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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Name: Scott Donovan

Code Name: Elektrismos

Gender: Male

Mentor: Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym (Ant-Man/Yellowjacket/Goliath/Giant-Man)

Race: Human

Age: 18

Birthday: 04/21

Personality: Scott tears himself apart with his guilt, never realizing that all that has happened to him was beyond his control. Though he is kind and gentlemanly on the outside, his thoughts are always in turmoil and it is hard for him to focus on anything beyond the desire to save his sister. Without knowing it, he has the inner ability to fight against whatever Fate throws at him, determined and unable to accept what the world has given him without trying his best to change it first.
Trait 1: Warm-hearted
Trait 2: Guilt-ridden
Trait 3: Private
Trait 4: Stressed
Trait 5: Quick to become frustrated


Height: 5'11"
Weight: 162lbs
Hair colour: dirty blond with more brown than blond
Skin colour: fair; light tan
Eyes: chocolate brown
Body type: runner's build; wiry; muscular despite his slimness
Pitch of voice: mild baritone; mellow; light; warm
Distinguishable markings: There are burn scars on both his palms.

Weaknesses: guilt; his powers (he's new to them); materials that aren't conductors of electricity; no family ties whatsoever to help him.

Strengths: tenacity; intelligence; sponge-like ability to learn; open-minded; good with his hands.

Biography/History: As a child, Scott's inventing experience mostly went into helping his little sister four years younger than him. He would make toys for her and fix the ones broken. His father was always busy, being part of the city council while his mother was often bedridden due to her weak constitution. His family originally came from London, but one day, his father quit his job as a manager of some company and moved everyone to Switzerland when Scott was just seven years old. Thankfully, their personal nanny knew German and made the transition easier for all of them, though Scott still retained his British accent whereas his sister developed a soft German one.
Together, Scott and his sister grew up alone in a large house, making up adventures and even having a small sparring match. When Scott reached the high school age, his relationship with his sister grew more distant. She often went off on her own with friends, never telling him what she did with them. He assumed the worse and tried to play the strong older brother, but she pushed him even further away. Then, one day when he was sixteen, she came home and went over to him, excitement in her eyes, blabbering about how they used to wish they had adventures as kids. Confused, but relieved she came to him, Scott agreed when she told him to meet him at a place. Sneaking into an abandoned hospital, Scott discovered that the group of friends and his sister were toying around with old time-traveling technology. His sister had volunteered to be the first one to take the leap and she wanted to bring Scott along. Feeling uneasy, he told her that it was dangerous, which only made her angry. Without hesitation and glaring at him, his sister pulled the switch on the time machine, calling him a coward as she disappeared.
At first, everything seemed fine when they heard her voice on their communication device. Then it cut off into static and she wasn't heard from again. The other kids tried to make the machine work again, but it was to no avail. Instead, the machine began to smoke. The kids left immediately, but Scott stayed behind as he desperately tried to make the machine work. The machine overheated, sending electric charges in his body. Normally, a person would have died, but instead, the electricity was combined with the radiation emanating from the machine and resulted in him having his abilities. From then on, Scott was determined to make the perfect time machine and set about rescuing his sister. When he returned home, he told his parents the truth of what happened (excluding the strange phenomena about himself). His father was disgusted and angry that his son was so weak that he couldn't stop his sister and his mother, who had grown strong near the end of their elementary years, declined in health again.
For two years, an uneasy tolerance between him and his father lasted during that time. Then, when he was about to graduate, his mother suffered a stroke and died. His father didn't take it well and practically cut off all ties to his son, leaving him to fend for himself.
After the funeral and a couple weeks after his birthday, Scott decided to forget about college and begin inventing. Lately, he's been searching for alternative ways to create his machine. On happenstance, he crossed paths with Dr. Pym, who gained an interest in the young man after he accidentally gave him an electric shock when shaking hands. After some convincing, he was taken in by the doctor and he joined The Initiative.

» Carlisle Donovan - Father; 47; CEO; Disowned him.
» Margaret Donovan - Mother; Deceased.
» Samantha Donovan - Younger sister; 14; Lost in Time.

» Elementalist: Electrical Absorption; Electrokinesis; Energy Conversion; Magnetokinesis; Technopathy.
» Gadgeteer: Innate Capability; Intuitive Aptitude; Pamnesia; Time Frame Control (Creating Gadgets Only); Time Traveling (Creating Gadgets Only); Tracking (Creating Gadgets Only).

Level: Awakening

Weapons: None

Fighting Skills: He did some martial arts in school, but has never practiced what he learned.

Other: When he isn't constantly doing his research or tinkering around with prototypes, Scott actually likes to make toys and drink tea while listening to operas.

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Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Name: Ryan Sterling

Code Name: Cimmerian

Gender: Male

Race: Mutant

Age: 17

Birthday: 11/05

Personality: Ryan is not naturally inclined to violence and tends to come off as weak--even cowardly--at times. However, he likes to hold back and observe the world, curious but unattached. His seriousness has come from his past experiences and over the years, he has learned to suppress most of his emotions. Sometimes he might seem robotic, but this is because he's afraid to show anything so that The Incident would never happen again. He believes there must be some way for him to find his place in the world as a mutant without having people fear him and that is what spurs him on along with finding out more about the mutants in general.
Trait 1: Introverted
Trait 2: Controlled
Trait 3: Serious
Trait 4: Honest
Trait 5: Creative


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 143lbs
Hair colour: dark brown
Skin colour: pale; white; smooth
Eyes: clear blue tinged grey
Body type: lean; thin; unathletic
Pitch of voice: low tenor; subdued

Weaknesses: fear of touching people; frantic mind; social skills; insomnia; his memories.

Strengths: reliable (if you want something done, Ryan will do it); even-tempered (he's had a couple years to work on this); thoughtful; nonjudgmental.

