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Sex, Lies, and Online Dating (Writer Friends, #1)
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~KarenH~ | 6904 comments April Buddy Read

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Anabella  Shay (anabellashay) | 12 comments Hey Anna, I have a bunch of romance books. I noticed you said you wanted something funny to read.

This is supposed to be good and funny

Sex, Lies, and Online Dating (Writer Friends, #1) by Rachel Gibson

I have other books too, let me know what you'd like to read and i can get it.

Anna (alexandra_tehen) | 23 comments Hi Ana!
Sure, this book sounds like a lot of fun :)

Anabella  Shay (anabellashay) | 12 comments awesome! :) I look forward to reading it with you and discussing it! I hope we will enjoy it!

Anna (alexandra_tehen) | 23 comments Me too :) can't wait for April!

Anabella  Shay (anabellashay) | 12 comments Yes its almost here! :). It'll be so fun!

Anabella  Shay (anabellashay) | 12 comments I'm starting the book tonight! yay!

Anna (alexandra_tehen) | 23 comments Yeah, me too. Looks promising so far :)

Anna (alexandra_tehen) | 23 comments Okay, I meant to pace myself with this one but... I just couldn't :)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

(view spoiler)

Anabella  Shay (anabellashay) | 12 comments I'll be done with this tomorrow. its taken me awhile to finish due to work. :)

Anabella  Shay (anabellashay) | 12 comments Just finished the book! OMG I loved Lucy and Quinn! I want more books about them, too bad the next book is about different characters. It was such a good book, I hope to read more Rachel Gibson :)

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