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▸ Age:
▸ Gender:
▸ Date of Birth:
▸ Faceclaim:

▸ How Long:
▸ Mark Location:
▸ Why Marked:
▸ Mental Stability: 1-10
▸ Power Level: 1-10 (Request 7 or higher)

▸ Eye Color:
▸ Hair Color:
▸ Height&Weight:
▸ Their Faction Color:
▸ Any Visual Quirks: (Masks, scratches, cuts, etc)

▸ General Description:
▸ Habits and Quirks:
▸ Unique Powers:
▸ Strengths and Weaknesses:

▸ General Description:
▸ Memorable Events:
▸ Familial Relations:

▸ Zodiac:
▸ Theme Song:
▸ Voice:
▸ Singing Voice:

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Hammie | 126 comments ”description”/
━━━Name: Lekivian (Leki) Abner
▸ Age: 24
▸ Gender: Male
▸ Date of Birth: September 25th
▸ Faceclaim: Sean O Pry

▸ How Long: 6 years
▸ Mark Location: Left collarbone
▸ Why Marked: Leki represents the sin of Envy- He was marked because of his want for power, and how fervently he sought it out. He called to the Void, and It answered him back.
▸ Mental Stability: 6
▸ Power Level: 6

▸ Eye Color: Grey
▸ Hair Color: Black
▸ Height & Weight: 5’9, 145
▸ Their Faction Color: Pale Blue
▸ Any Visual Quirks: The mark on his collarbone, of course, along with the scars from his day of reckoning. The most prominent of these is the jagged slice that stretches from his jawline to cheekbone on the right side of his face- At least the most prominent visual one. There are also the frameless glasses he wears, not for the sake of sight, but for the harsh light.

General Description: Always thirsting for knowledge has made both a skilled fighter and a sharp mind out of Lekivian Abner. Though he relies more on his words than anything, winding his way out of things that might make a fool out of any other man. He takes pride in the ideas and machinations if his mind, but even then, he knows when to hold back. It’s often emotion that will cloud his reason, for he becomes attached easily to those who give him the time of day. The Outsider was no different. Upon betraying the trust he so naively places in people, however, will earn you a sharp and quick punishment. More often than not, it is fear that makes his mind muddle, but also anger. He’s quick to defend those he loves and quick to denounce those attempting to harm either himself or those chosen few, but he can easily fall in over his head before managing a way out of it.
Often he’ll try to keep up a stronger persona than his actual traits, making it seem as if he’s completely unaffected by those around him. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as he’s a heavily passionate person and takes almost everything with a seriousness that’s odd of someone his age not in The Overseer’s group. Then again, he can sometimes become consumed with how he has to measure himself in order to keep up the persona, and it wears him down. There are days when he drops it altogether, and he is not the same person people see. Leki will become irritable, more emotional, anxious and sensitive. On these days he usually secludes himself, in order to avoid harming his already flawed pride.
If ever he decides to speak with you privately, you will see an gentler side to him, less of the smartass leader that he makes himself out to be. The cravings he has for piece of mind, less of the whirlwind everything and more of the quiet lonesome, yet yearning for company. In these moments of weakness Leki is kind, all small smiles and barely hidden sorrows from his past. Few earn the right to see this, even if he willingly trusts most he meets, there are those he holds to a higher standard. Those who he would truly die for, if the time ever came- despite his ever-present fear of the unknown.
Habits and Quirks: Whenever Leki makes it out of a sticky situation with the mark’s help, he’ll run his fingers over it, always tapping three times before moving on to the next target. He’ll go to his shrine when he feels alone or confused, and simply clean and polish it, not attempting to earn The Outsider’s favor. It simply helps him think, to listen to the charms and runes sing.
Unique Powers: Identity Theft: He’ll disguise himself as an enemy in order to slip through unnoticed by those who would wish to do him harm. Prying Eyes: He can see the weaknesses of enemies around him, and can thus exploit them to his advantage. Seeing Double: He creates two clones of himself- One with his best assets, to help with the fighting- And one with his worst assets, to act as a living shield.
Strengths and Weaknesses: Leki’s main strength is his deception and trickery- The Void has simply aided in what was already there, giving him the power to become something and create nothing. But emotions cloud this judgement and processing, thus making the mind take hold, and the visions of future fail, retreating to those of past. To sum it up: He can think faster than most, and react faster than most. But get him into a tight corner, and he might start to panic, doubting himself in the worst ways possible. Manipulation is hard to avoid, with him...

