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message 1: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia Nash (sylviaanash) | 42 comments Here's the problem: I added both the paperback and Kindle editions of my new release (using the ISBN for each edition) and combined them--no problem. A reviewer later added the Kindle edition again (using the ASIN). Her review only appeared for the one she added, so I combined hers with mine thinking it would truly merge them. Instead, I now have three editions: 1 paperback (by ISBN) and 2 Kindle editions (one by ISBN and one by ASIN). Note: The problem is NOT the ISBN vs. ASIN; I'm just using those to indicate which ones I added (and want to keep) and which one the reviewer added (see below).

Here's my request: Can the edition added by the reviewer with the ASIN be removed so that I have only two editions showing and her review be left?


message 2: by Hugo (new)

Hugo (hugo_nebula) | 730 comments Hi, Sylvia.

There's nothing in the record to indicate that reviewer added the extra edition - it seems to have been an automatic Amazon import (which only happened because you needed the ASIN on the Kindle edition, not an ISBN, and which would have prevented Amazon adding it). As to the ISBN you added to the Kindle edition - it doesn't attach to either of your books and has no record anywhere.

I can merge the Kindle editions together and correct all records for both books.

message 3: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia Nash (sylviaanash) | 42 comments That would be fine, and I would appreciate it! I didn't think about the auto-Amazon thing. By "correct all records" you mean just the ASINs? Or something more? I think everything else is okay--although both books do have an ASIN. Thanks!

message 4: by Hugo (last edited Mar 24, 2018 08:38AM) (new)

Hugo (hugo_nebula) | 730 comments The paperback was missing the ISBN-10 (which I've added), and the Kindle had an ISBN-13 instead of the ASIN required, but it wasn't a recognised ISBN. Once the Merge of the Kindle editions goes through (I'm keeping an eye on the open tab), I'll correct any other information according to the listings on Amazon. I really just want to be sure the Merge doesn't lose any relevant information.

message 5: by Hugo (new)

Hugo (hugo_nebula) | 730 comments Okay, Sylvia, that's all Merged successfully, and you have just one paperback and one Kindle edition of your book here -

(For future reference when adding new books, be sure that Kindle editions have an ASIN, and paperbacks have both ISBNs (-10 and -13): that will prevent Amazon - or anyone else - adding those same editions, as only one ASIN or ISBN is allowed on the record.)

message 6: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia Nash (sylviaanash) | 42 comments Thank you! For the fix and the information!

message 7: by Hugo (new)

Hugo (hugo_nebula) | 730 comments You're very welcome. Enjoy your day. :o)

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