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message 1: by Houston (new)

Houston Library (hplreadsonlinebookclub) | 134 comments Mod
Okay everyone, since we've got a week left let's open this thing up and discuss all of it. If you haven't finished but you want to know what happened, this thread is for you!

If you still want to be surprised by the ending you might steer clear.

What happened? Were you shocked or did you see it coming? Was Horowitz successful in writing a great whodunit?

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Apparently, not being an Agatha Christie fan made me miss out on a ton of clues sprinkled throughout this book. Reading over some reviews and discussions: http://triskelebooks.blogspot.com/201...

I learned about all of the Agatha Christie titles that were used throughout the mystery. I think this book was just a bit too long and drawn out for me. I was into the story within a story at first, but then switching back and forth between fiction and "reality" got to be annoying.

The ending was a surprise, though! Glad my mystery ignorance didn't let me figure it out before hand.

message 3: by Raeann (new)

Raeann | 21 comments I also, am not familiar with Agatha Christie so I missed all of those references. Maybe I will read some of her works...

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