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The Perks of Being a Wallflower
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BLIND DATE: ARCHIVED > ✓ Pair 19: Rachelle & Kelly (August 2014)

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Gisbelle | 27299 comments Blind Date Challenge: Rachelle & Kelly

Task: Book from 5-Star books list | 5-Star Books

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Gisbelle | 27299 comments Badges

 photo task_zps0d355b52.jpgdescription

Kelly | 192 comments We picked 48 if that's still available?

Gisbelle | 27299 comments Yes :)

Gisbelle | 27299 comments Added.

Rachelle | 25 comments ooh this should be easy!

Kelly | 192 comments For real! We got lucky. :) Does anything look good to you?

Rachelle | 25 comments There's so much to choose! How about this, would you want to start or finish a series, or a stand alone? I guess the difficult part is picking a book lol!

Kelly | 192 comments I am down for starting a series or a stand alone, but I don't think I could pick a book that's mid series.. How about we each pick a few books we'd be interested in and go from there?

Kelly | 192 comments Are there any series that you wanted to read but never got to?

Rachelle | 25 comments I have a lot of books on my Ipad that need to be read. So let's just post say 10-15 books and see if we have any matches?

Kelly | 192 comments Super. Looking now!

Kelly | 192 comments Oooh, ooh, ooh! Perks of being a wallflower!! I never read that but always meant to! Are you okay with that or do you still want to see my list?

Rachelle | 25 comments Yeah I'm cool with that! I've just watched the movie and I always wanted to see which one's better haha!

Kelly | 192 comments Perfect! So I've been creeping on the other threads to see what you do next, and it looks like we need to decide how we want to read. Shall we read a couple of chapters and discuss as we go? Also, do you have the book already, or will you need to get it? I imagine we're not supposed to start until August, so we have time. :)

Rachelle | 25 comments Yes we need to make a discussion for our buddy read. I'm pretty sure that's what the other groups are doing too. I think I'll take a look at their discussions too. I already have it so I'm good, do you? We do need to set up a date, so do you want to start on the 1st?

Rachelle | 25 comments oh nevermind we discuss the book here so we don't need to create another discussion. Oh and I'm looking at the book right now and it's split into 4 parts so we can do 1 or 2 parts a day because it's only 213 pages.

Kelly | 192 comments Yeah, that's great. I don't have it, but I can go out and get it tomorrow. Do you want to start on Monday? I can start whenever really.. Also, are we supposed to do more than one challenge?

Rachelle | 25 comments Can we start on the 1st on Friday? I'd want to start the challenge right away if you don't mind. Yes I think after we finish this book, we get pick another number and it goes on until we run out of numbers. Oh and are you okay with reading 1 part or 2 parts per day?

Gisbelle | 27299 comments Only one task, you guys. Once you finish, you are done with this challenge.

Rachelle | 25 comments Oh okay! Then we can start on Monday on the 4th if that works for you!

Kelly | 192 comments Yeah, we can start on the 1st! Though Gisbelle said we could start early if we wanted. I'm fine with reading two parts, but that would mean our challenge will last two days. But I'm fine with that!

Kelly | 192 comments Ooh. When I said Monday, I meant like after this weekend. But as long as I find the book (which I should because I'm buying it), we could start tomorrow if you wanted!

Rachelle | 25 comments Oh I misunderstood then. I don't mind starting on the 28th. I just thought since this was an August challenge we start it on August. We can do 1 part a day too, that was before when I thought we would be getting more challenges. That way we put more content on our spoilers :)

Kelly | 192 comments Ha, super! One part a day it is then. But we can wait until the 1st if you want, since you're right, that's technically when it starts.. Also, I've never done a buddy read before, I typically inhale books in one sitting, so I apologize in advance if I don't do the discussions correctly. :)

Rachelle | 25 comments Okay we can start on the 1st. Oh it's quite simple. Just make sure you use the spoilers html in case people are looking at our thread and accidentally read our post when they never read the book. It'll be fine, I feel like we're going to finish this book quickly and if we do we can always readjust the amount by posting here :)

Kelly | 192 comments Fabulous! I look forward to reading this book with you! See ya on the 1st!

Rachelle | 25 comments Can't wait!

Rachelle | 25 comments Hey Kelly! I've started on the book and I'll be finished with the first part by tonight. I'll be able to discuss with you by then :) I like it so far, how he's writing it as diary entry, makes it feel like he's talking to you and the book goes faster!

Kelly | 192 comments Hey Rachelle! I'm just starting it now, I can't wait!! It's been hard having it but not reading it!

Kelly | 192 comments I had some problems getting into it at first, (I haven't seen the movie, so I really had no idea who any of these people were) but it picked up quite nicely. Let me know when you've finished part 1 and I'll be back.

Rachelle | 25 comments I'm done and I see what you mean, I guess in this case I'm glad I watched the movie first. I so far like the book way better though! I know it's wrong but(view spoiler)

Kelly | 192 comments Yeah, I had no idea that was happening either. When we found out later, I was like, oooh, that makes way more sense.. (view spoiler)

Kelly | 192 comments (view spoiler)

Rachelle | 25 comments (view spoiler)

Kelly | 192 comments (view spoiler) I'm definitely looking forward to reading part 2! However, I'm going to be out of town tomorrow during the day, so I won't be able to post my thoughts until late tomorrow night, just FYI.

Rachelle | 25 comments I can't wait either! It's a little longer than the first. You can read some of it tonight since we're discussing it right now. That's fine with me, I can just post mine first.

Rachelle | 25 comments Okay so here are my thoughts: (view spoiler)

Kelly | 192 comments (view spoiler)

Rachelle | 25 comments (view spoiler)

Can't wait for part 3 now :)

Kelly | 192 comments (view spoiler) How are you liking it so far?

Rachelle | 25 comments (view spoiler) I'm enjoying this book a lot. I love reading Charlie's thoughts and the way he interprets a conversation like when he's having the birds and the bees talk with his dad is funny! I like that he's starting to bloom and becoming normal like making stupid mistakes like the big one he just made. How about you?

Rachelle | 25 comments (view spoiler) This book was amazing and seeing Charlie experiencing a lot of firsts takes you back in high school and reminisce about those days. What did you think of the book?

Kelly | 192 comments (view spoiler)
It does for sure take you back to high school, but made me think while I was reading how tame my high school days were compared to Charlie's. :) I'm definitely glad we picked this book, it was an entertaining read.

Rachelle | 25 comments (view spoiler) Yes mine were much tamer than Charlie's as well. I'm glad we did this buddy read! It's nice to know what others are feeling about a book, especially reading after you read something that makes you want to talk to someone about it. I'm happy we picked this book too :)

Kelly | 192 comments I agree. :) Thanks for doing this reading challenge with me! It's been fun!

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