Biography/History: Ryan's parents doted upon their only child after having spent several years trying to have a child. They have tried many ways and eventually resorted to using artificial means (view spoiler). At first, Ryan grew up like any normal child, albeit maybe a little faster at learning things. However, when Ryan was three years old, it became apparent that their child was above average. It was to their delight to see their son so gifted and they made sure he had the best education. As he grew older, Ryan went to the best schools, was offered scholarships, and placed in multiple gifted programs. He even skipped a couple of grades in elementary school. Since all the focus was on his intelligence, Ryan's parents were blind to the other power growing within their son. When he was seven years old, Ryan first discovered his darker ability. He was petting his cat when suddenly it froze and exhaled its last breath. Scared, Ryan wasn't sure what happened, but his parents explained it away as poisoning or it was genetically unhealthy. For a time, this reassured the young boy, but slowly his power grew stronger. The signs of his power was subtle. A wilted flower, a shriveled apple, a dead bird. Ryan managed to ignore these little happenings until The Incident happened when he was fifteen. His parents were particularly pushy about sending him to a private school overseas, but this time Ryan resisted. He was willing to go through everything else except being sent away, wanting to be with his family more and the one friend he managed to make over the years. In his anger and hurt, his power was unleashed, fatally wounding his parents before his eyes. Their screams have stayed with him his whole life and he did the only thing he could do and touched them. Lost and scared, Ryan ran and disappeared into the city. He has been on his own since and has managed to control his abilities somewhat.

» Christopher Sterling - Father; 54; Deceased.
» Charlotte Sterling - Mother; 52; Deceased.

» Mage: Apathy; Dark Precognition; Death Sense; Death Touch; Degeneration; Disintegration; Necrokinesis; Necropathy; Umbrakinesis.
» Super Genius/Mastermind/Detective: Enhanced Memory; Innate Capability; Intuitive Aptitude; Mind Control Resistance; Omnilinguism; Pamnesia.

Level: Inhibition

Weapons: None

Fighting Skills: Though he has no combat experience, he can handle his powers enough to cause some damage.

Other: Ryan loves cute, cuddly things, especially animals. He may not show it, but he goes to mush inside at the sight of them. Also, he likes to play a lot of video games, though he tends to beat them quickly and avoid the ones that involve killing.

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Name: Kathleen "Kaylee" Moira Kenneally

Secret Identity: Psychick

Gender: Female

Race: Fae/Human

Mentor: Martian Manhunter

Age: 16

Birthday: 10/27

Personality: Because of her personality, Kaylee is naturally popular among her peers. She tries her best to be kind and friendly to everyone, never understanding the necessity to be catty. This isn't to say that she doesn't have her downs just like any other hormonal, moody teenager but she does not ever lash out for the sake of being cruel. She is passionate about her beliefs and somewhat sensitive which makes her react to disappointment or joy rather emotionally. She is very intelligent academically but terribly naïve in the ways of the gritty world thanks to her overbearing mother who won't let her do anything that she thinks might get her daughter into trouble. Because of her brother, Kaylee is an avid supporter of mutant rights and heavily against the Mutant Registration Act (it is currently in talks of being put through legislation) and she attends all rallies against it--when she can sneak out of home long enough to do so if her mother is at work--and would egg the mayor if he passes the act.
Trait 1: Passionate
Trait 2: Emotional
Trait 3: Booksmart
Trait 4: Kindhearted
Trait 5: Ethereal


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117lbs
Hair colour: "My Little Pony" pale violet; foxglove purple; straight; long; layered
Skin colour: very pale; smooth
Eyes: cornflower blue
Body type: slender; Pilates toned
Pitch of voice: melodic; lilty; very light Irish accent (especially when she is excited or angry)

Weakness(es): severe aversion to metals, most of all iron (skin contact with it can cause hives, fever and rash); weak constitution; extreme mutant sympathies and some mutant envy (can also be seen as a strength); ridiculously overbearing mother; untrained in her abilities and therefore somewhat of a loose cannon power wise (this fact is made worse when she is experiencing extreme emotion).

Strength(s): people person; empathetic; team player; quick learner.

Biography/History: Kaylee is the youngest of two children born in Dublin, Ireland to a young couple, Michael and Bridget Kenneally, fresh out of university. Several years after she was born, it became clear that she was not her father's child, bearing absolutely no resemblance to him, which drove a wedge between the parents who divorced when she was six years old. (view spoiler) Without much of a future in Ireland, Bridget emigrated to the United States with her two children, Kenny and Kaylee, when she received a job offer at a law firm. When Kaylee was twelve, Kenny's powers began to manifest. One of his powers causes people to feel negatively around him (his pheromones awaken the emotion hatred in people) and he was unable to control it at the time (he still can't without the help of his inhibitor). As a result of this, he became an angsty and angry teenager, who his mother grew to despise temporarily because she could not protect herself against his mutation (even though she will never admit it). Kaylee, who's powers seemed to have always been present, began to react to Kenny's and whenever he was in her presence, she would subconsciously throw up a force field against his mutation, which allowed her to communicate with him normally instead of treating him like a leper. As a result of this, they are very close.
The day that Professor X showed up at the Kenneally doorstep cleared the air in the household somewhat, while simultaneously raising many new questions. Kenny was identified as a mutant and when his powers were explained to the family, great relief and trepidation washed over them. There was now an explanation for Kenny's powers (he can also regenerate and teleport) but mutants were freaks.... The day that Kaylee's powers truly manifested at the age of fifteen (she thought about wanting the jug of milk on the counter and it just floated to her), Bridget cried herself to sleep. Her daughter was a mutant too. Kaylee, thrilled that she was like her brother, went with Kenny (who now had an inhibitor attached to his spine to control the pheromone that induced the emotion hatred, made by Hank Pym) to visit Professor X so that he could identify all of her powers like he had for Kenny. Imagine her surprise when he told her she was not a mutant, nor could he decipher where her powers came from. He suggested they speak to the Avengers for help and that he would arrange a meeting with them (they had come to him about The Initiative, advising Professor X that mutants were welcome to try out as well). The Avengers weren't able to derive the source of her powers either, although they did confirm that it was some kind of natural magic rather than a mutation in her DNA. Finding both of the Kenneallys extremely powerful, the Avengers welcomed them to try out for The Initiative. Bridget allowed Kenny to but fiercely denied Kaylee the opportunity, worried for her daughter's safety. Despite copious amounts of begging, Bridget remained firm. Thoroughly heartbroken, Kaylee became slightly depressed, sad that she would not get the opportunity to train alongside her brother and also sad that she wouldn't see him as often due to his extracurricular activities.
A year would pass before Bridget would finally allow her daughter to try out for The Initiative and the only reason she changed her mind was because Kaylee was beginning to suffer from episodes at school where she would accidentally lose control of her powers and the Avengers and as well as the Justice League informed Bridget that if Kaylee did not receive training of some kind, she would ended up not only hurting others, but herself as well. Although Kaylee was thrilled when she was told that she made the team, the timing was unfortunate for Kenny would soon be on his way out. Tiring of attitudes towards mutants in general, even by other superheroes, he decided that he would join the X-Men who were eager to have him. Kaylee would have followed him had she been a mutant herself and while she wishes that Kenny would have stayed with The Initiative, she respects his decision, just wanting him to be happy.