General Description: Leki started out as the nephew of a wealthy nobleman, one who despised and oppressed him, however this changed early on in his life- When he was abducted by the Overseers and placed into the Trials of Aptitude. He’d essentially been thrown out of the frying pan and into the fire, taken from one broken home to the next. It was here in his readings that he started to take interest in The Outsider, more so than any other child in the Abbey. Upon passing the trials, upon reaching out of the pit and finding himself on solid ground, Leki ran. He escaped the Abbey and fled into the streets of Dunwall, determined to keep himself in hiding and safe from those that would do harm. However it seemed fate had other plans, when he found one of The Outsider’s whale bone charms when walking on the beach one night. And he could hear it, the swan song of The Void and things that came with it. Leki could hear it singing. Thus he took to his studies of the thing more fervently, traveling to black markets and scoring through libraries to find books on the matter. However his research drew the eyes of the Overseers once more, and upon finding out what exactly he was doing, they decided on a befitting punishment- Death.
It was there, laying battered and bloodied in a prison cell late at night, that The Outsider finally made his appearance. He was unable to form words, too mottled and dazed, but he understood what it meant when the otherworldly boy pressed a kiss to his collarbone; his mark searing into the flesh beneath lips. The next morning, on what was to be the day of his execution, Leki discovered his powers. With them it was simple to escape once more, disguised as one of their own. Then, he traveled to Karnaca, seeking refuge in the lower communities there and continuing his interests in The Void and other ideas. He’s now made a small faction for himself, and keeps his own shrine to The Outsider as tidy as ever.
Memorable Events: Of course the earning of the mark comes to mind, but there is also the killing of his original parents. He was orphaned, and thus sent to live with his aunt. The singing of the charm late at night, the first time he reached for The Void, and how it reached back. His first sight of Karnaca as well will forever be seared into his mind- The blood run waters compared to white, sun kissed buildings. He likes it much more there than in Dunwall.
Familial Relations: None, other than his original wealthy aunt.

▸ Zodiac: Libra
▸ Theme Song: Golden Days - Panic! At The Disco
▸ Voice: Watsky
▸ Singing Voice: Adam Jensen

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;   ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬  A B E L  S A M I R  Y U S E F  
      ▸ ᴀ ʀ ᴋ ᴇ ᴅ​                 ▸ ɢ ᴇ ;; ( 27 ) ◂              ▸ ᴏ ᴡ ᴇ ʀ ;; ( 8 ) ◂
    ┌                                                       ┐             A sheep has left the fold
         A  R A B B I T  W I T H  A  H A B I T               hoof beasts go a' trotting
    └                                                       ┘     at the gates they go a' knocking


                              ❝ FATAL FLAW ▾ HUBRIS /ʟ ᴜ ꜱ ᴛ
    Once upon a time
Heaven was a towered tower
    Tethered in its ρяι∂є
Castor's grace is sour, sour
Thought the ink was dried
нєℓℓιѕн gardens flowered
    Ivy to be climbed
Spread my filth, my wings,
    my weeds, my weeds
──────────────────── ♛ ────────────────────
   ↳ Identity
alias ;; rabbit/habit
how long ;; seven years
moral alignment ;; chaotic neutral
current status ;; marked one
artifact ;; rabbit's foot

   ↳ Birth
sign ;; scorpio
ethnicity ;; gristol
age ;; 27
mental stability ;; 5-10

(personality;;) Enjoy your life while you still can.
   It's not that Abel doesn't like getting his hands dirty, just not with blood. While he's never been particularly textbook intelligent, Abel has always had a certain intoxicating charisma, even before he was whisked away into the night by the raw power of the void coursing through his veins, pulsing throughout his being and devouring him completely.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Abel isn't the very traditional type, and he never has been. It's likely why his temporary job at the Golden Cat fit him so well. He likes to taste, he likes to watch, he likes to love. Much to the dissatisfaction of the Outsider, who he suspects was expecting more from him.

