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▸ Age:
▸ Gender:
▸ Date of Birth:
▸ Faceclaim:

▸ How Long:
▸ Faction:
▸ Mental Stability: 1-10
▸ Power Level: 1-10 (Request 7 or higher)

▸ Eye Color:
▸ Hair Color:
▸ Height&Weight:
▸ Any Visual Quirks: (Masks, scratches, cuts, etc)

▸ General Description:
▸ Habits and Quirks:
▸ Unique Power:
▸ Strengths and Weaknesses:

▸ General Description:
▸ Memorable Events:
▸ Familial Relations:

▸ Zodiac:
▸ Theme Song:
▸ Voice:
▸ Singing Voice:

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Hammie | 126 comments ”description”/
━━━Name: Bahman Hayes
▸ Age: 26
▸ Gender: Male
▸ Date of Birth: August 30th
▸ Faceclaim: Willy Cartier

▸ How Long: Around 4-5 years
▸ Faction: Habit, Royal Purple [Lust]
▸ Mental Stability: 7
▸ Power Level: 5

▸ Eye Color: Brown
▸ Hair Color: Russet
▸ Height & Weight: 6’2, 165
▸ Any Visual Quirks: Barely seen freckles dot his face, really only visible if you look closely. His hands are scarred from work on the docks, and his hair is almost always in his face unless the children of the streets style it for him.

General Description: World, meet a gentle, kind soul. A gentle kind soul named Bahman. He’ll play tricks on others in his faction, tell jokes that have probably been heard a thousand time before, and compliment anyone just to see them smile. After all, what is life without joy? With so many friends both on and off of the streets, it’s hard for him not to have connections almost everywhere, and he uses them to help out his faction, and his other friends. There’s never a dull moment around him, and most are glad for it, to let him take their minds off of the world for at least a little while. And he enjoys doing it- letting people in, allowing them to indulge in the small and sometimes finer things in life.
Despite what most may think, Bahman is by no means docile or quiet. He’s loud, off the wall, and knows how to turn a tide of almost anything in his favor. From bar brawls to sword fights, he’s probably at least participated in one, even if he didn't win. Of course he’d still tell the story like he did, with a good laugh and a few short quips, maybe a drink or two making it go down easier. Though it’s not all fun and games, at least when someone is around him that he knows like the back of his hand. There’s a longing behind his eyes, always skittering in the back of his head. A need for validation, a need for companionship. It stems from some past regret he pushes to the back of his mind and yet thinks of late at night, when he thinks no one is around. He doesn’t know everything he wants to know, despite his peaceful and blow it off demeanor. A demeanor of blind faith.
Bahman is by no means ignorant, but he simply thinks of himself in a lower way than most people would put him. Even then he thinks as long as he can make others laugh and smile, his idea of purity and peace in a fucked up world has been achieved. As long as someone’s happy, he’s happy. He’ll empathize with people who feel like there’s no ground to stand on, and tug someone back up into the light of day. It’s all about showing people just how good you can be, if you would just give it a bit of a chance. Even then there are his moments of intense seriousness, the clear moments when he should not be trifled with. Because he grew up on the streets, and the streets were cruel.
But the people were worse.
Habits and Quirks: Whenever he has a few moments of a break, he’ll go and play with the children of the streets. Stealing food for them is also normal, though a bit rarer than anything else. He fiddles with his hair when nervous, twirling strands around his fingers or running palms up the back of his neck to fluff it up.
Unique Power: He refused the gift of power from Habit, though that doesn’t mean he can’t hold his own.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Bahman’s strength is his never-ending optimism. It’s almost insane how much joy he can cram into one situation,even if it’s just an all around shit-storm. But he can also become closed off and oblivious to those around him, if someone takes something too far.

