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message 1: by Greg (new)

Greg Barwis | 94 comments Hello -

I have a copy of Putnam's Contemporary Italian Dictionary, ISBN 0425028852, which matches the WorldCat entry here:

I have uploaded a cover scan, as well as a scan of both pages of front matter, from my copy of this book - hopefully as useful material for the various questions I have here.

Now for my questions:

My ISBN resolves to this Goodreads entry.

1. This Goodreads entry says it was published in March of 1975, although my personal copy refers only to 1974 (see front matter scan), as does the corresponding WorldCat. Is the Goodreads entry incorrect? I.e., is this an example of something that I should request be fixed, or is this okay as-is for other reasons?
2. The Goodreads entry has no cover - could my scan be added as the cover?
3. The Goodreads entry lists the title as "Put Cont Italian Dict" - could that be corrected to "Putnam's Contemporary Italian Dictionary"?
4. My copy of this book has 448 pages, matching the WorldCat entry. Could this also be added to the Goodreads entry?

The Goodreads entry for the author, May Isopel, contains entries for other editions of this book, as well, all with the shortened title - should those entries, too, be corrected to the full title?

There is another Goodreads entry for "Putnam's Contemporary Italian Dictionary", published in 1970. In this entry, it looks like the author and publisher information were concatenated (it says the author is "Isopel May Barkley Medallion"). It looks like that entry could probably be corrected too, and combined with the others.

Last question - if anything I've asked for here, explicitly or implicitly, is wrong, please do let me know. I'm working through my personal collection adding books and requesting changes along the way, and so if there's anything I'm doing incorrectly with my requests, I'd like the chance to improve.

Thanks very much,


message 2: by Z-squared (new)

Z-squared | 8580 comments Those are all things to change! I've gone through and fixed all the linked entries and combined and uploaded your cover and and and...make sure I didn't miss anything. :)

message 3: by Greg (new)

Greg Barwis | 94 comments That's great - thanks, Z-squared. Looks like you got everything I was able to find. I appreciate it!

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