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What are you reading currently?

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message 1: by Claire (new)

Claire | 2 comments Mod
Write a short paragraph about the book you have just read or are currently reading. Who is your favourite character and why do you feel drawn to them?
Would you recommend this book to other classmates? Why?

message 2: by Ayla (new)

Ayla DeWilde | 2 comments I have just finished reading Heidi. My favorite character is Heidi because she is always determined to get what she wants. She is hard working and smart. She is being her self and doesn't want to be anyone else. I would recomend this to people who like a bit of adventure and would like to learn a bit about the beauty of the swiss mountains.

message 3: by Kayden (last edited Mar 22, 2018 09:23PM) (new)

Kayden Lau | 1 comments Gordon Ramsay's Just Desserts by Gordon Ramsay

I have been reading a non fiction cookbook, its called Gordon Ramsay's Just Desserts, its what it says on the title, they're a bunch of desserts, I really like this book because I love cooking and baking so I really wanted to read this book, I would recommend this to my classmates, who like food or making food, since there are great looking foods in this book. In my book, it breaks gender stereotypes, since the stereotype is that only women bake(which is not true! I bake a lot, follow my food account on instagram @kaydenmakesfuud), and in this book, Gordon Ramsay(who is male) made an entire book dedicated to baking.

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica H | 1 comments I am currently reading Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossan and its about a girl who's mover ran away from home. Her dad visits her with his wife and announces that she will be a big sister, Apple dose not want to be a big sister so she makes up and excuse to leave the room.

message 5: by chloe (new)

chloe chow (chloeechoww) | 1 comments I read 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' this past weekend. It is a short story so I finished it in less than 30 minutes. However, this book is really interesting with a great concept that you would not find in real-life. It is about a male who was born as an old man and lives life reversed. I don't really have a particular favorite character because this is a short and simple story and it is about the life of Benjamin, and the other characters are not too important and were not written about descriptively. I would recommend this book to anyone, especially those who just want to read a short story to pass time.

message 6: by Grace (last edited Mar 22, 2018 09:24PM) (new)

Grace Gerrard (ariaaanabee) | 1 comments I just read the Giver, I find the book interesting as the community isn't much like our own. There are so many rules that you must follow and you are not allowed to feel many emotions. This book also shows how you should follow your own desire and what you want to be. This is what Jonas did at the end of the book, he ran away from the community because he wanted to see what was really out there, in the real world.

I would recommend this book to anyone since it has a really deep message to it and it's also not a long novel.

message 7: by Sophie (new)

Sophie | 2 comments I'm re-reading Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy. My favourite character is Clay because I really like his personality and what he does always shows what his motivations are. I also like Tsunami. I would recommend this book to people who like adventure stories and fantasy or just dragons in general.

message 8: by Arnav (new)

Arnav | 2 comments I recently read the Broker by John Grisham, my favorite character is Marco. I loved the book, it included political and economic aspects of a fallen American government. I truly recommend this book, it is an amazing book about the ethics of different corrupt diplomats and several flaws in the government. It is an amazing action/mystery book and I recommend it to everyone!

message 9: by Davis (new)

Davis J | 2 comments I just read the giver. I find this book exciting and I like how the story is told. I think Jonas' job is interesting and I like how he connects and has a relationship with Gabe.

message 10: by Maegwin (new)

Maegwin | 1 comments i'm reading a book called courage for beginners which i really like. my favourite character is the main character Mysti. Mysti has a really interesting family and whats going on in her life is so interesting to me and that really draws me to her. I would recommend this book to other classmates cause it's a good and easy read but it's a really interesting book.

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