General Description: Bahman wasn’t always as loud and grinning as he is now. Long ago he was just a boy living with his mother, father, and far too many brothers and sisters. By no means was he the runt of the litter, but he was a bit of a black sheep in the family, staying almost completely silent while not taking part in the business they kept. Poor as they were, they were all still happy, even if his father was never home and his mother was always running from one end of the home to another. Sure, sometimes his stomach was empty, and sometimes he was too tired for his own good; but he was still happy. But times started to run thin, and he was getting older. After a little while, he was sent to work at the docks, and it was hard labor. But there he made friends, he had fun, and he started to feel like he had something of a home- Rather than the dark and cramped building he’d originally found himself in, with an only half caring mother and a father who left early and got back late.
Even with this newfound place, he was still hungry sometimes, always exhausted. And when the Abbey started to crack down in his district, it was like life was trying to shove him into a bad spot. Members of his family started dropping like flies for a time, his sisters and brothers whom he loved so much, despite the teasing. Bahman would just sit by their bedsides, telling jokes and stories, trying to make them feel better, to give something of hope. But they still died, and he still mourned, in his own little ways. He was never ready for them to leave, for anyone to leave in that matter. But everyone did. Friends from the docks would drop too, sometimes, and then he’d just sit. He continued his quiet streak after his youngest brother died, barely three.
But the he met Habit.
Everything seemed to fall into place after that. He abandoned his job at the docks upon hearing of Habit’s faction, upon hearing of Habit’s mark. At first he was going to attempt to try and find something to help his family, but then he seemed to remember that the only one that had truly cared for him was lost. And so he joined Habit’s faction, refusing the mark’s powers but still an integral part of the group. He opened up, he played and laughed, and he made others happy too. And really, that was all he’d ever wanted.
Memorable Events: Sitting around a dinner table with his entire, huge family, trying to pass around what little food they had. His first day at the Docks, when his hands started to become blistered and bruised. When he saw Habit for the very first time. (How could he ever forget that?)
Familial Relations: His mother, his father, and about five brothers and three sisters. Out of those, two of his brothers and one of his sisters are deceased.

▸ Zodiac: Virgo
▸ Theme Song: Missio - Twisted
▸ Voice: Dave Fennoy
▸ Singing Voice: Grandson

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━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ E Z I O Z H A N G .
agent of lust / twenty-one + apr. 3 / male / fc cai xukun

if ever you were to ask how to explain warmth and affection, the easiest way to do so would be to point someone in the direction of Ezio. he exudes a warmth that draws people to him, makes them seek him out for comfort. and he tries his best to provide just that. he wants, essentially, a big ol' happy family. he's welcoming to most anyone that comes along, so long as they don't pose a threat to everyone else he cares for. most would see him as being something like a housewife, and he'd be pleased by this perception.
ezio may not be the most skilled, or knowing, person, but he's quite the social butterfly. he gets along well with most crowds with minimal effort, slipping seamlessly into conversations. perhaps he could get into a bit of trouble if not for the fact that people feel inclined to protect him. he's got a childlike curiosity at times that should be watched when it appears, lest he start something that no one wants to deal with.
he's quite eager to receive praise where his cooking is involved. he didn't come from a prestigious family of chefs only to be told he makes a lousy quiche. compliments tend to leave him flustered, but it's not like he'd turn them away. he's a lot more self-conscious than one would expect of someone who looks quite like him. it isn't vanity that has him constantly checking himself in reflective surfaces. being presentable is important, given he was raised to think as much. part of his life was spent in the public eye as well, serving under his parents before being moved into the kitchens.
mental stability: ten power level: four occupation: househusband
strengths: cooking, gardening, knife-throwing, cleaning
weaknesses: fear of blood, surprises, small children

ezio is very much his mother's son ( though she'd greatly wanted a daughter for those first few years ). he's got her looks, through and through, down to the beauty mark on his cheek. they're even the same height, though she might have used heels to reach his five foot eight. his features are soft, disarming in the right light, but sensual in even better lighting, as his three loves can attest to. soft blonde ( once brown or black ) hair walls just over his eyebrows in curtains, leaving the almond-shaped, honey brown stained glass windows he looks out at the world with in full view on most occasions. he's not particularly long-limbed, but almost evenly proportioned. regardless, with a voice as smooth as honey, he can come off as sweet as he is.

ezio has lived a simple life. his origins are not of great discussion - not because it isn't interesting, but because it is something too well known. his family claimed decades of prestige in the culinary arts, passing down secrets and recipes like heirlooms. they wore them on their sleeves, sometimes literally, and the expectation was that ezio would be no different.
he, himself, had felt that this much would be true of him. it was something he had readily embraced and anticipated like a child opening presents. there wasn't anything stopping from such a thing, except his ever present curiosity may have halted such plans. it was the whispers of heretics that drew hhis attention, and eventually it was the man they referred to as Lust himself. probably not the way his parents had wanted him to go in the world, but it was a way better than none at all.
family: mother, alive; father, alive; several siblings

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WANTED ━━━━━━━━ ▾

24 . 10/1 . karnaca . moon jongup

◦ heresy as an agent of envy power level of 6 ◦
◦ smuggling on several counts mental stability of 8 ◦
◦ multi. counts of grand larceny and conning prying eyes ability ◦

