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Heather Hastings | 2 comments Comment in this discussion about your independent reading books here.

message 2: by Joy (new)

Joy | 1 comments Animal Farm

The beginning of the story is rather slow but it's only really there to show us the main characters. I found it funny yet understandable on how the new rules that the animals made up were created to mostly counteract what the humans had been doing (using alcohol and money in specific) compared to the animals. And I find it interesting that pigs are used as the leaders because while pigs are known to be notoriously smart animals, they are also shown throughout different cultures to be lazy and dirty. I wonder if this ambiguous symbolism was used on purpose based on what I know the story is already supposed to represent.

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Heather Hastings | 2 comments Right off from the first chapter, the main character, Casey, is actively running from the police because she has been falsely accused of murdering her best friend. What exactly happened in the murder is not told in this book since it is a sequel to "If I Run" (which I didn't know until after I started reading it, but it is said this can be read as a stand alone), but it is told that the victim was stabbed to death. In the first 10 chapters, we learn that Casey is indeed innocent to the crime, but is running because she has no evidence to show she is innocent. A retired veteran, Dylan, who suffers from PTSD is hired by the victim's parents to help find Casey, since the veteran was a friend of the victim, but Dylan knows Casey is innocent. We find out that the two detectives/cops on the case actually murdered the victim, along with also murdering Casey's father previously, but the reason is left unknown. While on the chase, Casey meets a man, Cole, who is also falsely accused of something, but instead of murder, it is molestation of a seven year old child. These events are all in the first 200 pages (out of 349).

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Liz | 1 comments Pride and Prejudice
This novel was written in short chapters that are well written and include a lot of humor. The novel follows the Bennets, a well to do English family with 5 daughters. The story mostly revolves around the daughters, primarily Elizabeth. The daughters are young adults seeking marriage and are excited when a young wealthy, Mr. Bingley moves into an estate nearby and a militia takes camp in their town. At a ball Elizabeth meets Mr. Bingley's friend, Mr. Darcy and is very much put off by his aloofness, however he later becomes her main suitor. Over the course of the book the daughters attempt to court men and in the end prevail. This novel was very interesting because it shows how people can change and be different than they may at first seem.

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Aaron | 1 comments Dune was a really interesting read. It claims to be the greatest science fiction novel of all time and I have to say it really is super well written. The book follows the story of the Atreides family and the unfortunate strife that its heir apparent, Paul, has to go through. There are often many characters in stories who are supposed to be likable protagonists, but Paul in the book has probably become my favorite character in any book. He has his flaws, but the most admirable thing about Paul and all of the Atreides is their steadfastness in their vision of what they want to achieve and the honorable way in which they want to achieve it. Paul's father, Leto, is the pinnacle example of what a noble character should be like strong, honorable, willing to make sacrifices in order to better help his people and his family succeed. Really I think what is really attractive about Dune is that the characters are so tangible to the reader, with the Harkonnens bringing a sense of disgust with their morally reprehensible behaviors contrasted with the mostly loveable gang of people that serve the Atreides family. All in all, I found the book a good read, despite its 700+ page length and complicated family feud stuff to follow.

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