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Bookworm with Kids This is the spoiler thread for our March read Sugar Money by Jane Harris.

Susan | 4707 comments I just can not shake this book even though I only read 150 pages. I just can not understand people who not only enslave people but then think of ways to make their lives more miserable. Spiked collars, starvation (wouldn't you want to take care of your valuable "property?) and working them to the point of exhaustion. Then that's enough. You devise new ways to torture them. I will never forget them nailing the man to the barn by his ear and knowing the only way to get out of it is to lose your ear. But that's not sufficient. No, you cover them with molasses to attract flies and mosquitoes to drive them crazy. You would think that would be horrible enough but no. They force excrement down someone's throat, gag them and then wire their jaw shut. Please. I just had to lay the book down and try, unsuccessfully to blot the images out of mind. How does anybody else feel about that?

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