WEIGHT 183 lbs

Mino carries himself with dignity and something akin to grace above his purported societal station. For onlookers unaware, he is simply the cat-eyed man prowling the streets with a look of that could scare a man of the city watch off. And while this has happened one a number of occasions, he's not entirely aware of it. He's intimidatingly pleasing to the eye for some, enchanting for others, and he's not quite sure where to find the middle ground. He's stared down ( sometimes in a more literal sense ) countless would-be plaintiffs and charmed victims all with a clouded view of himself, blissfully teetering between awareness of the natural weapon he's acquired. Some would describe the Lafayette man ( kitty, if they're close enough ) as being lean, perhaps lithe as a more apt word. Lean enough to fit through those less than orthodox escape routes, and slightly muscled enough to reach those extra heights.

If one looks close enough, they might find the faint remnants of scars along his forearms, sides, and very faintly behind his ear. The story for each is ever-changing and comical, but the truth behind them is...a lot less entertaining. At least he and the overseers can relate to some things. On occasion, he can be found with piercings of all kinds and is easily spotted by the beauty mark on his nose.


Associates can describe Mino as being a little too hands-on. His hands tend to wander without much thought, when there's a lot more put into it then they might think. He's a lot more calculating than his look would say. When he was still under the Lafayette regime, they would have thought him their silencer, so to speak. Stupid, but skilled. And they wouldn't be completely wrong. He may not be able to read something on a sheet of paper, but he can certainly read people. All that extra contact is just his way of evaluating how much you may be worth. He's most easily described as a predator investigating prey in this way, and those casual stare downs are merely his way of making people squirm.

Trusting Mino is something few have ever done without facing some sort of calamity. He doesn't usually make himself come off as someone one would put any sort of confidence in, and yet it happens. Too often, people find the things they say behind closed doors coming to light and there's really only one person to blame for that. It only ever really happens to those he doesn't have a strong loyalty towards or any sort of debt to. And even if he was indebted, once that debt is paid you can find his loyalty wavering quite easily. It's nothing personal in the slightest; sometimes his chances of survival are just better if he turns someone over in favor of himself.

Cats have a special place in Mino's heart, and it might be because they're so similar to him. They lounge around for most of the day, sleep for hours, and seem to have a penchant for high places. Not to mention their affinity for things that glitter. Mino has, for the most part, a lot of the traits one would associate with a cat. The sleek gait of a superior tom, the apparently effortless squeeze through a number of spaces, and a somewhat fearsome leap ( and if we're really looking into it, the flexibility to boot ). But he's like every temperamental cat someone could boast owning. Few are deemed worthy of his attention or really being a constant presence. Those that are will be rewarded with some unconventional ally.

◦ chuffs when pleased ; easily distracted by shining objects ; rests in high places ; takes up a large amount of space ; climbs into places he shouldn't
◦ agility ; stealth ; climbing ; excels at numbers
◦ follows instinct ; untrusting ; reckless ; illiterate


As far as any official record is concerned, Mino doesn't exist. Not in the traditional sense, of course. His name is not something easily gotten, nor was his age until a small while ago. For now, he remains Mino, gifted the surname Lafayette after being taken in by an organized group of criminals under the same name. He was not the only child to be integrated into their ranks. He was joined by adoptive sisters and brothers when he was eight, just small enough to squeeze into those spaces the adults couldn't. But it wasn't an entirely selfish venture. It was equal parts seeking safety in numbers and exploiting the capabilities of others, a symbiotic relationship. Thieves sold to smugglers and counterfeiters covered their tracks for a percentage. It was and is, essentially a perfectly working system that Mino was staked in inheriting a portion of.

His childhood was spent grooming him for such a thing. By a year in, he was picking pockets with the older bunch, slipping easily in and out of crowds with coin purses and stray jewelry. It was a year later that they found a use for his fondness of high places, crawling into open windows and rifling through whatever valuables might be hidden inside. He earned himself a number of bruises and scratches in his endeavors, pushing his limits without much prompting. Mino was, to say the least, the perfect pupil for the teachers he'd acquired. Or at least the perfect tool for them. The scrawny kid with the teeth slightly too big for his mouth and long limbs seemed willing to try anything. He had the makings of a businessman, though, bargaining if something could be gained. His ability with numbers was another bonus, added to by his inability to read and thus stick his nose too far into where it didn't belong ( for a time ).

