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Tracy (tstan) | 558 comments This story of Wilhelm Adler, aka Tommy Wilhelm, is the story of a failure. Acting, marriage, fatherhood, being a son, keeping his last job, investing: he’s not good at any of them.
In this slice of life, one day is represented. Though the Day seems uneventful, it is an important look into Wilhelm. He has invested his last $1000 in lard and rye futures, with what looks to be a con man. He asks his father for advice and money, but the disconnect between the two is a generation gap too broad. Wilhelm meets interesting characters that he should be learning from, but he’s too worried about his money to see the lessons. Yet, throughout all of this, he has hope for his future.
I was apprehensive about this book. I’m not a big fan of Bellow. Since this book was only 114 pages, it was tighter. There’s still a lot of navel gazing and self pity, but it has purpose in this book, unlike the pages of ‘poor me’ in Herzog and Humboldt. Even though Wilhelm missed the lessons from his elders, the reader catches them.
For such a short book that appears to be about nothing special, there’s a lot in this. I just wish Bellow has used this type of restraint with his other books.
3.5 stars

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