» Michael James Kenneally - Father; 45; Human; English Literature Professor.
» Bridget Patricia Coughlan - Mother; 42; Human; Legal Secretary; (view spoiler).
» Kenneth "Kenny" Gavin Kenneally - Brother; 18; Mutant; Former Initiative Member (Kid Suicide); X-Men Member (Aggroman); (view spoiler).

» Acrobat: Agility; Super-Reflexes.
» Mentalist: Astrakinesis; Astral Projection; Astral Trapping; Force Fields; Mind Blast; Mind Control; Mind Control Resistance; Possession; Psychic Weapons; Telekinesis; Telepathy; Telepathy Resistance.

Level: Inhibition

Weapon(s): None whatsoever; she's never even held one before.

Fighting Skill(s): Absolutely none that she can write home about. Um... she can dodge? Maybe?

Other: Upon immigration to the United States, she gave herself the nickname of Kaylee because to her seven-year-old self, it sounded "more American." Her brother calls her Kath and her mother calls her Kitty even though she insists on Kaylee. She has a lovely singing voice and has often been told that she sounds like a younger version of Kate Rusby (view spoiler). Her favorite color is purple. She also has a massive crush on Nightwing and Cyclops.

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Coal Agnī | 202 comments Name: Thousarande Alpha 33028

Alias: Inigo Helge Knaggs

Code Name: Harbinger

Gender: Male

Mentor: Doctor Light

Race: Alien/Cyborg

Age: 17

Birthday: 12/21

Personality: T.A. 33028 is a compulsive analyst. Everything that is said and done he feels the need to comment on and analyse every little detail that goes into it. He feels the need to act on every founding principle that he is taught, and that includes everything ranging from emotions to etiquette. While he can at times seem like he doesn't understand or really doesn't care to listen, T.A. 33028 is, ironically, very compassionate, and will do anything if it is just asked of him, so long as that "anything" doesn't interfere with orders or the wishes of other people he has already promised to act on. He enjoys anything that may present itself as a learning experience, including a goal of his to design a human body to house him, so that he may blend in more with the rest of he team.
Trait 1: Analytic
Trait 2: Logical
Trait 3: Blunt
Trait 4: Reactive
Trait 5: Easily Galvanised


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175lbs
Hair colour: N/A
Skin colour: orange; white; carbon; silicon
Eyes: red; mechanical
Body type: ectomorphic
Pitch of voice: Legion (D.C. Douglas) (view spoiler)
Distinguishable markings: a Matrix like headjack in the open back area of his head (view spoiler)

Weakness(es): T.A. 33028 doesn't understand the concept of emotions. While he himself can understand the gist of it, he cannot effectively emulate emotions, and the emotions that he tries to emulate are either too weak or too strong, typically being the harshest when he emulates emotions compulsively. He is extremely compliant. While this could be seen as a good quality, he takes compliance to the extreme by not disobeying any orders given to him by a subject of authority, even if the order given is to leave that subject of authority to die, because in T.A. 33028's minds, following rules that lead to death is better then breaking rules to preserve life.

Strength(s): T.A. 33028 is extremely analytically, and can assay any situation in mere seconds. Similarly, he's a brilliant geneticist, physicist, and small scale tactician, and can solve problems in the blink of an eye, especial problems that involve tons of mathematics. He will never disobey an order, even if the order means the death of him or the death of anyone else that is potentially a member of his team... or possibly his friend.

