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Leticia Martinez (nierika) | 1 comments Sorcery: The Invocation of Strangeness
By Thomas Sheridan
Paperback, 280 Pages

This book will prove to the reader that Sorcery and Magic are real forces in the world and that the tenacity of such ideas - over thousands of years of human history - is proof of their legitimacy.

This is why the great and powerful of the world - have always been - and still are, involved in magical rituals. This book allows the reader to implement their own proactive and bespoke Tactical Sorcery to make their own lives more meaningful and creative. You can tear apart the fabric of reality if you wish to do so. Demons can be summoned, and gods can be invoked. That Black Magic is indeed, a real force in the world, and how we all need to understand how to defend ourselves from it.

From Folk Magic to Chaos Magic. The terms change, but the Sorcery remains. What you don't know can harm you. What you do know can make your own life incredibly rich and rewarding. Sorcery is the key which opens a door into godhood.

message 2: by Richard (new)

Richard (drakhir) | 1 comments This book needs adding to Goodreads....

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