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message 1: by Judy (new)

Judy Moore | 15 comments A wealthy family home for the holidays become snowbound with a killer in their midst.
"Incredible. An amazing 5-star mystery." -- Amazon review
Free on Kindle Unlimited.

message 2: by Alan (new)

Alan | 3 comments I’m No P.I. brings a 21st century point of view to the humorous side of noir detective fiction. After all, where else but noir fiction can a 56 year old unemployed alcoholic, who still lives with his mother, solve a crime the authorities are convinced has already been solved?

It is Christmas time and Tom Mayor has just played a joke on his eight-six year old mother, Lill, Tom, who still lives at home and hasn’t worked in years, announces he is going into the private detective business.

To prove his new found skill, Tom discloses the killer in advance of the end of the Thin Man, impressing his elderly mother. Tom thought all of this was funny, especially since his mother cannot remember the end of the movie she has seen countless times. Yet, in typical fashion for Tom, the whole scheme backfires on him.

The next morning, ever the good mother, Lill finds Tom his first client , Claire Peterson, the dying elderly woman next door. Claire wants to know the truth about her great-granddaughter’s murder and Tom is just the man for the case.

Failure, frustration, and near death do not deter Tom as he solves the case, in Thin Man style

I'm No P. I. by Alan Zacher

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