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How do you pronounce Hermione?

Check the movies,they say it like this


To tell the truth, I had no idea until I heard it pronounced in the movie as Her-MI-oh-nee. I heard it in my head sort of like Her-Miney.



In the fourth book she tries to teach Victor Krum how to say her name. The pronunciation is there.

Well, they're British, so if you want to say it in a british accent, say it like everyone has been telling you to. If you want to say it in american English, just say Her-my-nee. Hope this helps :D

This is from the site behind the name:

Classical Greek
hər-MIE-ə-nee (BtN)

BtN Key
ə as in about
E as in bet, care
EE as in beet, keen
H as in hen
IE as in bite, kind
M as in maze
N as in not
O as in boat, cone
R as in right

It is originally a Greek Mythology name.



Christian got it right! It's as she was trying to teach Krum at the Yule Ball dinner. She keeps trying to tell him "her-my-oh-nee".

Until I heard it aloud in the movie, I thought it was Her-mi-knee, but now I pronounce it as it should me, Her-my-oh-knee. :)

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