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Warriors of Old Japan and Other Stories
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message 1: by Estencele (new)

Estencele | 44 comments It was an anthology of Japanese folktales, a yellow hardcover (possibly library binding? not sure) with illustrations in the style of b&w woodcuts. I used to check it out from the Fort Worth Public Library around 2003-2005, I haven't been near that library in over a decade, but from looking at the catalog, I suspect it's been culled from the stacks. The book itself was probably written around 1910-1925, but could possibly have been as early as 1890 or 1900'ish. But I'm thinking it was written in the early/mid 1920's, and certainly no later than 1930.

It's a number of fairy tales translated from the Japanese, by an (American? Englishman?) possibly living in Japan. The author is male in my mind, but I could be mistaken.

Two stories that it included were the one about the Princess Bowl-Head (princess' mother dies; before her death, princess' mother places a giant bowl on her head to both magically supply for her needs as well as make everyone think she's crazy [and thus protect her from people who want to take advantage of her]; orphaned princess goes to work at the palace as a maid; a prince falls in love with her; the prince marries her; his father initiates a bride-comparison contest whereby his family wishes to shame her by comparing her poorly against the merits of the prince's elder brothers' wives; she wins, of course; her bowl magically provides great treasures and gifts for her in-laws; she is hailed as the great princess she really is; and is finally allowed to remove the bowl from her head; etc.)

The other story I remember is Peach/Pear/Plum (possibly there's a pine? or cherry? as one of the three trees). I don't remember the details as well, but a person sacrifices his precious peach tree, plum tree, and pear/pine/cherry tree under some sort of circumstances, and is generously rewarded for it.

I've been checking out the table of contents for all the vintage Japanese folktale books on the internet that I can find. It's not Green Willow (Grace James) or Japanese Fairy Tales (Teresa Peirce Williston) or Japanese Folk Stories and Fairy Tales (Mary F. Nixon-Roulet) or Japanese Fairy Tales/Japanese Fairy Book (Yei Theodora Ozaki) or Tales of Old Japan (Mitford-- he sounds familiar-- why does he sound familiar?). It's not Fairy Tales from Far Japan (Ballard) or Wonder Tales of Old Japan (Whitehorn) or Myths of China and Japan (Mackenzie).

I'd love to hunt that book down. I thought the Bowl Princess story was very much like the Western Cap-o-rushes, and I would love to re-read that Peach/Pear/Plum story again to get a better grip on its plot, because I've never seen it in any other book, but it's still stuck with me all this time.

Thanks in advance!

message 3: by Ayshe (new)

Ayshe | 4165 comments Or Warriors of Old Japan and Other Stories by Yei Theodora Ozaki? It has " The Princess of the Bowl" and "The Story of the Pots of Plum, Cherry, and Pine": http://www.gutenberg.org/files/41437/...

message 4: by Estencele (last edited Mar 23, 2018 12:18PM) (new)

Estencele | 44 comments You're terrific, Ayshe! That would be it! I've already run off and bought my copy so that I don't lose it again! :)

Changed it to "Solved: Non-Fiction", since the Dewey is 398.2. If it needs to go somewhere else, please let me know.

message 5: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34474 comments Mod
Reference: Warriors of Old Japan and Other Stories by Yei Theodora Ozaki
- Referred to as "The Japanese Fairy Book" in the online preview: https://www.amazon.com/Warriors-old-J...

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