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message 1: by Billy (last edited Jun 29, 2018 04:27AM) (new)

Billy Browning | 2 comments Hello there, I’m Bill.

I’m an author of three published books and first started beta reading for fellow writers many years ago. I believe I’ve beta read over a hundred books now.

My price is simple. I charge £1.00 for every 1000 words of your manuscript.

What I look for when I beta-read:

1. Making sure the writing style is fresh, unique and consistent, not confusing.

2. Checking the pace of the story keeps moving and holds the reader’s attention.

3. Making sure your characters feel realistic and complex and if they go through development.

4. Checking there are no indescrepecies in your book’s timeline and if your secondary plots are flowing together.

5. Paying attention to your world building. Is it original and does it have the right amount of detail?

6. I will point out any grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes I notice.

7. Plus, anything specific you want me to pay special attention to.

Genres I beta-

(On the small chance your genre isn’t below, I will probably still be able to help. The only genre I have little experience in is non-fiction.)

1. Fantasy (Urban and High Fantasy)
2. Sci-fi (Space opera and Military)
3. YA (all genres)
4. Horror
5. Dystopian
6. Mystery/Crime
7. Thriller
8. Historical
9. Romance
10. Gothic
11. Steampunk and Cyberpunk
12. Poetry
13. Short Story
14. Action and Adventure
15. Western
16. Erotic
17. LGBT
18. Speculative
19. Screenplay/Script

PM me here on goodreads if you’re interested.

Thank you.

message 2: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Rayne | 199 comments Mod
Hello. Only one post per 30 days please. It's against the rules.


message 3: by Joan (new)

Joan Gross | 3 comments I would be delighted for you to read my Memoir: "Looking For Myself in All the Wrong Places." It is non-fiction for sure, so let me know if it would interest you.
A Jewish girl, brought up on a farm, yearns to be an artist. Shy, naive, and ignorant of her own religion and culture, she goes to NYC to study painting, and meets a handsome Muslim from Pakistan, who is working on his MA in engineering.
They get married, save their money for three years, and then fly to Europe for a three week break before they start their new life in Pakistan. The 1965 Indo-Pakistan War breaks out and she gets the bright idea of driving slowly to Pakistan instead of flying into a war zone. Geographically challenged, they cross Turkey and Iran bringing nothing with them but chocolate bars from Switzerland, intended as gifts to her in-laws.

message 4: by Billy (new)

Billy Browning | 2 comments I am available for new projects once again.

Thank you.

message 5: by Ashley K (new)

Ashley K | 2 comments Hello,

I have just finished writing a 70k manuscript, so I was wondering if you're available for beta reading? Please message me your rates.


message 6: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Rayne | 199 comments Mod
Billy, I need you to read the rules of the board. this is your 2nd notice against rule violations. Please read the rules posted very clearly on the board.

Thank you,

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