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Blog: Supernatural Friday: Do Ghosts Get Clean Sheets While Haunting a Hotel? (Haunted Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island)

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message 1: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 180 comments Mod
I blogged about the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island I stayed at for Stokercon 2018, and its ghost and legends, plus paranormal activity I experienced for Supernatural Friday.

message 2: by Alfred (new)

Alfred Eyrie | 4 comments Just read your blog after my own less-eventful hotel stay.
My family reserved a specific suite but when we arrived they had changed us to a different suite with sleeping arrangements that would not fit. The clerk changed us back to the room we had requested, then asked, "You're not afraid of ghosts, are you?"

Thinking I'd heard him wrong, I asked what he said, then asked, "Is there something we should know?" My main reason for asking this was to know how we could deal with whatever we encountered (or whether I didn't want to put my children at risk like I was).

The clerk just said, "The hotel staff aren't allowed to talk about it," and then started joking with my wife like it wasn't important.

Needless to say, I was somewhat wary when we entered the room, but I did not sense anything that I normally sense when I enter a haunted space. As a precaution, though, I took certain things with me whenever we left the hotel room so that they could not be "misplaced" as some annoying spirits like to do.

We were in a coastal town, and a fog-horn had been blowing all day, but as the sun set, the clouds lifted and the horn fell silent. That night I was about to drift to sleep I was still listening to the various strange sounds in the harbor outside my window. (I should add that I always have trouble sleeping soundly when I'm in a tsunami zone.) Suddenly the sound of groaning wood and the shutting of a drawer in the other room woke me up. I opened my eyes and looked around, checking for pillars of light or any other possible signs of the supernatural, but there was none.

The wooden groans continued, coming from the ceiling, for most of the night. Then, at about 4:00 in the morning, they intensified...followed by the slamming of the hotel door above us and, moments later, the sound of a car starting in the parking lot.

Turns out the "ghost" the clerk was warning us about was just a group of tourist fishermen who were planning on staying up all night and leaving early in the morning to go crabbing.

What a disappointment.

message 3: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 180 comments Mod
Well, he should have been specific about there not being any haunted rooms in the hotel and sounding like he was trying to scare you. Although, I figure most hotels have hauntings of some kids, as people check in and out all the time and people have heart attacks, etc... even on vacations. Most spirits don't really bother. I actually feel sorry about anyone dying while in a hotel, then stuck there--I call that a sort of hell. Who wants to spend the rest of their afterlife in a hotel?

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