(view spoiler)

   ↳ Mannerisms and Tendencies
⇁ clicking his tongue, making noises with his mouth
⇁ prowling, creeping and stalking
⇁ snorting when he laughs
⇁ using his powers just for the hell of it
⇁ showing off
⇁ sadistic tastes
⇁ not very.. intellectually inclined

(personality;;) Prostitution is a perfectly respectable career
   And he didn't regret it one bit. While it was generally frowned upon, he was a fan favorite and he treated his peers like family. He started out son to a coven of witches in Gristol who were taken in and executed by Overseers. He was supposed to be too, but they took pity on him and sent him to Dunwall, where he served at the Golden Cat, a brothel, for the majority of his life.

He grew up on a few simple aesthetics that he lives by still today. Be who you want, let people be who they want to be and don't let anyone tell you you are not a pretty fucking princess. But when the empress was murdered he was no longer under the protection of his brothel mother who was "fired and dismissed" from the premises. She was the one that regulated who came and who left. So nothing stopped corrupt nobles from downright abusing him. He endured several months of brutality from people with power to suit them, learning how to steal what he could because there was also no one there to pay them, and nowhere to run.

(view spoiler)

   ↳ Extras
theme song ;; grace for sale
favorite color ;; purple
favorite book ;; house of leaves
favorite band ;; spoon

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━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ( SARANG ; )

( MARKED ONE : xxiii + ii/xiv : male : park jimin )

what do you w i s h for
i can make your d r e a m s true

POWER ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ▾
level : 9.7 - can exceed depending on the
devotion of those around him
mark : located in a ring around his neck
powers : sarang's three powers tend to verge into sins. sort of...all encompassing, like him.
insatiable : this is probably the most often used power that sarang has. he's able to inflict an unceasing hunger for anything he so chooses for them to. regardless of whether or not this hunger is complied with, the hunger remains. it can last anywhere from a day to, well, however long it takes for the person to expire.
harder : those around sarang tend to be a tad bit more aggressive towards him, if he wishes it. and on most occasions, he doesn't mind. but this particular ability tends to make people feel more inclined to be physically honest in ways he quite enjoys.
rose garden : most that end up in his presence find themselves weakened, and a little bit in love. if they begin coughing up rose petals, they're in the final stages until they cough up whole roses, roots and thorns piercing their lungs and windpipes. and if it's not a rose, it's the poisonous petals of nightshade, leading them to gruesome accidents with hallucinations of their beloved or desired. this is his least controlled power, and as such, he tends to avoid using it as much as possible.

MENTALITY ━━━━━━━━━━━━ ▾
time since marked : 5 years
stability : a surprising 5
other illnesses : histrionic persona disorder
alignment : chaotic neutral
a delight; a blight. a blessing; a curse — there's always varying opinions about the ( currently ) silver-haired young man swarmed by bodyguards, lovers, or something in between. just the same way they seem to have their doubts, or maybe even the fantasies, about him. he's intrigue and the obvious all wrapped in one and no one can ever really decide which part they like best. not the lucky ones, at least. just as the Operator ( "Ollie," he'd sigh, almost wistfully and with a wink ) has his Affliction, so does Sarang have his own plague — his love and affection. it's funny, really, the form it takes on. giddy teenagers with an affinity for emotional turmoil seeing one poor victim of this disease perpetuated its existence as something fictional. not that he really minds; they love it, and by extension, him. because just as his disease spreads, so does his desire to be loved. or well, at least to be smothered in the devotion.

