bath. I could tell he was angry and asked him why. He said, "Housework is women's work." I will remember that all my life as the moment when I decided to leave him. I was gone within a week.

message 21: by Barbara (new)

Barbara i hope to remember this for the rest of my life.
The first time i saw my baby boys face after birth, that was 14 yrs ago. What a gift that was to me.
The day i took my baby to swim under water in a moms group. He was 1 or 2 months old and i was terrified but the swim instructor pulled him quite deep under water in the pool and my god my baby swam right to me from quite a distance. it was amazing!

message 22: by Val (new)

Val Scout wrote: "I was a young mother married to a man who didn't have a job. He was at home alone all day, while I worked as a high school English teacher. I was overworked and at the end of my rope. I asked him t..."

Oh, Scout. Reading that made me sad and happy at the same time. I'm so happy you left him!!

message 23: by Val (new)

1. Going camping with my grandparents
2. My Nancy Drew books
3. Heading off to college in my little Toyota Corona
4. Learning to scuba dive
5. Becoming an oral surgery assistant
6. Meeting and marrying my 3rd husband (I know, right? Three??)
7. Honeymoon in Jamaica
8. Adopting my husband's son
9. Hitting the road in a travel trailer for nine years
10. Finding home in Central Oregon
11. Being able to watch deer, birds, squirrels, rabbits, and ducks from my office window
12. When my son and his wife adopted their children and I became a grandmother

1. My mother's unexpected death when I was 24 (It still rips my heart out.)
2. JFK's assassination
3. The Challenger explosion
4. Princess Diana's death
5. 9/11

message 24: by W (new)

W | 38 comments Some very powerful earthquakes.The earth just shook and shook and I felt very lucky to have survived.

message 25: by Sean, Moderator (new)

Sean Peters | 9349 comments Mod

Enjoy every day

message 26: by Raymond (new)

Raymond Cushing | 31 comments Sean, this was a lovely idea. I will stick to good memories. I like those best.

1. Holding my firstborn a few moments after she arrived. This will always be the best memory of my life.

2. My kids’ laughter.

3. Skiing the Seventh Heaven run at Blackcomb/Whistler.

4. Early days, first boat, sailing on the Saint John River.

5. Waking up in some little cove on the Saint John in my boat and sitting on deck with a coffee as the mist rose off the water and the sun came over the hills.

6. Grooming my horses late in the evening.

7. Good books by great authors. Les Miserable by Victor Hugo was the best.

8. Living beside Lake Ontario and watching the sun come up every morning.

9. Laughing with good friends, especially my brother.

10. Walking in the deep woods with my Dad.

message 27: by Kandice (new)

Kandice | 1004 comments These are beautiful memories.

message 28: by Raymond (new)

Raymond Cushing | 31 comments Kandice wrote: "These are beautiful memories."

Thanks Kandice. I have had a very good life. There's been a lot of laughter, books, and music.

message 29: by Sean, Moderator (last edited Nov 03, 2020 09:44AM) (new)

Sean Peters | 9349 comments Mod
Great memories, seeing sunrise is so lovely.

Others that I can think of....

1/Watching Andy Murray play Davis Cup at/played at Wimbledon v Austria.

2/ Meeting Steffi Graf at Wimbledon

3/ Meeting and having pictures taken with Monica Seles.

4/Scuba Diving off the coast of Cyprus

5/ Horseback riding on the beach in Maurituis

5/ Horseback riding on the active Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

6/ Sitting on a sunbed at our hotel on the Big Island of Hawaii chatting to Cheryl Ladd/Jason Scott Lee

7/Having my picture taken with David and Keith Carradine

8/Going on a Gondola ride in Venice

9/ Going on a gondgola ride at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

10/Spending a night at the famous Madonna Inn on the Pacific Highway.

11/Driving down Lombard street in San Francisco

12/Going on The Rocky Moutaineer Train through some of the most beautiful scenery.

13/ Just arriving in Hawaii/Oahu at our hotel, The Pink Palace(The Sheraton) straight into Waikiki Beach and watching the sun go down.

14/ Seeing the outstanding scenery at the highest point in Maui, the cold, then travelling all the way down to the beaches and heat.

15/Going to the closed Coco Palms hotel to where Elvis Presley sand The Hawaiian Wedding song on a raft in the river.(security let us into the grounds to walk around, although the hotel was closed due to hurricane damage)

16/ Great memories of working in top hotels, meeting many celebrities, also working at a clothes shop in Jersey, Bob Monkhouse, Norman Wisdom, Larry Adler, Frank Bruno, Henry Cooper, Mollie Sugden, Harry Carpenter, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Sir Cliff Richard, Robin Asqwith, Reg Gutteridge many more.

17/Going to Alcatraz, and being locked in a cell.

18/Seeing my first Broadway show, Annie Get Your Gun, with Bernadette Peters, also saw Phantom Of The Opera.

19/Saving up to go with my In-laws for a holiday of a lifetime in 1981, seeing so many famous attractions for four weeks from LA, San Diego, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite Park, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, William Hearst home, San Luis Obispo, Venice Beach, San Francisco, there was so much to remember, all so different.

20 Seeing my sister receive an OBE for her work as a nurse and charity work.

I hope I have more memories, sadly no children to have the great memories with to share, but my wife and I will treasure all those lovely memories.

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