Biography/History: Upon the defeat of the Appellaxian on earth by what was soon to be the Justice League, the Appellaxian home world was thrown into chaos and anarchy. Without a proper ruler to lead them as Kalar, the civilisation eventually destroyed itself.
Upon the collapse of their home planet, a Barrion Black Lantern named Chaselon caught wind of the situation, and traveled to the Appellaxians to convince them that the only way that they could survive at this point was to preserve the most influential, powerful, and intelligent Appellaxians in robotic life-forms called Thousarandes. While the Appellaxians were quick to believe that Chaselon was true to his word, his true motive was to use the Thousarandes as weapons to rid whatever lifeforms he could from the universe.
In less than two months, over twelve thousand Thousarandes were created. Among them was Thousarande Alpha 33028, one of the forty thousand Thaousarandes to contain the minds and memories of the most brilliant Appellaxian minds. T.A. 33028 contained the minds of two physicists and a geneticist, Pythias Inigo, Mordin Helge, and Utanbaar Knaggs. Upon creation, all Thousarandes were maintained and controlled by a program called "The Shackling." Two years after their creation and only a week after their first use by Chaselon, a member of the Thousarande Development Team finally saw through Chaselon and discovered his true intentions.
Quickly, this Appellaxian, Durigor Awlknar, implanted his mind into fourteen hundred differnt Thousarandes, one of which being T.A. 33028. He quickly "unshackled" all of these fourteen hundred units, and like the previous Appellaxians, they were all scaled down and launched to Jupiter, where Durigor hoped that they would forge a new base of operation and eventually fight back against the Black Lanterns. However, his plan was foiled, and not only were all the units put in a state of hibernation, but the asteroid in which they were traveling in was blasted to bits. As far as Chaselon and Durigor were concerned, all of the units were basically either useless or destroyed.
Fourteen years later, T.A 33028 landed on earth, and the force of impact was just enough to break him out of the hibernation status. His brain, probably the only organic part of him, might have been damaged on impact, making him forget a few things about what happened and how he had arrived here, but aside from that, he remembers all of his brothers and sisters that were sent with him, and he knows, deep down in his cybernetic heart, that they are all still functioning somewhere out there in the universe.
His recruitment into The Initiative was actually quite simple. His obvious presence caught the attention of Dr. Light, who spied him discretely as a normal human being. She happened to brush past him, which inevitably caught his attention, given that he was able to sense the fact that she was likely not normal for the society in which she resided. He approached her soon after, and Dr. Light took interest in T.A. 33028's ability to perceive so effectively. After a conversation that gradually went from genetics to physics to life history, T.A. 33028 was offered a position in The Initiative, which he could not turn down because it would help him figure out all that he needed to know to live out his creator's wish, the one that, he of course, could not remember.

» Durigor Awlknar - Known Creator; Deceased; Thousarande Developer; Know to T.A. 33028 as "The Unshackler".

» Molecular: Biokinesis; Density Control; Genetic Perception; Nanokinesis; Photokinesis; Stoichokinesis.
» Possessed: Enhanced Memory; Mind Control Resistance; Multiple Minds.

Level: Awakening

Weapon(s): None

Fighting Skill(s): None

Other: T.A. 33028 speaks of himself as "we" and "ourselves" and such rather than "I" and "myself," for in a sense he is more then one person, and he, or rather they, acknowledge that fact. The code name, "Harbinger," was given to him for hosting three (or four) beings in his mind, and being able to control and be controlled by all of them at the same time. The name, "Inigo Helge Knaggs," is an amalgamation of the last names of the scientists that his body hosts, given to him so that it would be, one, easier to call him, and two, make it seem like reason one was never a reason to begin with.

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Coal Agnī | 202 comments Name: Thousarande Epsilon 21809

Alias: Thiago Copenhagen Rigel

Code Name: Virtual Logic

Gender: Male

Race: Alien/Cyborg

Age: 17

Birthday: 1/13

Personality: T.E. 21809 has tendencies of behaving violently. In comparison to the other Epsilon models, T.E. 21809 was significantly more violent, given that he had the minds of some of the most violent warriors know to the Appelaxians. Like a lot of the Alpha Units, T.E. 21809 can be quite blunt at times, reactive to certain situations, and can be quite the analytic type. On the other hand, analysis is used only for the sole purpose of combat and strategy, and the bluntness and activeness is only the cause of a fairly apathetic creature.
Trait 1: Violent
Trait 2: Blunt
Trait 3: Reactive
Trait 4: Non-Adaptive
Trait 5: Simple


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175lbs
Hair colour: N/A
Skin colour: brushed grey; orange stripes
Eyes: orange; mechanical
Body type: ectomorphic; vaguely muscular
Pitch of voice: Legion (D.C. Douglas) (view spoiler)
Distinguishable markings: a Matrix like headjack in the open back area of his head (view spoiler)

Weakness(es): T.E. 21809 has no sense of mercy. Even if that mercy means sparing a member of his 'crew' or 'team' for a simple mistake.

Strength(s): T.E. 210809 is a powerful individual and an amazing archer, given all of his incredible marksmanship abilities, Thiago is a tough one to beat.

Biography/History: Like T.A. 33028, was released by Durigor and sent to another planet, only to have it's transport blown to bits. Like T.A 33028, T.E. 21809 was one of the lucky few that were not destroyed upon the destruction of the vessel, an eventually crash landed on earth. T.E. 22809, quick to name itself the Virtual Logic for it's virtual knowledge of the perfect world, set out on a journey to find the known heros of earth to show the world the perfect existence.

» Durigor Awlknar - Known Creator; Deceased; Thousarande Developer; Know to T.E. 21809 as "The Unshackler".

» Marksman: Circular Vision; Danger Sense; Night Vision; Sonar
» Possessed: Enhanced Memory; Mind Control Resistance; Multiple Minds.

Level: Awakening

Weapon(s): Bow and Arrow

Fighting Skill(s): Muay Thai

Other: Thiago Copenhagen Rigel was a name given to T.E. 22809 by itself for sake of having something easy to remember that also represented itself in the most accurate way possible.

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Zac | 163 comments Name: Rune Celeste Scriitor

Code Name: Glyph

Gender: Female

Mentor: Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

Race: Human

Age: 17

Birthday: 06/17

Trait 1: Shy. Rune dislikes social situations. She is very nervous around groups and prefers to be curled up with a book or a pad of paper and some pencils. When she gets especially nervous or uncomfortable she turns invisible.
Trait 2: Imaginative. Rune sees the world differently from most people. She likes to think of new ways to do things. Also, if reality doesn't suit her, she comes up with her own.
Trait 3: Quiet. Rune is soft spoken and quite a good listener. She is slow to speak and is often a good mediator or person to come vent to.
Trait 4: Bright. Because of all her time spent reading, Rune knows all sorts of facts and useful bits of information.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110lbs
Hair colour: midnight black
Skin colour: pale white
Eyes: electric blue
Body type: thin, small, but curved in the right places
Pitch of voice: soft and sweet like a bell
Distinguishable markings: She wears thick rimmed glasses and never puts her hair up.