if you've never experienced all that is Sarang, you can either count yourself lucky or consider yourself missing a crucial experience; perspective plays a key role even in this aspect of him. he's not some enigmatic creature. he's a shamelessly spoiled pet who would purr for anyone. in fact, you'd think him the most subservient thing. do this, do that; he'd do it gladly. but he'd never be without control because he's always getting precisely what he wants. Sarang wastes little time in pulling what he wants from someone, regardless of how it be done. because he wants it, yes, but that it is not always as it seems. he'll come in the most trying of times, hours of the lowest lows and be exactly what you've dreamed of to release you. he'd be a trap disguised as an escape.

but Sarang is neither a paradise nor a hell. he's a purgatory; you rot within him until there is nothing left. be it your sanity or your health, you're stuck in place with him whether you realize it or not. in fact, as mentioned above, very few last beyond the clouding of their lungs and the slicing of their insides. and he'll watch with a pleased smile on a his face — a job well done.

strengths : manipulation & persuasion & deception & pleasure
weaknesses : attention & affection & pain

have you ever seenso beautiful they'd make you want to cry? orso alluring you'd die if they asked it of you?this is the kind of beauty you get when you take in all that is Sarang's visage. a round face with a defined jawline, lips lush and full. he's like something off the pages of explicit magazines, coveted and hidden away. he's a pretty thing, something to admire. even though he isn't of great stature ( "167 centimeters is hardly anything to be proud of," he'd huff and pout cutely ), and even if his eyes sparkle a different color as he so chooses, he's a gem. he's not without some muscle definition; his lifestyle prior to his godliness gifted him with at least this much. it left him with quite a bit to look at really, which he wraps up neatly in expensive luxuries and priceless fineries. he's been praised and petted for his lovely locks, colored silver now but once a black-blue like the feathers of a raven. a pretty little thing is what she called him, and a pretty little thing he remains.

RECORDS ━━━━━━━━━━ ▾
family : deceased, probably, maybe
family is an interesting thing to think about,
especially when you have to consider who
gets to eat and who doesn't. for sarang, who's
name wasn't always so, he drew the short end of the stick. short enough that they thought it best to sell him to a circus. it was not the fault entirely of their own. they were compelled by the money offered and one less mouth to feed. it was no matter, though; sarang would find ample attention outside of the unintentional negligence of his family. perhaps, not the best, but attention no less. the borderline elderly owner of the circus had been looking for an attraction not like the rest. he had a bearded woman ( overdone, overworked ), a dwarf he passed off as the world's smallest man ( until it was confirmed of otherwise ), and needed something new.

why not the world's most beautiful boy?

he was only eight when this transfer occurred and he remained there for quite a few years. and perhaps it would have been a good few years if this old man had been anyone else. but this particular old man was not anyone else. he made sure his boys were to be good, and they knew it. sarang learned this like anyone else, finding the backend of a belt buckle. but not to his own unblemished skin. it would be to those close to him, those interested.

he was thirteen, budding further into the finest rose. he drew the eyes of many, including a boy so captivated he attended the show often. it got to a point where he could pick the boy out in the crowd. his master did not take this well. there came a point when the boy snuck where he didn't belong. sarang never saw him again. but this boy would not be the last. there would be others as sarang grew older. boys turned to men, girls to women. they'd get closer each time, enticed by the game he was learning to play. perhaps this wasn't the best idea, but it was something to keep him entertained. he enjoyed the praise and petting, so different from the careful examining of his master.

he was eighteen, "no longer a boy, something more than beautiful." he, unbeknownst to others, had grown tired of an aging man with hunger eyes. his master had waited, perhaps out of some skewed moral obligation, for his eighteenth birthday. and then he was no longer an attraction, but his. had sarang suspected it; maybe. but he also hadn't intended for the events that transpired to take place. his companions had been with him since his first day. the woman with two faces and the human seal were by far his closest companions, caring for him as parents. they had seen all of what was happening and under their own obligation, attempted to run with him. they managed a measly distance before being recaptured.

