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message 1: by Shanti (new)

Shanti Shaharazade | 1 comments I am so wanting to discuss this book. It is one of my favorites and has now become part of the vision of how I see the world. I want to live in a community like the one in the book. my spirit is longing and yearning for it. did it impact and affect you the same way??? looking for any kind of discussion groups to well discuss!

thank you.

message 2: by Olivia (new)

Olivia Grundy | 2 comments Hi Shanti! Nice to ´meet´ you, thanks for starting this thread!
I have just finished the book and I feel the same as you, it has become part of my vision too. I think it is such a powerful book and really reminds me of the power of vision and how planting seeds in hearts and minds is the place where true transformation takes place.

My soul is also longing for the kind of community she describes in the book. It almost feels like an ancient desire that is coming more and more to the surface to be heard.

If anything the book has made me realise how powerful a vision can be. And that power doesn´t diminish over time when it is born at the level of the soul.

I hope you have found/ are in the process of finding your community (I only just realised that you posted this 2 years ago!)

Best wishes, que te vaya bien!

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