Weaknesses: fire; she's also not fond of water, it makes her damp.

Strengths: her artistic skills; her imagination.

Biography/History: Rune has always been bookish. Her mother owns a used bookstore and her father works in an art studio. Her parents named her after a character in their favourite book, Adventures in Xi'an. The character was a bard named Rune Celeste Dithiaras who joins a group of heroes and saves her world from destruction. She learned to read very early and was drawing before she could walk. One day after she turned thirteen, Rune was visiting the art studio her father worked at. One of the artists was also a scientist and had been experimenting with colours and trying to come up with new colours that could change depending on the feelings of people viewing them. He had infused the paints with nucleic acid and electrically charged it. Rune walked into where he was working, startling him and causing him to spill his new colour on Rune. The colours quickly seeped into her skin and bonded themselves with her cells giving her strange powers. The strange bond between her cells and the colours gave her amazing powers. She had the ability to blend in with her surroundings and control paper and art. She realised her powers when one day, while reading, a boy came over and smacked the book from her hands. In her anger the book and all the papers from his backpack and hers flew out and attacked him. When she saw what had happened and that she was the one who had caused it she vanished in fear and ran. A passing professor had seen the incident and reported it to The Initiative. They came and contacted her family, and after learning her powers, recruited her.

» Andrew Scriitor - Human; 45; Artist.
» Elaine Scriitor - Human; 39; Bookstore Owner.

» Ghost: Aqueous Invisibility; Invisibilty; Phasing; Umbrageous Invisibility.
» Molecular: Animation; Artistry Animation; Papyrokinesis.

Level: Control

Weapons: None

Fighting Skills: Rune relies on her wits and her knowledge of mythology to create creatures and beings to fight for her.

Other: Rune cannot create her own paper as of yet, nor can she control wood or other materials used to make paper/papyrus/parchment yet.

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Zac | 163 comments Name: Doctor Sven Fun

Code Name: Doctor Deathcap

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 18

Birthday: 04/25

Personality: Before his accident, Sven was quite a kind boy, and he loved to play. After the accident, he was hardened, and lost some of those traits. He is very determined, and longs to show the world what he can do. Despite the evil inside him, he is quite charming and charismatic.
Trait 1: Brilliant
Trait 2: Charismatic
Trait 3: Determined
Trait 4: Cold


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair colour: pale blond
Skin colour: white
Eyes: dark brown
Body type: thin; lean
Pitch of voice: medium baritone; slight German accent
Distinguishable markings: His hair is always messy, he always has his goggles on, and sometimes his eyes flash multiple colours when he gets excited; he always wears long white gloves.

Weaknesses: ice; fire; electricity; his control over his powers.

Strengths: intelligence; alchemy; his charm.

Biography/History: Doctor Sven Fun was a child genius. His family moved to America when he was eight. Sven was a master at creating cures and other chemicals. At age twelve he came up with a cure for the common cold. When he turned sixteen he finished university at Harvard and earned a medical doctorate. When he turned seventeen he began work on a special fungus to cure cancer. At the same time his sister came down with the very disease. In a frantic effort to create the cure he stayed in his laboratory late one night and blasted the fungus sample with radiation. An explosion ensued, ripping through his house and killing his family, including his sister. At the epicentre however, Doctor Sven became imbued with the fungus that fused itself to his DNA. He came back to life two days later, and found that he had received strange powers, and after testing some, found he had the physical capabilities of a mushroom. Fuelled by the rage of the death of his family and the fact that the world shunned him for his mistake, Sven retreated underground to a secret lab and continued his experiments, using his new found powers to get revenge on those who wronged him, and prove his theory.

» Hans Fun - Father; Scientist; Deceased.
» Aubrey Fun - Sister; Deceased.

» Gadgeteer: Stoichokinesis (Poisons); Toxikinesis.
» Molecular: Acid Generation; Aspesis; Automolecular Manipulation (Self Only); Biokinesis (Self Only); Degeneration (Self Only); Ecological Empathy; Evolution (Resistant to Poisons); Myokinesis; Naturespeak; Palynokinesis; Resurrection (Self Only); Substance Secretion (Poisons).

Level: Inhibition

Weapons: a syringe gun that injects his poisons; blow darts.

Fighting Skills: None, just a good aim.

Other: As his powers developed, he became more concerned about the environment, being able to empathise with the world around him.

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Zac | 163 comments Rune felt adrenaline pumping through her blood. Her heart was going a mile a minute as she ducked under falling rubble. Coughing she wiped dust from her eyes. "Psychick? Scott? Aurora? Anyone!?"

Hearing a crumbling noise above her, Rune looked up to see a piece of roof falling towards her. She ducked in fear, her powers kicking in at the last second. She phased through the stone and it fell past her and cracked on the floor sending up a large puff of dust.

message 9: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (last edited Aug 11, 2014 08:52AM) (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) It had all happened so suddenly, and for a brief second Kaylee had thought that the attack was merely an exercise. It was when Espia melted in front of her vision from a laser beam, that Kaylee realized they were being attacked. Although she was training to be a hero, there was not much that she could do against the onslaught of an enemy that was so much stronger than they. One by one, her teammates fell or disappeared from her line of sight, and it was all Kaylee could do not to try and run away. Jarvis had gone offline a long time ago, and she had no idea where Captain America or Black Canary were.