and then he watched them both die.

sarang had...ideas of what had happened to all his suitors. seeing it firsthand was decidedly not the same. and this, my friends, was his breaking point. smashing his head in was no problem. getting the blood out of his clothes was a different story. a sobbing mess, covered in blood that was not his own, and impossibly ethereal in the situation; this was how The Outsider found him. and this was how sarang was gifted with his mark.

holding the attention of a god was fun, until it was too constant. and then sarang fled, for once capable doing so. it did not deter him from coming back, though. and who could ever say no to a face like his, not let him in?

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both accepted

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━━━ (Lady) Noa Flynn Rutger
▸ age: 18
▸ gender: F
▸ date of birth: Nov 1
▸ faceclaim: Alexia Evellyn

━━━ mark
▸ how long: nearly 5 months
▸ mark location: inside of her left wrist
▸ why marked: boundless curiosity and desire for knowledge, a desperation and desire to take back power in a relatively powerless situation
▸ mental stability: 8.4
▸ power level: personally 2.5 {when using powers this fluctuates dramatically, but generally for the three charges; 8 / 6 / 4}

━━━ appearance

▸ eye color: brown with a touch of hazel
▸ hair color: red/orange
▸ height: 5’5” (okay maybe a bit under)
▸ weight: 115
▸ faction color: emerald green

━━━ personality
▸ general description: Noa is a firecracker. She's always ready with a smirk, usually with a smile not far behind, and she's quick on the draw (most of the time). She can be very wry and cynical, but tries to overcompensate for her lack of faith in the world by forcing a positive outlook for the things she doesn't know, especially on a superficial level. She’s quite charming and charismatic, mostly because she recognizes that all parties have goals and she can help others achieve theirs as much as they can help her achieve hers. A happy ally is more willing to make a deal in the future, after all.

At her core, Noa is an attention whore. Brought up in Morley and enjoying the vast variety of art there, she’s very good at dance, is fairly talented with voice, has a basic knowledge on a couple instruments (not great, but manageable for simple things), and sometimes has decent sketches (very hit or miss). Ideally she likes to show off her talents - though she hasn’t much had an opportunity to perform since moving to Dunwall - and get positive feedback from an audience. She feeds off the energy of other people and reflects it back to an equal or greater degree. Her desire for attention sometimes gets in the way of her acquired instinct to observe and evaluate her surroundings.

She tends to be a bit of a know-it-all. She has a hunger for knowledge - especially about topics that other people don’t like to talk about. She used to have a habit of sharing her little tidbits of information, but quickly stopped that once her interests shifted toward the heretical. People in Dunwall aren’t aware of the absolutely bubbly girl she was in Morley, as most of her time here has been spent locked away in the Rutger estate, and she’s been broken of some of her more lighthearted joys.

Now that she’s free of her husband, Noa is finally free to do as she wants -- a bit of a delayed wild child phase. She will flirt with just about anyone that catches her interest, and may even follow through on her teasing on a whim. She does not take lightly to her boundaries being crossed. She has a certain degree of patience, and after several failed approaches with the former husband has now trained herself to view confrontation objectively and search for the best method of removing herself from the situation or changing the direction things are going. She keeps a mental tally of offenses against her that she occasionally recalls when feeling especially angered - and though she tries to prevent burning bridges there are times where she isn’t above petty revenge, though she’s more likely to take out her frustration on a weaker target if the perpetrator is too big of a threat (if that is the case she just stews in anger and avoids at all costs).

She is both more and less naive than she seems. New things delight and intrigue her, but she tries to approach risk with caution. She can make herself seem more innocent and less experienced than she is, but will also put on a front that she knows more than she actually does, depending on the situation.

Now that she’s free of the old man, she intends to find power where she can and gain it. She’s patient but not that patient, and she thinks she’s a lot smarter and better at reading people than she is. In truth, she’s too ambitious for her own good. She likes to gather allies and tools and is willing to spend her inherited fortune to get those things.