But like the overseers have their aptitude tests, so did the Lafayette children have their own. A race, so to speak, to snatch the most valuable object. They were lucky to have a chance to try again, unlike the unfortunate bunch back at the abbey, but with a time limit. Two days for the actual deed to be done, but weeks to prepare. Their lifestyle thus far had been to prepare them for this moment, but they had to prepare the heist themselves. Mino had been ambitious - or more appropriately, he'd been reckless. He went for what glittered the most within their reach: the gleaming teeth of a cat too large to be just any kind of pet. He'd grown fascinated by large felines long after his numerous stints with bringing home neighborhood cats with bright eyes and "pretty please can we keep it"s. He'd only ever seen one so large in a faded painting kept in a storehouse and up close for the month they'd kept a leopard before shipping it off to some fancy house in Dunwall.

Mino had thought the short experience had taught him everything. He'd watched and waited and waited and waited until finally, it was time. He snuck his way in through an open window close enough for him to shimmy into from a branch, and down to where they held the large striped beast. Everything was going smoothly, until he opened the cage. And that was where the first of his many scars had come from; the claws of the tiger sinking into the flesh of his side and forearm. It seemed more interested in running than focusing on him, and he made his own escape. And then he tried again, and again, and again until his mentor had physically barred him from doing so again. Instead, he was given a test of a different kind, focusing on the very little combat he could partake in, ultimately adding more scars to the canvas of his frame.

Plenty of people have asked him if he's ever succeeded in getting that damn cat, and as far as they know, he hasn't. Instead, he contends that he caught something else. And, in a way, he did. Each year sees a new attempt at something grander than the last, and the recent year saw a change. Heretics are nothing to sneeze at; Mino knows as much. And now he counts himself among them, tied to the supposed embodiment of envy - a fitting place for him to be.

◦ lekivian : marked one
◦ "father" : cook ; "mother" : blue

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                          ❝ F E A T U R I N G ▾ charlie matthews


                               ▓┌                                                      ┐▓
                                             T H E  F I R E B R A N D 
                               ▓└                                                      ┘▓

( i. ) ▬ M A L E
pansexual ;; panromantic                                               ───────────
currently infatuated ;; unknown                                            Apollo
birthday ;; unknown
birthplace ;; unknown
ethnicity ;; unknown

description A G E N T ▬ ( ii. )
description leki (envy) ;; faction
      ─────────── description 8 (poses as a 5) ;; power level
         Tiamanus descriptioninformant ;; affiliation
description n/a ;; morale

                     ✖                 D̥͚͌ͮO ̵Ÿ̀̚ŌU͢ ̩͔͈ͤ̎̒͘T̑ͧ͊Rͣ̒ͥUS̪̫T̹ͨ ̄̏͝ME̘͙̪̔́̈͡ ͍̤͒ͮ͟Y͓ͯ͞E͡T͖̙͗̑͝?̕                  ✖
    ❝ A M B I V A L E N T▾ (I came, I saw, I blew shit up, I came again.)

↳ One of Lekivian's most trusted faction members, Hatchet (what he goes by) is a bit of a wildcard and is typically labeled "impractical" or "nontraditional." So it isn't much of a stretch to call him the eccentric type. While he's very personable and warms up to people easily, (perhaps to an uncomfortable degree..) he has a tendency to lash out at his peers and even Leki himself, suffering from fits of rage and violent behavior. On the good days, he's wandering the base, brightening the mood, bonding with the people around him. On the bad days he can be found in his room, the basement, where he pounds away at metal with a sledgehammer, growling like an animal as he desperately searches for an outlet to release everything he has pent up deep within.
(view spoiler)

    ❝ N O T O R I O U S▾ (you've heard that name..)

↳There's nothing more interesting than a man with a history, but no past. The name Hatchet is not unknown to the people of Gristol, or even the empire itself. In fact, they have a file for him specifically and it's mostly empty, excluding the multiple reports of criminal activity that he's never been investigated for because he's never actually been caught. His vendetta against specific people go unexplained and his actions all seem to be working towards and end product -- and of course he'd deny that.

His initiation into the Envy Faction was short and sweet. He showed up, he kept showing up even when they drove him out, he made himself useful and eventually Leki gave in and granted him powers as well as a connection to the rest of the faction (much to the dismay of some particular members..)

It's at the base where he's usually found, bugging people, or building things, plotting and scheming in the late hours of the night.

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