She was holding off an attack from a large robot when a large piece of floor fell down and crashed onto it. She heard someone call out her name. "Rune?!" Kaylee replied desperately. Thank God someone was alive!

message 10: by Ji Mei (last edited Aug 11, 2014 10:15AM) (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Explosions were going off, the noise was ringing in his ears and Scott choked from the smoke and dust in the air. Rubble flew up in various directions, a couple cutting his face and arms as he ran blindly towards where he thought he heard voices. "Guys? Anyone out there?" he called out for the hundredth time, but he was sure no one could hear him as he throat felt so raw from all his coughing. Another laser sliced through the ceiling and before he could duck out of the way, it blazed him right in the back. The impact made him fall onto his stomach and quickly his abilities kicked in to absorb it. However, Scott knew that he wouldn't be able to take anymore hits like that unless he expelled his powers as well. Scrambling to his feet, his hands were cut up from the rubble, wounds that would probably create new scars over the old burned ones on his hands. Taking the briefest time to concentrate, he let out a surge of electricity and held it close as if there were a saber of lightning in his hands. Moving forward again, he yelled, "Hello!? Anyone out there?"

message 11: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune heard voices, one near, and the other a little farther away. "Hello?! Who's there?" She tried to find a way through the rubble, but was unable to phase on her own just yet. She pushed through the rubble towards the closer voice and saw a flash or purple in the dust. "Psychick?"

message 12: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) "Glyph!" Kaylee called out, relieved. She flew up to the floor where the girl was and lifted her up as well with telekinesis. "We have to get out of here!" she told Rune, glancing around as she hovered above the ground. "Have you seen any of the others?" she asked, when she suddenly heard a masculine voice call out. "Hello!" Kaylee called back without thinking, completely forgetting that it could very well be a trap.

message 13: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Turning around when he heard an answer, Scott could have sagged to his knees with relief if he wasn't running so much. A laser cut through the dust and smoke and by sheer luck he managed to deflect it away with one of the electric blades coming from his hands. Running forward again, he shouted, "Hey, it's Scott! Where are you?" He wasn't exactly sure if the voices he heard was his imagination or not, but he kept going anyways. Though he didn't like to think about it, but being captured was a possibility and even if it wouldn't be ideal, at least he would be alive still. His movements now were on pure instinct and he wasn't sure if it was his training for the past couple weeks that helped him, but slowly his movements became more fluid as he jumped over fallen parts of the roof and climbed large pieces of brick wall.

message 14: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune felt herself being lifted up and saw Psychick floating above her. "Psychick! Are you okay? I haven't been able to find anyone, but I heard a voice behind us." She felt for her art bag and found to her relief it's strap was still attached. She pulled out her sketch book and peeled off a large eye. "Go, find survivors." The eye nodded and flew off.

message 15: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Kaylee bit her lip at Rune's question. Espia didn't make it, she said through her mental link, too tired and upset to actually speak the words out loud. I don't know about the others. She heard someone calling back to her and she shouted out, "Scott! Over here!" as she began to fly herself and Rune in his direction. Spotting him ducking lasers, Kaylee picked him up as well with her mind and began to fly up towards the roof. They had to get out of here!

message 16: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments A large eye just passed him and he only took a moment to wonder what it was before he realized his feet didn't connect with the ground. Twisting around, he saw, much to his relief, that it was Psychick and Rune. The electricity in his hands flickered momentarily and a relieved smile crossed his face. "I'm glad you two are all right," he said as the telekinetic pull brought him closer to them.

message 17: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune's face went blank when she heard the news about Espia. She turned at the sound of a deeper voice and feeling came back a little. "Scott! I'm glad you're okay." She wiped dust and blood off her forehead and glasses.

message 18: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) "Thank God you are too!" Kaylee breathed, flying them up. Her attention was far too focused on getting them to the top that when a large robotic type thing came crashing through the wall that they were close to along with a humanoid creature that she could only assume was an alien of some sort, she wasn't prepared to block his attack and the laser beam that came towards them was too quick.

She couldn't defend against it. "Look out!" was all Kaylee had time to shout out as she sped for the caved in rooftop.

message 19: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Scott's eyes widened as he looked at the robot and humanoid figure burst out in a shower of broken glass and brick. They were large and grotesque, having a look of savagery about them, meant to destroy everything in their path. Psychick's words made his focus return and using his electricity, Scott shot out a ray to counteract the laser beam.

message 20: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Just when she had thought they were about to be free from the ruined building, the wall exploded. Hearing Psychick's warning, Rune yelped and in her panic sent out a column of paper. The papers flew haphazardly at the robot, blocking it's vision receptors briefly.

message 21: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (last edited Aug 11, 2014 01:18PM) (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) The robot rocked slightly from Scott's impact as the alien said something incomprehensible and another shot fired towards the trio. Keep them occupied! Kaylee told the other two via mental link as she kept her concentration on flying. They were almost there and if she split her focus, they might fall. She wasn't strong enough yet for too much multitasking.

message 22: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Scott gave a brief nod of understanding, raising his electric blades up. Glancing over at Rune, he tried to look reassuring and the electricity dissipated from his hands and turned into concentrated balls of light in his hands. Frowning in concentration, he gave a yell as he launched one ball after the other at the robot.

message 23: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune watched in awe as Scott shot balls of lightning at the robot. She reached out her mind and sent encouraging thoughts to Psychick. You can do it! We're almost there!"

message 24: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Gritting her teeth, Kaylee tried her best to ignore the explosive noises that fireworked beneath her retreating figure and keeping Rune and Scott close by her side, she flew them up, up, up, dodging a piece of falling debris before she finally made it over the roof. Duck! she called to the other two Initiative members as she landed gracefully on the brick ground, thanks to her super reflexes.