▸ habits and quirks:
- chews the inside of her lip when particularly stressed or anxious (or when holding back)
- good at faking surprise but not so good at hiding real surprise (usually means quick sudden deer-in-the-headlights wide eyes -- can sometimes cover for it, but can’t prevent it)
- will run her thumb along her lips or bite it when deep in contemplation
- doesn’t realize that when listening to music she almost always ends up swaying or bobbing along (a bit childish, but she just really likes music)

▸ unique powers:
- Identify: She can identify others who are marked or gifted by marked individuals, may get an idea for the theme of the ability but not what exactly it does or how to use it. Doesn't seem marked to other marked individuals until first contact.
- Ability mirror:
-> can gain a power from someone else if in touching distance {at this point she must have contact (though not skin to skin). may eventually increase with practice, never more than 15 feet.}
-> each power can only be copied once every two days, gains 3 charges, first being strongest/least controllable, often warped/turning against the original intentions*, second being just right, third being weak {hence 8* / 6 / 4}
-> can hold max 3 powers at once
{-> may eventually be able to learn powers permanently, not sure, if so it would be a Big Deal with a Big Scary Price attached. but just the prospect might make her do some risky things.}
*inspired by the Darkest Self of the Witch skin from Monsterhearts: (view spoiler)

▸ strengths:
- She’s adorable (and can get very sensuous): flirting, seduction
- Smooth liar: good at improvising and thinking on her feet. Often perhaps a bit too self-assured, but it gives her the confidence to follow through on new plans.
- Pretty good at getting a read on someone for which approach will appeal to them the most. Has a knack for analyzing the parts of a situation to formulate a supposed deal. (These may not always be entirely fair, but she aims to get the other party what they want as well as what she needs.)

▸ weaknesses:
- She really likes pretty people. She wants all the pretty people for herself, and will attempt to make it so, but gets jealous if they like anyone more than they like her. She can hide it, but she does get a bit angry and sometimes possessive. Ideally she’d be the center of attention with both people, but that’s cause she’s a bit… well… greedy.
- She would far rather flee than fight. Physically can’t do much without powers (one of the reasons she needed them in the first place).
- (view spoiler)
- Overconfidence. Hubris. She thinks she's smarter and better at things than she really is.

━━━ history
implied aggressive male behavior/verbal abuse
▸ general description: {See personality for some details about upbringing.} Raised in Morley, she didn’t get much attention from her parents, more interested in their own frivolities in noble society than raising a child. She grew up with a series of governess types, took a lot of lessons, had a lot of field trips to museums and exhibits and festivals, and talked anyone’s ear off if they gave her the time of day. She only seemed to become useful to her parents as a party centerpiece - an activity she didn’t mind too much, especially when there were other noble children present. Her parents standing declined over time, and their business ventures began to fail. Needing an influx of investment, they decided their best option was to find Noa a rich husband. She ended up with Lord Clarence Rutger: 40 years her senior. They were married when she was not quite 17 and he was 56, despite her protests and a fair amount of tantrums, and she was packed up and shipped off to Dunwall. Her parents received their bride price and she swore they wouldn’t get another penny out of her if she could prevent it.

Once in Dunwall she was a bird in a gilded cage. Lord Rutger was demanding and strict and too rich for his own good. Her tantrums weren’t helpful, resulting in more restriction, less social contact, being locked in her rooms, not to mention the way he spoke to her. Eventually, through trial and error, she realized her power came from careful manipulation, and was able to gain some amount of control over her life with a combination of seduction, careful society-appropriate behavior and inquiry, and just straight up drugging her husband with his evening tea, thanks to a sympathetic member of waitstaff. She had too much free time and too much money, but not enough freedom. She systematically worked her way through the estate’s library before moving on to other books, sometimes stopping mid-way if they lost her attention, but seeming to take a particular interest in those banned books she only managed to acquire with well-timed doe eyes and maybe some of her allowance.

