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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris (christopher_james) | 4 comments Iayn del Bastogne’s first night in Ravencourt couldn’t be any worse. A bloody brawl and a burning inn land him in prison, where he finds himself with a curious bout of amnesia. Luckily for him, Councilor Kerelle Torino sees in him an opportunity to bring to justice the man who assassinated her father. Meanwhile, Theresa Riven, princess of Ravencourt, flees the palace to avoid an arranged marriage. Injured, she finds herself dependent on the hospitality of Trevor Kellen, an urchin with problems enough of his own. Their threads intertwine, leading them to the centaur Cora Moss – barmaid, brothel mistress, and Trev’s surrogate mother. When Cora is accused of kidnapping the princess, the heroes are forced to ambush a prison convoy. During the rescue, they meet the enigmatic lizardman, Kaa. He and Cora leave them with some answers, but many more questions.

Ravencourt is the first in a series of fantasy novels. It is set in an early-Renaissance-esque society - built atop the ruins of a half-forgotten older world, destroyed centuries ago.

For the concerned: Any violence, romance, and language are limited to PG-13 standards.

For the interested: I've been writing these stories for years, and now that I'm 2.5 novels down I thought it might be time to try and get one published. As such, I'd love nothing more than some feedback from a fresh pair of eyes - ones that aren't so familiar with what the words are supposed to say to be able to read what they do say.

In addition to the usual Beta-Reader questions, I'd love to know:
1) Are there any continuity errors? I've been snipping and chopping the story for a long time, and may have introduced an 'oops' or two.
2) What chapters need the most revision? I've learned a bit about writing since I began in the neolithic age, and some of the sections are... old. Point out any parts that need to be brought up to snuff in terms of content or style.
3) And the hardest - please help me select a target audience? I fear that anything with less incest and murder than GoT is no longer considered "adult" fantasy. So do I need to tone down the vocab and sentence complexity to aim for YA?

Aside from that, any insight is welcome, and I hope you enjoy the read.

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris (christopher_james) | 4 comments There seems to be a glut of us would-be fantasy authors, far in excess of volunteer beta readers. So how about a service exchange? Does anyone care to trade novels?

Alternately, if anyone's just looking for a free fantasy novel to read - with no commitment to offer feedback - I'm happy to share. Even if you don't like it, hey, the price is right?

message 3: by Martha (new)

Martha | 68 comments I'd be willing to swap a few chapters to see if we're compatible/interested. I have a YA-ish fantasy, 92K. I'm currently reworking the ending, but that wouldn't affect the early swap.

Ahjin wants to be an aerobat in his parents’ winged troupe, but his initiation into adulthood holds an unwelcome surprise. There seems to be no way out until a sudden disaster presents an opportunity.

Now all he and a few new friends have to do to earn his freedom is rescue the gods.

If they can even find them...

message 4: by Chris (new)

Chris (christopher_james) | 4 comments That sounds great - it seems like we're both aiming to write for a similar audience. I'd be happy to trade insights.

Send as much as you please to and I'll reply with a matching amount. I'm not concerned about the file format - Word, pdf, body of email.

Alternately, if you'd prefer me to leave comments directly in the text, feel free to share a file with me via Google Docs.

message 5: by Zoë (last edited Mar 28, 2018 05:05PM) (new)

Zoë Maes | 1 comments i'd be willing to swap some chapters too if your interested in my story and if you still need an extra reader. I'm not a native english speaker so I won't see all of the grammar and spelling mistakes but i can help with the plot of the story and continuity errors. My story is not finished yet because i'm a little stuck right now but my aim is to write a 80k fantasy with here and their a little touch of romance but this would be very limited (or that is the plan). I don't have a summary yet so i'm sharing the first two paragraph and i hope you like it and if you want more information about the story just ask ;).
WARNING: my story contains violence, murder, rape (some things could be explicit and some not) and gay characters (if this could be an issue)

They were once the greatest group of knights in the country but now they were hunted down by their former friends and allies. They went into hiding as the rest of their allies were slaughtered. Knowing they could not hide forever, their leader came up with a plan. All of them were determined to defeat the great evil that held their beautiful country in a stranglehold, not knowing whether they would survive or not.

He had done it, he finally got rid of those annoying knights. But they had managed to thwart him one last time by stealing the last object he needed to complete his plan. He had sent his most loyal men to try and locate the object but without any luck. However one day he got reports of sightings of the knight he had killed so many years ago. Could these report be true and how did they managed to come back?

message 6: by Alfonso (new)

Alfonso Meade | 3 comments Chris you're right, we're at a glut.

I'm more than happy to swap chapters with any of you and see where it goes from there.

message 7: by Chris (new)

Chris (christopher_james) | 4 comments Alright, I'm feeling brave enough to beta-read a few projects at once.

Zoë: Don't worry - although my own story is YA-safe, I'm not squeamish. Also, grammar assistance is low on my list of priorities. (In fact, I can be a little too addicted to grammar. Sometimes I sacrifice my story's flow on the altar of the grammar gods.) If you need help expressing your ideas in English, I'll do what I can for you.

Alfonso: That works for me. Send a few chapters my way and we'll get started. Let me know if there's anything special you want me to look for as I read.

I think the best tool for the job is the "comment" feature in Google Docs, but I'll work with whatever file format you like. Share what you please with me at and I'll match what you send. I'm looking forward to working with you both.

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