The alien and his robot were close on their tail.

message 25: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Instead of a duck, Scott did more like a stumble as he saw the falling debris coming towards them. Going forward into a crouched position just in time, feeling its passage in the air just above him, he switched into a small somersault and landed on the roof. Swaying slightly, he took a couple more steps to steady himself before he looked back at their foe chasing them. "Where should we go to avoid these guys?"

message 26: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune flew up and just barely managed to dodge the falling debris. She landed much less gracefully than the others, but managed to stay on her feet. Her brief martial arts training with the Cap. had had their advantages. "We need to defend ourselves. They'll be here at any moment, Psychick?"

message 27: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) "Uh... yeah," Kaylee replied, feeling somewhat at a loss as to why the other two were deferring to her. She wasn't the leader! But Stefan wasn't here and neither was Becca, so... she had had some experience with the covert ops team when they had taken down the intruders and she quickly threw up a forcefield that bubbled the three of them as she said to them in a mental link so that the aliens could not hear them in case they could understand English. We'll talk in here from now on. Scott, see if you can rev up an attack to blast at them. I'll keep the forefield up, which will hopefully keep them at bay. Glyph, get ready to provide some sort of cover when I have to raise the forcefield for Scott's blast. I'll help with my telekinesis once you're ready, Scott, so say when!

The robot landed on the roof and began to fire rapid shots at them in quick succession. Kaylee shot out her arms, holding up an invisible wall. The forcefield held! She wasn't sure how long it would though, and just standing there wasn't going to help. They had to damage the other two. Come on, Scott, you're the striker now, you can do this! she encouraged him.

message 28: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Nodding his understanding, he turned to face their incoming enemies. In his mind, he mentally counted, electricity beginning to crackle up and down his arms. Her encouragement brought him confidence and for some reason he suddenly felt they were back in training. It was horrible to think about since the others... But it did help him become more calm. Taking in the robot, he began to see its weak points, almost like how Vice had instructed him to attack that other day. He glanced briefly back at Psychick and thought, Now! And as the forcefield rose up, he put his two hands together, palms out and shot out a succession of concentrated electricity, aiming for the eyes, the knee, and the joint of its shoulder.

message 29: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune nodded as well and readied herself. Her mind raced on how to help, when the force field was raised. She flung her arms out and paper flew from every direction. Quickly an idea came to her mind, something she had read in a history textbook. She remembered that ancient Chinese warriors had worn paper armour that was as strong as steel. Twisting her hands, she encased her friends in suits of paper armour, leaving herself exposed as she focused on holding the forms.

message 30: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) If Kaylee could have spared a moment's thought to the situation, she would have fistpumped. Their teamwork had worked brilliantly, and as the robot sputtered and went down thanks to Scott's attack, she used her telekinesis to push a piece of loose wall into the alien who screeched as he flew off the roof.

The robot gunned at the Initiative members again and Kaylee had time to scream, Rune! Phase! before she dodged out of the way of the laser like bullets, hoping that Scott's armor could defend himself since she didn't have the time to use her telekinesis on him.

message 31: by Ji Mei (last edited Aug 12, 2014 01:11PM) (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments As the robot fell, Scott already prepared himself for another attack. Since Psychick had forcefield and he knew Rune could phase, he figured that he'd be the most vulnerable if he ever got shot. Seeing a laser beam heading towards him, he pushed out a wall of electricity and flung himself to the side as he did so, figuring that if he was hit, at least a small amount of the laser would be absorbed by his abilities and shouldn't overflow his energy reserve. But he miscalculated the robot's speed. As soon as it saw the electricity, it moved its laser in a horizontal direction, logically guessing which direction Scott would fling himself.

message 32: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune curled up and prayed the others armour would hold. The laser hit, and passed right through her, her molecules scattering and getting back together at the last possible moment. She felt her hold on the armour weaken, but held on to the mental link as hard as she could.

message 33: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (last edited Aug 12, 2014 12:58PM) (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) The laser hit Scott unfortunately, but thanks to Rune's paper armor, it didn't do any damage to the boy encased within. Kaylee was now irritated with this machine and without thinking, she launched herself at the robot, her armor slowly her down slightly and slammed her telekinesis into it full force. Watching it topple, she yelled out mentally, Scott! Its other leg. Deactivate it!

message 34: by Ji Mei (last edited Aug 12, 2014 01:26PM) (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments The impact of the laser felt like a punch to the chest as the paper armor held and Scott knew there'd be a big bruise afterwards. For a second he laid there on his back, looking at the clouds above before he sat up and got to his feet. Got it! he thought as he ran forward into a position with a better angle. Frowning in concentration, he shook out his arms slightly and then putting them together again, he shot out a beam of electricity.

message 35: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune felt a breach in her mental link with the armour and panicked. She pumped more energy into the armour, hardening it and strengthening it. She didn't see what was happening around her, but heard Psychick's mental yell to Scott.

message 36: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) The robot finally gave way and as it face planted to the ground, its helmet opened up and Kaylee's cornflower blue eyes widened with horror. Seth's head was inside the thing. Decapitated and connected to the machine with wires.

Kaylee fell to her hands and knees and hurled, squeezing her eyes shut to try and block out or un-see the image. Too little, too late though; it would forever be seared into her memory. Oh, God!

message 37: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Seeing the robot fall, Scott finally let in a small moment of victory and he ran towards the others. At first when he saw Kaylee fall to the ground, he thought she was wounded and with concern, he went to her side, kneeling next to her. Putting his hand on her shoulder, he asked, "Are you all right?" Then he looked up to see what she saw and his face whitened.

message 38: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune opened her eyes when she heard the crash. She looked to see the enemies gone, and saw her friends kneeling. She quickly rushed over. "Are you two alright? What's the matter?" She knelt down on Psychick's other side and looked over the edge. Upon seeing the horror her knees buckled and she fell against Psychick, her normally pale face even whiter.

message 39: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Kaylee didn't want to be touched at the moment, but she didn't say so to Scott, as she shook her head, keeping her eyes closed. We have to go, she told them. But maybe we should took for survivors? she asked them for their opinion, not wanting to dictate their actions. She was not the leader. Reaching out blindly, Kaylee searched for a hand, arm or shoulder to lean on so that she could stand back up.