She was taken to parties more as an ornament than a member of high society, as most of the events she attended were populated with people well over her age and she wasn’t permitted to socialize with the actual children of the nobility. While she had a few good interactions, in those brief moments she was left alone, most viewed her as a garish exhibition of her husband’s ego - poor girl - and pitied her, assuming her to be meek simply because she knew the repercussions of stepping out of line in the wrong moment. The only times she was free of her husband was usually in the company of lower classes - servants, house staff, a seamstress or tailor or chef or that one time she had a lovely conversation with the man who came to paint her portrait - so these were the people she came to consider at least somewhat her friends.

A year passed. She found herself angry and desperate, trapped in a shitty relationship, using a bone charm to prevent pregnancy cause fuck no she wasn’t gonna give him an heir, with a continuous store of poisonous thoughts toward the man who assumed he owned her. She tried her hand making other protective bone charms, though she was never truly sure if they worked, and she soon gave up the practice. She did everything she could to avoid “marital responsibilities,” and when she couldn’t she carefully honed her ability to endure. The sleeping drug she dosed her husband with regularly was a life saver. She would’ve done worse if she could manage it, but the risk was too great.

Unfortunately, one bad night, one slip up, and that secret was out. Those involved in the deception were promptly dismissed -- as were all of the waitstaff she’d come to be friendly with. She was left alone once more, frustrated and powerless, and ready to seize whatever she could to get herself out of her dire straits. And that was when she was granted a particular boon. It wouldn’t allow her to sit idly by - she’d have to go out and find the power for herself - but it gave her the ability to get it. Collect it, use it, get more. And what she truly needed was more power. Her confidence was restored, a new determination born.

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Luck brought her to a particular social event not too long after gaining her gift, and her new ability allowed her to identify another guest at the party as someone with abilities. Abilities she might gain. Her heart pounded and she must’ve looked a nervous wreck, but she finally managed an introduction. And something stuck to her, she wasn’t sure what, overwhelmed by the odd way the information felt in her head, words and feelings dancing around one another, not given enough time to sort themselves out, instead grabbing hold of something with thorns and imprinting it on herself. She itched to use it immediately. Surely she looked mad - at least one person asked if she was feverish, and more than one whispered behind hands - but she had something.

As soon as she returned she eagerly struck out - not at a person, no, she’d need some kind of practice - and promptly destroyed a dress figure as a rush of thorns and ivy exploded from within. It was terrifying, but exhilarating. Practice, then. She’d need practice. The next attempt was slow, calculated - after a careful luring and feeding of a local crow - and she carefully noted and observed the effects of the ability even as she itched to use it again. Finally, after a particularly awful night of with the man she cringed to think of as her husband, she snapped and let her curiosity get the better of her, unleashing the stolen* ability only to feel it fall flat. Nothing happened. She was angry, felt betrayed and hungry to get another power -- something better, something that could finally stop the bastard. But the opportunity didn’t arise. Because her husband suddenly took ill. A twisted satisfaction grew in her as she watched him fall to the blood that choked his lungs. It took months. Months of being told she could be strong for him. Of society ladies and gentlemen that sent well-wishes, hoping for a quick recovery. Fuck a quick recovery. She wanted him dead. And eventually he was, fallen to the single pathetic rose that managed to prick a lung.

Once he died she inherited his fortune. The Lady Rutger. She hated the title, but being free to run her own life - at last, out from under the thumb of governesses, parents, husbands - it was euphoric. She got a single invite to a social event, and there she was set upon by older women grieving and wailing about how sad it was to be a young widow. She wasn’t sad. And she hated these wives. So she turned her attention to the things she’d always wanted to do but never had the chance to. Outings to the theater were quickly cut short by the stares she got, but she found a new place. A place where no-one would question her coin and wouldn’t judge her single status: the Golden Cat. She’s made a couple visits, introducing herself as Noa Flynn again, and finds it her new favorite place, despite its occasionally questionable clientele. She spent the entirety of both short visits watching showmen perform, but intends to continue exploring.

