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Asher Kelly Fellowship of the ring is a masterpiece of literature. The book starts off in the shire a place where hobbits dwell. It is Bilbo's 111th birthday, after a feast he disappears and eventually gives the magic ring that causes invisibility to Frodo, his adopted son. Soon Frodo, Sam, Pippen, and Gandalf part time embark on a journey. They walk into a lot trouble such as eating trees, orcs, golem, and Nazguls. They bounce around middle earth trying to reach Mordor to throw the ring into the volcano in which it was forged. The story is amazing and will keep you hooked until the end.
Fellowship of the ring is very well written. Because of the books age and J.R.R Tolkien's writing style makes it sound like you are reading the bible, which can ad to the fantasy effect nicely. The scenery at anytime is described beautifully. It feels as if a painting of the scene is being casted right before your eyes. The story is very well structured. In the prequel to this book the Hobbit. It explains a lot about the ring and bilbo. But you don’t have to read the Hobbit to feel still a connection to the story, you should never be confused while reading Fellowship of the ring. All in all, Fellowship of the ring is a historical landmark for literature and any person that likes fantasy should read this book.

Karen That is a wonderful book report and I cannot wait to read your book report on The Silmarillion:)

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