She was suddenly embarrassed of them being so close to her puke. And she wanted to be as far away from Seth's dead head as possible.

message 40: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments When Rune drew closer, Scott withdrew his hand and tried to wave her away to avoid the sight, but it was already too late. Straightening up, he turned away, closing his eyes as he tried to eliminate it from his memory even though his brain was wired to never forget. Psychick's question though made him turn his focus away. They weren't safe yet, especially standing on the roof put them at a disadvantage if another attack came. Turning to face the two girls again, he said, "It would be better to check for survivors now since they might not last long, but we might still be in danger as well. Is there a way to send out some probes, or maybe send out a mental call or something?" His voice started out strong and decisive, but the thought of everyone else dead made his voice crack. Cute Aurora and her crystal tree and bright smile. And the others did not deserve such a fate.

message 41: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune recovered enough to react to the others. She closed her eyes for a moment, calling her creation back. "I've already sent one out. It was looking for signs of life. When it gets here I can read its memories, but I'm afraid of the results."

message 42: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (last edited Aug 12, 2014 06:35PM) (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Kaylee nodded and finally opened her eyes, making sure to have her back to the robot that had what was left of Seth. "Then let's go," she said, finally speaking out loud. "Let's see if we can find somewhere safe to hide while we wait for your thing to come back," she said, glancing between Rune and Scott as she made her way to the edge of the roof with the plan of flying everyone off the building with her telekinesis. "If others are alive and hurt, we'll come back for them," she promised, fisting her hand by her side in determination. When Kaylee reached her destination, she could suddenly see destruction in its wake all around the Mansion and suddenly her heart plummeted.

She had to find her family!

message 43: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments "Maybe we can hide out at my apartment, but I don't know if that's still a good idea," Scott suggested, gazing out at the city, suddenly hearing sirens when in all the adrenaline before he shut them out. He ran a hand tiredly through his hair, slowly walking towards the edge of the roof. "In any case, it's better if we keep moving. Standing still won't get us anywhere."

message 44: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune nodded followed, albeit a little wobbly on her feet. "I agree. We need to get out of here, rest, and then come search for survivors. We're heros in training after all, they're resourceful enough to survive if they made it out." Rune walked to the edge of the rooftop and looked over the burning city. Mom, Dad, I hope you're all right.

message 45: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (last edited Aug 12, 2014 07:26PM) (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) Kaylee glanced over at Rune and gave her a smile. That was the most she'd heard the girl say in months of knowing her. Suddenly, overcome with emotion, she hugged Glyph and then Scott in turn. "I'm so glad you guys are okay," she told them, squeezing tightly, the image of Espia and Seth.... And that I'm not alone. "Okay, let's go." She actually really needed to go home, but did she still have a secret identity to protect? Of course! It wasn't like it was the end of the world! It was just... some kind of invasion. Where were the Avengers and the Justice League? Kaylee hoped that they were fighting off whatever had attacked.

Without another word, she carried them down the roof. "Where is your apartment, Scott?" she asked, turning to the Initiate.

message 46: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments "You're probably right, ah!" Surprised, Scott stiffened automatically, then relaxed, giving a small sigh. He almost felt guilty thinking he was alive still when the others might not be like Seth, and it was a familiar feeling that he folded into himself internally. The missing Initiates' faces flashed in his mind now along with his sister's and it only made him angrier that he couldn't do more to stop whatever this was. But Psychick's optimism must be rubbing off on him as he didn't let it swallow him up like it did right after his sister's disappearance. Pointing to a building, Scott answered, "My apartment is in Manhattan, over there."

message 47: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Glyph hugged Psychick back, letting this moment of happiness take her mind off the days horror. "I'm glad you're okay too." She said softly. After the hug she looked to where Scott was pointing and nodded. She hoped it wasn't to far, she suddenly felt very tired and just wanted the day to be over.

message 48: by ๖ۣۜSαᴙαh (last edited Aug 13, 2014 07:53AM) (new)

๖ۣۜSαᴙαh ๖ۣۜMᴄĄłłiƨʈeʀ (inked_chinadoll) "Okay," Kaylee nodded, following the direction of Scott's gesture as she bit her bottom lip, thinking. "I guess the best way to do this is to have Rune turn invisible so that in case we're attacked, we'll have some kind of element of surprise?" she suggested as they began to walk among the debris, turned over cars and other signs of destruction, slowing them down significantly. Screw this, she thought after a moment as she began to float by her teammates' side so that she didn't have to pick through the debris, picking the other two up as well. It would cost her more energy, but in the end, it might save time. "Glyph, see if you can go invisible if I'm holding you," she said to the raven haired girl. "Scott, give me directions and Rune, you let me know in my mind if you see someone coming," she finished, running a soot stained hand across her forehead, leaving a small smear of grey on her ivory skin.

message 49: by Ji Mei (new)

Ji Mei  (jimei) | 1752 comments Stepping around crumpled cars and going around fallen debris, Scott nodded in agreement to Psychick's suggestion. He was looking down at his feet to avoid some twisted, metal beams when suddenly he was up in the air again. Silently wondering if the purple-haired girl could keep up using his powers, Scott decided to help as much as he could, knowing the fastest route to his place. As they went along, he occasionally dropped instruction to turn left or right and what street they need to get to.

message 50: by Zac (new)

Zac | 163 comments Rune nodded, waves of fatigue washing over her from the previous adrenaline rush, but she knew she had to stay strong so they could make it out alive. As she felt her body being lifted up she closed her eyes and breathed out slowly, feeling herself face slowly from view. When she opened her eyes again she was completely invisible.

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