▸ memorable events:
- A few months before being married off she snuck out to observe the fugue feast and witnessed man’s depravity in its most glorious state. She caught a dance by the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen, and was thoroughly seduced -- though didn’t engage with the woman beyond a strong pining that lasted into the next dull year.
- Marriage and moving to Dunwall
- Getting the mark/taking her first power
- The death of her husband, and the day she signed the papers to take control of the estate.

▸ familial relations:
- She has two parents back in Morley - assuming they’re still alive. Their names are dirt to her, and she never intends to speak to them again.

━━━ extra
▸ zodiac: Scorpio
▸ singing voice: AURORA

*when gaining a power she does not prevent the original owner from using it

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description description


━━━Name: Mordecai Wyn Von Amadeus
▸ Age: 24
▸ Gender: Male
▸ Date of Birth: December 15th
▸ Faceclaim: Dominic Sherwood



▸ How Long: 3 Years
▸ Mark Location: His blue in his eyes – they were originally completely brown
▸ Why Marked: Sloth may be known as “lazy” or “not active” but Mordecai is rather “unimpressed” or does not feel the need to do things. Why should he care? More like… “uncaring” and “indifferent” rather “apathetic”. His somewhat impressive ability to be rather impassive to the world around him not matter what the case has caught the eye of the Outsider, who marked him. Mordecai didn’t ask, he didn’t care either way.
▸ Mental Stability: 4
▸ Power Level: 7

▸ Eye Color:

▸ Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
▸ Height & Weight: 5’ 7” - 182 lbs
▸ Their Faction Color: Pitch Black
▸ Any Visual Quirks: An array of tattoos with separate meanings that can vanish on his own will.





General Description: (view spoiler)

Habits and Quirks:
• Has a tendency to yawn a lot, either because he’s bored or disinterested
• Winks and is a bit provocative, but won’t reciprocate easily once he has someone’s interest.
• Flirtatious – but as stated above, he won’t work for it, he likes to watch others work for it.
• Slurs his words sometimes, has a bit of a drawl in the way he speaks, as if being short and concise is a challenge for him.
• He gives a very characteristic eye twitch if he’s ever bothered by something, perhaps because of a remembrance of getting his mark in his eyes?
• Falls asleep commonly
• He speaks to himself, or to others, even if no one is there.

Unique Powers:

Power mimicry or absorption: (view spoiler)


Manipulate and “give life” to inanimate objects (can alter form of object as well): (view spoiler)


Hypnosis: (view spoiler)


• Not doing anything at all
• Exerting the minimal amount of energy he needs
• Gaining people’s trust
• Milking attention for what it’s worth
• Getting others to do his bidding in manipulative ways

• He does lose interest in things easily… sort of like having ADHD, but not with the energy that comes with it.
• He has trouble remaining focused on his task, no matter the cost.
• He can get annoyed a bit too easily… although he usually calms after a bit, as being angered exerts energy.
• He has many inner tortures – he loathes himself, which perhaps can be seen as a side-effect to being Sloth
• He does have the desire to help others, or impress them, but has no confidence he can, so why try?
• He has Athazagoraphobia – The fear of being forgotten or not remembering things. Which is rather common for him.
• He has episodes of feeling weak, physically, mentally, emotionally.
• Ergophobia – The fear of work. Often due to social or performance anxiety.
• Ombrophobia – The fear of rain. Many fear the rain due to stormy weather… and what can happen during this dark periods of time.



description description

General Description: (view spoiler)

Memorable Events: None besides the night his family was deliciously murdered by “someone else’s” hands.

Familial Relations:
• Mother – Matilda Amadeus – Deceased
• Father – Archibold Amadeus – Deceased
• Brother – Henry Amadeus – Deceased
• Brother – Eric Amadeus – Deceased
• No other known relatives

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